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Category Descriptions

Thought I Would Try Something New, Introducing The Categories In My Blog To You. This Website Builder Allows For Descriptions Of Categories, So Each Description You See Here Are Found When You Click On A Category. However, This Page Allows You To See Most Of Them At A Glance, For Reference, So You Can Venture Some You May Not Otherwise. Some More Descriptions Will Be Made Soon To Add To This List.

Happy Browsing - Happy Reading!

Janets Articles/Posts

When Time Permits, I Like To Write Something Inspirational Or Meaningful As If I Am Speaking To You. I Also Write On Natural Health Too, Inspired By Research. Enjoy!

A Better Way

Why Not Try These? Some Are Safer, Some Are More Beneficial. You May Be Surprised What You Find Here.

Acts Of Kindness

It's To Brighten Someone's Day - It Also Brightens Our Day, Aye? There Are Some Interesting Stories And Inspirations In This Selection. Nice To Read And A Pleasant Distraction From A Selfish Generation. Kindness Shines All The Brighter, Hey?

Blessings Of Nature

Nature Is Such A Blessing For Newcomers And Nature Lovers. I Have Some Surprises For You - Enjoy!

Gardening And Outdoors

There Is Nothing Like Gardening And Outdoor Life For That Free Nature Feel.

Life Inspirations

Some Light Inspiring Articles And Stories To Add Something Nice To Your Day Or Evening And Also Some Meaningful Posts To Improve Our Quality Of Life. Come Be Inspired!

Nice To Spread Good News

Not So Much Bad News – It’s Great To Hear GOOD News!

Food Secrets And INFO

There Are So Many Food Secrets I'd Like To Share With You And I Will Cover Some Of Them. Real Foods Are Better Than Just Relying On Supplements When You Know The Treasures Some Foods Are Endowed With. 

Natural And Organic

With So Many Chemicals In Foods And Personal Products These Days, House Cleaning Products, Herbicides And Pesticides In Crops And Garden Nurseries, We Need To Know The Advantages In Going Natural And Organic Where Possible, Hey?

Health And Happiness

Health And Happiness Go Hand In Hand. Good Health Can Mean Happiness And Some Things That Bring Us Happiness Can Make A Difference To Our Health. I Encourage You To Discover These.

Interesting Stories/Info

Here We Have Some Interesting Stories For Those Who Love To Hear A Story AND Some Interesting INFO Posts As Well For Those With An Enquiring Mind.

Inventions and Initiatives

Do You Like To Hear About New Inventions And Interesting Ones We May Have Missed? Find Here. And Interesting Initiatives As Well. Enjoy!

Around The World

It's Good To Hear What's Going On In Our Country AND Also Some Places And Ventures Overseas Sometimes. Selective Posts Are Chosen As This Website Is Mostly For Australia/Australians. Cheers!

Smiles And Laughter

Posts To Make You Smile And Some To Make You Laugh.

Walking Sunshine Fresh-Air

Some Good Healthy Walking – Enjoying It’s Many Benefits. Returning To Sunshine And Fresh-Air!

Good Parents Tips/Info

Covering Different Aspects Of Parenting - Ways We Can Grow Strong, Secure And Healthy Kids And Also Ways To Be Less Stressed By And For Them, Hey? Making Our Children Feel Valued And Proud Of Us. Comprehensive Posts Here.

Community Interests

This Category Is For Local Communities, Statewide, Nationwide, International And Online Community For Those Who Like To Feel Part Of A Community And To Encourage All Of Us To Think Outside The Square Where We Reside Personally And Expand Our Vision.

Health Hazards/Informed

We Need True Information Not False Information. Guard Against Marketing Ploys And Manufacturers With NO Conscience. Some Scientists Are Paid By Companies To Give Misleading Information. It Gets Tiring, I Know!

Smarter Than Spam/Scams

Spam Is So Annoying And Takes Hours To Delete Sometimes – Wasted Energy! New Scams Are Being Invented All The Time. I’d Like To Give Some Protection For My Readers Against Some Of Them.