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I subscribe to Just Jesus you could say – no extras! Many Religious Teachings are so Unbalanced. So please do be careful of Sales Pitches – the obvious and the subtle. It’s real Conjecture, that is…….it’s not Preaching the Gospel, it’s Attacking people.

The Gospel actually means Good News and Glad Tidings in the language it was written in  – not Bible Bashing and displaying how awful you can be. No-one wants that kind of Religion, where your behavior is right out of line. Yuck! How dare people Act like that, and put God’s Name on it – especially Jesus precious Name. You can rest assured that Jesus has nothing to do with it.

It is true that a Good Living Person is better to be around than that kind of person – better behaved and balanced. That in itself can be classed as godly.…

Hi Folks, I came across this phenomena a few years ago but the Video that is in the following Article is really a great piece of work - ingenious actually. And you will see how this effects ALL of Us - from the funny examples to the interesting Facts given by 2 NeuroScientists discussing the Results from a Test, the Guy who made this Video went for. Yes really:)

Distracted walking: A habit that can affect your body, brain

With the streets swarming with ‘petextrians’, concern over road safety looms ever larger. The programme Talking Point explores what happens when phone users walk distractedly and how Singapore can change this habit.

SINGAPORE: Zombies may be fictional, but distracted walkers are all too real. With necks bent, eyes lowered and ears plugged, they navigate our streets with devices in hand — you’ve either seen them or are them.

As early as 2015, a survey conducted by Nanyang Technological University students found that 93 per cent of 419 youths admitted to “multi-tasking while walking”, which led to 598 reported accidents among them.…

By Janet Vargas - Independent Natural Health Researcher 30+ Years

MORE to Watch Out for Folks! Some of these Polymers have been around for years. They have been used in Skin Care and Cosmetics and NOW there are New Derivatives of those Chemicals entering the Market.

The concern about these Chemicals is, they are very TOXIC and have been found to Cause Cancer.

As surely as we have learned about Manufacturer’s serious Lack of Ethics, instead of the Industry cutting out the use of these Chemicals, they USE Them all the More. And as we are so accustomed to, our Governments are more concerned with Raising High Revenue from the Massive Profits/Taxes of this highly Lucrative Industry than they are about our Health and Welfare.

There’s so much we hear about “in the name of Truth” these days, and there is what Natural Health Researchers who really Care about your Health call an
“Information War” going on.…

Friend, have you had difficulties with a Family Member or Friend who causes you Considerable Stress and you’re not sure what you’re up against? I wish you well with your Endeavours.

by Lachlan Brown

Being self-absorbed is far different from having a healthy dose of self-esteem.

When someone is truly self-absorbed, they’re not just confident – they’re consumed by their own world, often oblivious to the feelings and needs of others.

These individuals often exhibit a series of behaviors that give them away, even if they don’t realize it themselves.

In this article, we’ll delve into those telltale signs. Get ready to discover the 10 behaviors commonly displayed by people who are deeply self-absorbed, without them even realizing it.

1) Constantly talking about themselves

We all love a good conversation, but with a self-absorbed individual, it’s usually a one-way street.

Ever found yourself stuck in a monologue rather than a dialogue?…

Hi Folks, I've had a few Relatives and Friends like this and it's really hard slogging without some Really Good Tips like these.
 I wish I had them a long time ago!

by Ava Sinclair

Ever found yourself in a chat with someone who just doesn’t get grown-up talk? It’s a pain, right?

But, don’t sweat it. We’re here to help.

In this article, we’ll dish out 11 simple yet assertive responses for when someone’s being emotionally immature.

These comebacks? They’re all about keeping your cool and standing your ground, without turning into a meanie.

1) “Let’s focus on the issue”

You know those times when a chat turns into a blame game? It’s like you’re stuck in a whirlpool of pointing fingers. Well, here’s your first comeback to handle it.

Simply say, “Let’s focus on the issue, not on each other.”

This response is like a gentle nudge to steer the conversation back on track.…


By Janet Vargas - Owner of this Website
Balanced Article

Are You Fed-Up With The Behaviour Of The Royals? I Am, This Is Why –
This Was The Worst! My thoughts tell me in recent times that Charles is using his power the wrong way and wielding it against Harry. Never mind Meghan, if she is not allowed to visit the Palace again – I can understand that. Folks, I am speaking about a Son – one who has already been hurt so much, he became mentally unbalanced and wrote Spare. And more importantly, the People who Relate with Invictus have been left out of Royal Recognition because ALL Royals were Absent. They have been caught in the Cross-Fire, so to speak. That is Totally Unfair!

There are Conflicting News Reports (as usual) that 1. the Royals did not wish to attend 2. Harry did not Invite them, Quite honestly, either could be true.


By Positive.News

You’d be forgiven if you thought the key to improving your health was a New Diet or more Willpower. Turns out it’s Kindness, says the founder of a unique program that launched in January.

Every Sunday, participants in Eddie Jones’ Health Program fill in a form to let him know how they got on during the week. But they’re not tracking workout duration, weight loss or calories. Instead, they’re totting up Acts of Kindness.

“It’s completely Anonymous, so I can’t tell who’s writing. I’ll never know,” Jones says. “I just dip into it every week or two. There have been some really, really wonderful things in there.”

He points to a participant who bought a supermarket voucher for someone who was struggling to feed their children. Another cared for a bee with an injured wing. Someone else simply wrote a kind note to an acquaintance and slipped it into a flower pot for them to find.…

By Janet Vargas - Owner of this Website

Part-Time Christians are mostly Churchy Christians who behave alright some of the time and not alright other times OR even most of the time. They are kind of alright when they're on the Church Scene, attending Services or Functions or playing a certain Role, be it Pastoral, Reception, Leading Women's Groups or Craft Groups Etc

If you are a Church Person and you think I may be getting the Church a “Bad Name”…… don’t worry because the Church already has one. I just like to make sure Jesus doesn’t take the Bad Wrap anymore and help people recognise the difference, passing on some Benefits instead of “Would you like to come to my Church?” and the person is thinking “Help No!” Honestly Folk, Walking with Jesus is Better than that – more Real, more Personal.

Yes like some of you, I have encountered those kind of people through the years, so I can relate with you.…


While it may not be a miracle cure, recent studies have suggested that simply humming can completely rewire your nervous system by activating the Vagus Nerve, the same nerve often targeted by many different meditation practices

Humming to a song you love is a universally shared joy. Did you know that there’s a scientifically backed reason why humming makes you feel better. Research suggests that three key receptors are at play when you start humming, mainly due to the effect it has on a nerve called the vagus nerve in your internal system.

Generally, the vagus nerve is responsible for regulating your body’s stress response, by lowering your heart rate, improving digestion and promoting feelings of calm. Since chronic stress can dampen the vagus nerve’s ability to do perform this task, we often feel on edge and unable to cope in stressful situations.

One of the ways humming counteracts this is by increasing the amount of nitric oxide being produced in your nasal passages, which acts as a gas transmitter that improves blood flow in your body.…