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An Explanation Of The Good and Evil That Fills This Earth – No Agendas!

Janet Vargas Owner Of This Website

“I don't believe what the World's Come to!
My Mind Boggles in it a Bad Dream?"

If you find yourself thinking thoughts like this, reading this Post could make some sense to you. Is it right for me to write this Article? Maybe you will realize something you have not before after reading. I felt that maybe
I should write on this Topic because so many people are asking the Question "What's happening to this World? Why all this?"

Does Religion Put You Off? It does Me. There are so many who like to Impose Religious Dogmas - One Brand over Another. I do find Atheists just as Religious because they often like to Impose their Dogmas. It does however seem evident that Some people who Claim to be Atheists just like to Protect themselves from the likes of Religion. You can understand their sentiments - those Religious Impositions really do get too much sometimes, the people are so overbearing!

So rest assured I have No Religious agendas of any kind because personally, I do not have any Churchy or Religious Affiliations but Enjoy a Simple Walk with Jesus and relating with Him. I do favor Simple Home Gatherings with others who Love Him too sometimes. I like to "Walk the Walk" rather than "Talk the Talk" as the Saying goes (don't preach what you don't practice, people dislike hypocrisy, those are my sentiments too) I love to be a Blessing and to "Treat others as I wish to be Treated" (Words of Jesus I subscribe to) my Code for Living.

This Website/Blog commenced in May 2020 when I saw the Need to Cheer People Up at that time. People kept Coming, and it proved to be successful shall we say?
in a short time, for the right reasons. Previously, I have not sought to bring Christian Content into it because I don't try to Change people. I did however place a one-off Article on here once that Answered some Questions for people though, and even though I deleted it sometime later out of what I thought would be "Respect for People's wishes" I noticed a few months ago in the Site Activities Report, people had been looking for that Article on the Internet for several months -
and it wasn't there.

So I felt Jesus prompting me to return the Article and make a New Category for similar Articles because some people like them, and some dear people are Seeking. I do not want to leave them searching for Answers. I was too strict before, not to let people think I would take advantage of them - because so many push religious interests - and those are not my Intentions.

As many of You know, there are many Good News Articles on this Website to Cheer People Up; Interesting Articles to Read; Some Cute Nature Ones for Fun; Natural Health Articles to Help Improve Your Health and Alert You about Marketing Ploys etc. So why not some Articles to Cater for your Spirit if You wish? Does that make for Balance?

In this Country, our Education System seeks quite willfully, to Educate Our Natural Inborn Awareness of having a Creator right out of us. It is an Atheistic Agenda that is Imposed on Us against our Will and it just isn't Fair. World Events etc are getting So Concerning Now, that even people who don't believe in God (through no fault of their own) are saying to themselves "If there is so much Evil around us these days, there must be a God (Creator) after-all" And some are starting to Search for a Way to Relate with Him.

As a True Christian, I should tell you that just like there is a Creator who made this Earth, there is an Enemy of God and Man who Influences the World's System with his Unseen Forces (referred to as demons) because Man was originally made in the Image of God and the Devil (deceiver) hates that. Please do not confuse "demons" with Movie Characters or let your mind dwell on their existence. I mentioned that only because it accounts for so much that is happening these days.

Since Adam & Eve gave into his Deception and Mankind was subjected to Good (from God) AND Evil (from the Enemy) he is into making people Unwell and has become a Mastermind at it in these Times we are Living in because our Fore parents gave in to the Knowledge of Good & Evil….by that Act of Submission
when they Ate from that Tree.

People who Joke about the Story miss the Point: That Tree was called
"The Knowledge of Good and Evil"
Before they touched it (ate from it) they knew absolutely nothing about Evil.
They did not experience anything Evil
either aka Sickness; Anxiety: Violence; Guilt & Shame; Vanity; Confusion; Vengeance: Remorse etc Only the GOODNESS of GOD a Loving Creator. They got to ENJOY EVERYDAY and Spend Time with Him
in the Evenings.

Everything that is Evil has affected the Lives of their Offspring (Humanity) ever since. As you see, if you believe the Bible Explanation, it was No Joke (that people often make it out to be) the Story of Adam & Eve, because before that, they knew ONLY The Goodness of God and Everything that was GOOD!

That could have been Our Story - knowing nothing about Evil.....
ONLY the Goodness of GOD.

Just think of it for a minute, if they didn't buy into the Lie that enticed them to do that, we would have such a Better Heritage of ALL the GOODNESS OF GOD (unhindered by Evil) they Experienced in Daily Life, without any presence of Bad Experiences in our lives or Evil in the World around Us. And that is not a fantasy, that was Very Real for them. Just saying, it could have been the Same for Us.

When you think of it, that actually makes a Lot of Sense because how else does the Manner of Evil that has hit Mankind in recent years make sense? I mean to say,
if you believe in the 'Mud Puddle' theory or the 'Big Bang' theory (Atheistic Nonsense) how does that Account for All the Wonder of Creation OR the Evil Network of the World's System Today?

So much so Friends, that even people who do not Believe in God are using the word "Evil" to describe much of what's going on in the World Today now, Hey? And we must ask ourselves a Question: Could it be that many people are Now Coming to their Senses, that Yes Indeed, there IS a CREATOR who gives us a Conscience to Recognize Good and Evil, because much that is taking place Offends and Disturbs them, in no uncertain terms.

Yes you give me a Better Explanation than the Bible Account if You have One?
I doubt You Can! Hence, so Many of Us are starting to Really Look to Our Creator to Guide and Protect Us and Our Family Now with the Agendas that are going on and the Selfish, Impatient and Baffling behavior of people we encounter often in
Day to Day Life.

And Truly, it is the Only Way, the Best Way to Live in the Uncharted Journey of Life itself, isn't it Friends? It really is! The Education System has a Lot to Answer for!

We ALL Need to experience the Warmth and Presence of our Creator God……and if we don't, our Kids certainly DO when we are not around. It simply is not right for us to deny them that Comfort.

I will keep this short. There are some Articles you can read in this Category HERE
if you wish to do so.

I hope this has helped some of You. God bless!

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