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5 Simple Ways To Spend More Time Outside As A Family – Have A Peep

That lifestyle is what drew us here. We wanted to provide a different type of upbringing for our three young girls: one that focused on adventurous time spent in nature. So for the past two years we’ve been committed to finding fun and imaginative ways to spend as much time as possible out in nature. Over time we’ve grown from a family that considered a trip to a local park an adventure, to one that hikes and camps, fishes and skis.

We’ve grown closer as a family as we’ve grown to embrace our new lifestyle. And our difficult daughter? Well, we still have our moments, but almost never outside.

At first we didn’t know exactly why we wanted to raise outdoor loving kids – it just instinctively seemed like a good idea. If we did have a specific motivation, it was the hope that by starting them early our girls would grow up physically strong and healthy, and with a lifelong love for outdoor activity. Over time we’ve come to learn that the emotional benefits of more time in nature probably outweigh the physical ones.


It builds confidence. 

When we first started taking our girls out on hikes, for example, it was a struggle. We’d have to cajole them along, and they often wanted to be picked up and carried. Now we can hardly keep up with them. They’ve gained confidence in their own abilities, and increased their stamina, which has led them to want to embark on longer and more challenging adventures. Sure, there are some bumps and bruises along the way, but in the process they’ve learned what it takes to adapt and operate in different environments, and that they’re capable of more than they (or us, frankly) thought was possible.

It promotes creativity and imagination. 

Nature play is unstructured and adventurous. It requires kids to be in tune with their senses and aware of their surroundings. Whether we’re on a trail or a beach, exposure to the stillness and starkness of nature promotes a unique sense of wonder for kids that no other environment offers.

It fosters connection. 

Many of the distractions, from screens to toys, that are everywhere inside, are removed from the environment outside. Time outside is a time to test boundaries, create shared memories, and draw closer to one another so that when the tough times of adolescence come along, children know they can count on their family for support. Nature gives us time together, and that’s the biggest reward of all.

Spending more time outside as a family is great, but it’s not always easy. With all of the alternatives available to them, kids often resist the idea of a “boring” afternoon exploring with their parents and siblings. And it’s not always easy for parents to find the motivation or energy to pull things together for a family outing on the weekend.

Here are a handful of ideas to help you spend more adventurous time outside as a family.


1. Schedule It.

Time is precious, and feeling the pressure of trying to plan something fun and adventurous while time slips away on a Saturday morning is not a good way to start the weekend. Just as you plan your shopping list, spend 30 minutes during the week mapping out your outdoor family activities. That way you can have a planned agenda, bags packed, and driving directions set in advance, so you and your family can get out the door and off to your adventure free of stress and full of anticipation.

2. Embrace all Weather.

Winter is almost upon us, so it’s time to start thinking about snow. Humor columnist Dave Barry once wrote, “The problem with winter sports is that – follow me closely here – they generally take place in winter.” I think we can all identify with that sentiment to some extent. Sure, it’s easy to curl up on the couch and binge on Netflix for hours on end when it’s cold out. Now that we’re living in northern Michigan, however, we’ve come to learn that a big part of beating the winter blues as a family is getting outside and being active regardless of the weather. As the old Scandinavian saying goes, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.

3. Create Something Together.

Some of the most rewarding time outside is spent building things with kids. For example, our girls look forward to planting a vegetable garden every spring, which pays outdoor dividends all summer, as they feel responsibility to tend to the garden as well. We’ve also built “sit spots” with our kids, which are special places in the yard for them alone and play. Creating something doesn’t require a table saw, ladder and carpentry skills – it just means working with your kids on something simple outside that your kids care about and, consequently, will care for.

4. Schedule Your Own Time.

If you’re motivated to raise kids that love the outdoors, you probably love the outdoors yourself. It’s important, therefore, to schedule your own time for outdoor recreation. It’s obviously more difficult to find that time once you have kids, but it’s necessary in order to stay motivated while nurturing your family’s love of nature. Plus, it’s good for kids to see their parents hurtling down the trail on a mountain bike, or cruising across the bay on a paddle board. It gives them something to be excited about as they become older and ready to take on new adventures.

5. Let Go.

As the parents of three young girls, we obviously want to keep them safe, but try not to hover too close when they’re out exploring. We want them to be creative, imaginative, adventurous, and to step outside of their comfort zones when they’re out on the trail. That’s what being a kid is all about.

Kids need the freedom to roam, gradually, in order to develop their own relationship with nature. For kids, the fun is off the trail, not within its groomed contours. Sometimes off the trail is where scrapes, bruises and dirty fingernails happen. But we know that if we don’t allow our kids the freedom to explore and test their own boundaries, then they won’t become the outdoor-loving kids we’re hoping to raise. It’s tough to let go, but absolutely necessary; after all, that’s how our little ones grow up to be strong, confident and courageous adults.

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Janets Comments

There is simply Too Much TECH these days as some would say. Excessive Screen use and Sedentary Living sets us up for Overweight and appointments with Optometrists and can even affect us with Brain Fog, Insomnia and Depression - not to mention Lethargy and Lack of Motivation. It simply isn't worth the hassle. Whereas Nature gives us plenty of Fresh-air and Sunshine, A Different Feel, Beautiful Views sometimes, and even some Fun Times Together......Healthy for Kids and Healthy for You. ENJOY.

PS: TECH so often Saps up our Energy, believe it or not, and diminishes our interest for other things - even Relating with Each-Other........NATURE TIME Restores That and puts the Life back into us. One can feel the Vitality in big or small ways. All that is beneficial. How do you know you won't like it if you have not tried it? And once you're accustomed to times spent in Nature, there comes a new lease on life!



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