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Baby Deer Refused To Leave Side of Man Who Rescued It – So Cute!

This Is An Endearing Story By Terry Turner In November 2015

After he saved a baby deer’s life, he had a hard time returning it to the wild–the little thing refused to leave his side.

Lithuanian outdoorsman happened upon a doe as she gave birth to twin fawns. He hung around to watch the baby deer take their first few steps, and that’s when he noticed something was wrong.

Baby Deer With Rescuer Darius Sasnauskas

One of the fawns had an injured leg, causing the mother to instinctively abandon it.

Darius Sasnauskas couldn’t leave the little deer alone in the woods, so he brought it home to rehabilitate and release it.

Like the Australians did for this lamb, he made a leg brace from an oatmeal box and worked to get the fawn back on its feet.

The fawn quickly settled into life with his new family, sticking by Sasnauskas’ side and playing with their two big dogs.

When the fawn was ready to return to the woods, Sasnauskas hiked out to find a doe who might adopt the baby. It took several tries because the fawn didn’t want to leave the man who’d “fawned” over it for so long.

On his first attempt, the fawn rejected the herd to chase Sasnauskas home as the wild deer looked on.

“The deer are looking like, ‘What the heck is going on,’” Sasnauskas says in the video below.

He searched every evening for several days, until he found the deer he believed to the fawn’s natural mother. That time, the little deer left with its original family.

A few months later, he ran across the fawn and its family again. Sasnauskas and the herd eyed each other for a time, before the deer galloped away into the woods – the fawn able to keep up just fine with the rest of it's family, thanks to the man’s healing hand.

Bonus Mini Story:

Butterfly Befriends Koala in Best Video Photobomb Ever
By Good News Network - Oct November 2016

If Willow wasn’t glamorous enough on her own, check out this footage of when she becomes friendly with an unlikely companion.

Koala And Butterfly Friends🙂

The Symbio Wildlife Park in New South Wales, Australia was attempting to shoot some footage of their resident koala joey Willow for a video documenting their sustainability initiatives when this monarch butterfly photobombed the clip.

The resulting cuteness has been spreading like wildfire around the internet. I have it on my website too:)

Have Placed A 30 Second Video Of Them In The Right Hand Column - Make Sure To See - If You Are Using A Mobile Phone, Scroll Down And Find It There. Lots Of Smiles!

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  1. Janelle

    How gorgeous Janet, everyone read this! And I love the pictures, so cute! Pictures make a post. Thanks for lifting my spirit after a busy week. Can't wait for Saturday to read more of your posts.

    1. Janet

      Janelle, not sure how I missed replying to you, my apologies. So glad you loved the story, I do too!


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