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Benefits In Good Old-Fashion Ways And Values – A New Move – Making Old Things New

By Janet Vargas - Owner Of This Website

Adopting some things from Yesteryear and some of us have not even been brought up with, like having a Clothesline and drying our Clothes Naturally, for instance. In this Article, I hope I can Inspire you towards some beneficial changes that will make a difference in your life or family some time in the very new future. Makes for more Family Orientation - Constant Use of too many Modern "Conveniences" don't.
Shall we go?

Lets Enjoy Sunshine - Nature and Good Old-Fashioned Values!

Here's How Much Money You Save With A Clothesline And Some Advantages

You can Save 20% on your Electricity Bills here in Australia. Your Clothes and Sheets and Towels etc are Fresher. Especially your Tea Towels. You Enjoy the Sunshine and Fresh Air more often - they're actually Good for You, and everything feels fresh and lovely to wear and place on your beds etc. If you've never experienced that before, you're missing something.

Also, a little exercise benefits your health as well. On Autumn, Spring and Summer days, you get to Enjoy the nice Blue Sky and maybe some white fluffy clouds. I can't stand ironing, but I enjoy washing dishes and placing Clothes on the Clothesline, it's really quite relaxing. It gives me a break from "So Much Tech" with several Websites to attend to.

And so does making Homemade Meals - some Spicy ones too. I like to cut my Veggies often instead of processing them. Who wants to use appliances for everything? Much as I like my Kitchen Gadgets, I don't have to use them every time. In other words, it's nice to Enjoy some Simple Things in life - not everything Tech, Automatic Appliances and Rushing here and there, and Driving literally Everywhere! It's Good to take a breather and go for a Stroll or brisk Walk sometimes, and have some welcome Silence when placing Clothes on a Clothesline.

A Word Of Wisdom

We need some Space in the Racy-Pacy Time we are living in these days. Quiet Moments of Composure and Oneness with Nature. I have a really nice little Gif on my Natural Health website with words underneath it saying "Spend time with Nature, your Peace will be greater"

Some people are pretty much bored with the thought of doing things like that - they have become so Techy and fixated on the Modern way of life.

Good Old-Fashion Walking

Many Folk in my area love going for Walks. They would really miss it if they didn't. There are some new Walkers and some who have Walked for years - some go for long walks and others go for short walks. I've started to make some time for short walks again recently and really Enjoy it. It feels different - exhilarating and relaxing at the same time - that's my description for me, each person would make different descriptions in their own words I expect. I actually commenced some time ago when my feet had challenges.

Let me ask some of you "have you ever gone for a Walk in the Park or surrounding streets nearby?" how do you know you wouldn't enjoy it? Do you know something? This transforms a Day or a Week for many people who try it. Even a Life for some folk.

In fact, I have an Article on this website by a girl who shares her Story about just that HERE A personal discovery she made during the Pandemic in 2020 when there was nothing to do - out anywhere - so she tried going for Walks to get herself out of the house.

Time Not Available?

Most people have a few hours time locked in to Viewing TV every night and this does not occur to them - all the Extra Time that becomes available to them, when they see the Light. I'm happy for them:)

People get so stressed-out about the time they don't think they have. It's usually a matter of unlocking some time that is wasting their time because it is poorly spent.

If you still say that time is very short, you could shuffle something around to be a little kinder to yourself. No-one's Lifestyle should be that hectic. Try to do something about that - I don't want life to break you. You need to sit down together and reconsider a few things and look at things a little differently. A lot differently for some - no candle is meant to burn at both ends. You need to change your pace and settle down a little.

A bit of Walking would do you good, it's so therapeutic, it might change your perspective a little.

Too Much Indoors - Try Some Outdoors!

It's much better to go outdoors often, than everything inside, sitting in front of a
TV or Tech Device excessively, and what-not. Many people are starting to return to some Old-Fashion Ways and benefiting from them. You can call it a New Move - there's many people engaging in these things.

Society has become so Mod in Western Countries especially and we need to return to Real Living as best we can - blending some Old Ways with New Ways - having a balance of both.

People Experiencing Change - Take Up The Challenge

And why not? Does that sound Good to you? Friends, these are some people who keep coming up in Research and Good News Stories. They are feeling Happier in themselves, as a Family, and Healthier for it - not so stressed. People need more Exercise instead of driving literally everywhere and using Electric Appliances for everything; and Tech Tech Tech for Entertainment. What's wrong with having a Hobby or two?

An Encouragement

Some people don't know what their Interest is. They need to search a little and find it - there's something right for Everyone.

A word of Advice: Don't look too hard or make your expectations too great.

It could be something Simple, or unexpected like it was at one time for me, when I was bored after making a decision to give Research a break for an extended time, so I could go back to it fresh when I was ready to do that.

My Story

Sitting in my lounge room one day, I said to myself "I've never been a Sports person or a Crafts person (I was brought up with neither) but why don't I go to a Craft Group and see if there's something I like? There's so many things available these days" and sure enough, there was something I found interesting as I entered through the doorway. And I developed a passion for it over time, as someone did with knitting.

Her Story

She shared her story recently in a small Community Group of women she gets together with once a week. Her story goes like this. She wanted a new pastime (interest) She couldn't think of anything and said to herself "I will just do knitting"…… so she learned how to knit, and over time, it became a passion with her. She loves to knit, and takes her little projects (Items she's making) along with her to the Group each week and enjoys a Chat with the women.

My Story Continued

For me, it was Craft Cards 18 years ago. I have renewed my interest in making them a few months ago and meet together there with these women when I have a little time to spare. It is interesting to hear the topics of conversion they come up with sometimes and I participate a little here and there as us girls work away at whatever we take with us to enjoy.

Recent Research Re TV And Tech

I've been doing more Research about TV and Tech recently. I felt very strongly somehow, that they are like a Drug, and found this to be True - I was spot on - and you know? Drugs are Addictive - you lose the taste or motivation for other things. Even relating Closely with your Loved Ones from day to day, evening to evening.

We miss out on the beauty of Quality Living and Real Relationships in our House when TV and Tech and Social Media Reign. Lets start Living Life and making our House a Home. You can start this gradually with some Simple Things in Life, develop a few new healthy habits like making a few Recipes; drying your Clothes in the Sunshine and Fresh Air; sitting around a Meal Table instead of in front of a TV; commence a few Conversations together instead of going off into separate rooms whatever.

A family member and a few friends find a few good Lifestyle Programs, Occasional interesting Documentaries they like to watch in addition to Sports, they enjoy considerably.
I have the TV permanently switched off on my my 30-40" Screen and a Collection of Quality Content DVDs. I built it up gradually over time. I don't have much time to spare to watch them often. My new Garden Beds etc keep me busy - enjoying them. I'm purposing to spend less time Online - Websites have been 12 Yrs now, and it gives me an appetite to be outside with Nature more than I have.

Above all, remember the TV is not a Baby Sitter for when you are distracted and busy, It may teach your kids Bad Habits and Disrespect. It may also Scare the Living Daylights out of your kids if left unsupervised. And be aware, it can also drastically affect your Children's Short Vision if they are repeatedly allowed to sit close to the Screen at length, gazing at it and especially up to it. SpecSavers are a thriving business these days due to unwise Viewing Habits.

Come On Folks

Lets get out of that TV Maze of Unending Programs, escape the Domination of Tech/Social Media, give More Thought to LIVING our days; put More Life into our Years; find out what our Interests are (outside of TV and Tech) and pursue them. Nothing has to be big or fancy or demanding of our time. So lets start Moving, Hey? Give yourself a chance to discover something right for you. Keep things Simple -
Life be in it! And once you get a Taste for it, you will not look back, believe me, you have made the Transition. And all the Time that becomes available, you didn't think you had - when it was spent sitting down with TV and Media will really Surprise most of you. It's simply Rea-locating your Time to a Better Way of Life. If you can't think of anything, keep seeking - you will find answers, if you don't complicate things by expecting too much. That's when people get confused - they overthink things. Just do something that's different - to the TV Rut - and you may find something you like considerably later. I wish you well with that.

About Some Islanders - What Quality Lives They Live!

Have you heard that people who live on some Islands are Healthier and Happier than us in Western Countries? We have Everything but do we? With all the Modern Conveniences etc. they do not have. However, they have more Nutritious Foods instead of chemical laden foods; good healthy Exercise we lack, they don't have to go to a Gym to take off weight and get Fit; Early Nights instead of the bombardment of Blue Light and Artificial Led Lights; better Communications within the Home, they are Closely Knit together, they do things together (they have better interpersonal relationships, not everything separate) No wonder they are so happy and well.

Our Physical And Emotional Chemistry - Interrelated

Our Nutrition and Lifestyles and Thought-Life reflect in our Physical and Emotional Health.

Even our Relationships also to some extent - more than we realize sometimes. Because we relate with our Loved-Ones each day, we need Good Healthy Family Communications.

Not a lot of people can honestly say they experience that. And each of us needs to work at this, so it yields pleasant fruit like a garden that is nourished and looked after well.

Some Encouragements For Couples

It has been my experience with Couple's who are not really close and happy, that each one wants the other to make the 1st Step and put in all the effort. No, assuredly, things do not work that way.

Try this: both of you go 1st and keep outdoing each-other with Gentleness and Kindness, then keep up the Momentum. Because human nature being what it is, each one invariably thinks we are right, and this does not help matters. Instead, find the art of extending Grace and warming each-other's heart. "How do you do that?" By each one "treating the other as they wish to be treated" is a good place to start. And you can reciprocate a little.

A friend of a family member shared a wonderful Story of his late Mrs today and change in their relationship. We personally witnessed the difference in their marriage a few years ago after a decision. They made an Agreement to forgive each-other (their was a real need for an Apology on both their sides (we were aware of) and a need for the other's behavior to change.

They both took ownership of offenses made and gave heart-felt Apologies. That enabled both of them to start things with a clean slate. They were much happier after that and began to enjoy each-other's company more. Once or twice she forgot the agreement to walk in forgiveness with each-other, and he gently reminded her of their Agreement. He also said "Lets move on" She quietly said "Oh Yes" (she wasn't well) they continued to live peacefully, and they got to have happy times together before she passed on.

Back To The Islanders

Not that we can adopt their Way of Life in our Country, but it proves a point, that too much Modern Living is not conducive to Good Health and Happiness. Just maybe we should take a Leaf out of their Book and adopt some of the Principles from their Lifestyle and that of our Great Grandparents. And we could experience some better Health and a Happier Temperament.

Like I said, there is a New Move of people here and there who are discovering how to Live again, and some of these Folk were brought up in Modern Houses and Lifestyle - they have never personally seen a Clothesline etc. Also, some young couples were brought up without much Communication in their families and desire better for their Kids. Well done, I encourage ALL of us to do that. Peace be with You!

Cheers To You For Giving It A Try!


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