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By Janet Vargas Owner of this Website

We're proud of our country here Down Under with sunny riverbanks etc Let's be more patriotic like some other countries are hey? Founding days, mostly as convicts are way past now and there is so much to be proud of. We need to Celebrate our Country AUSTRALIA. There were wonderful declarations made over our shores when we discovered this Great Land.

There will be some posts on things we can change in our country towards some real progress with certain things that have been overlooked or not dealt with.

By Janet Vargas Owner of this Website

We all need to strengthen Family Bonds and relationships in a day and age that has it's challenges - essentially we are as strong as our Families and Friendships are and spiritually too. Speaking for myself, relating closely with our Creator and Jesus our Saviour, wins over religious duties and "church attendance"........

Family Bonding Together Is Really Good - Do This Often

I may share a little about that in other posts but do not wish to impose agendas on you. I have found many visitors to my Poem Website HERE like to view pages like those which are totally separate (they have many views and people have commented to me afterwards offline, saying they enjoy them).…