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Building Up Our Immunity Against Viral Infections And Pandemics – Some Insights!

By Janet Vargas Independent Natural Health Researcher

There is a Vital Principle, that if practiced should most times, spare us the necessity of Medical intervention.
I will teach you how to Look After Your Immune System here and Strengthen it.

Please stay with me, I will take you somewhere in this post as you read further. Keep Reading!

We would be better looking after our own Antibodies, hey? Shall we do that? LET'S GO>>>

So far this year, it seems evident to me that people in USA where Diet Standards are Very Poor, leading to Compromised Immune Systems and some third world countries where people are impoverished and lacking Vital Nutrients and Antioxidants to build Immunity, more people without a doubt are affected by these modern time Viruses in greater numbers. And also where little restraint is practiced when it comes to protective measures like Distancing we have practiced so well in Australia and New Zealand, recording good results and making us the first countries to be breaking free of this life threatening virus.

Belgium Scientists efforts to find Strong Antibodies – in place of strong Medical Drugs – I hope you can see a Vital Principle here, that ‘Wonder Drugs’ are not the Answer to the Health Needs of Today and they actually weren’t years ago, in the first place. This will come as a surprise to many I know. Let me explain..........

 It is known to many Health Researchers for a long time that when Medical Drugs replaced Natural Treatments like Herbalogy, (sensible) Sunbathing and Molecular Nutrition etc AND Chemical Agriculture took over Natural Commonsense Gardening our Grandparents and Great Grandparents did previously, people across the world who lived in countries that made those changes, started to get very sick.

Did You Know These Facts?

We can add to this onslaught, the bombardments of deliberate False Information from unscrupulous Manufacturers with (plastic) Synthetic Products like ‘MARGARINES’ and Cheap Nasty ‘Vegetable Oils’ that incidently have nothing to do with Veggies (they have such titles to make them sound better) public health has been affected in epidemic proportions worldwide – in Western Countries at-least, and similar.

We, the innocent public were DUPED into the NO FAT, LOW FAT DIETS to feed their greedy pockets which goes against All Commonsense on how Nutrition Works ie we need to have a certain amount of Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates every day and all three together in at-least one meal of the day that would usually be your Main Meal……….making sure you don’t forsake what constitutes REAL FOOD with adequate NUTRIENTS.

It is not news to a Natural Health Researcher that many Medical Drugs actually don’t just have ‘side effects’ they are known to cause as many disorders as those they treat. Why do we think they have so many "Side-Effects?" That my friend, is because they are "Foreign Substances" to our body, it is trying to throw off AND they Compromise Our Health, making body and brain behave differently than they should.

A Relative Story 30 Years Ago

When I commenced part-time Independent Natural Health Research in the late 80s, I attended a lecture by Dennis Stewart from Southern Cross School of Herbalism in NSW, who was considered by many to be the Father of Herbalism in Australia at that time. He had his own private practice and a range of Medicinal Products with a company called Greenridge.

He made this statement I shall never forget in that lecture “Of all those, I have counseled in my practice through the years, most had what I call Pseudo Disorders brought on by Medical Drugs. A small percentage had real disorders. Sounds alarming I know, and I first have to address the real issue with adequate measures, to restore that person to health.”

PLEASE NOTE: He did this in an appropriate way with the expertise to do so. Many medications do throw our body out of balance in some way but we can also send it further out of wack by stopping them suddenly. Please do be informed. One needs to taper off them gradually with supervision by a qualified professional often – depends what you’re taking.

It’s important for everyone to understand this principle: if nothing else, remember that medications and antibiotics etc work by force basically, making something happen or change in our body (or brain) whereas Natural Medicines like Herbs and Nutrients or Functional Foods work by assisting the body to Heal Itself. In other words, if our body is treated respectfully by Natural Means, providing what it needs, it is usually in the best position to heal itself.

Words To Remember

Picture our body as a Symphony Orchestra with different instruments, each having a certain part to play in harmony with the other instruments. Have you heard of a bible proverb that says “We are fearfully and wonderfully made” referring to our body, mind and emotions? Yes you could say fearful when messed with by the likes of chemicals (including many Medical Drugs) and Wonderful when we choose Natural Means of Healing our Creator has made in advance for us to discover and practice, instead of Man-made inventions from the likes of Big Pharma whose Manufacturers have undergone so many Medical Suits for Medical Drugs they willfully and knowingly keep on making.

Important Decisions.......

That’s because they’re so filthy rich beyond imagination, they can afford to pay those Suits while people approach their Medical Practitioners with a false sense of security, they will get help for whatever ails them. And with many people on government benefits like the pension etc there’s the added false sense of security that the Local GP seems to be “the cheaper way to go” and it will take less effort than taking personal responsibility for our health with good healthy meals and proper sleep etc which help to foster good health and maintain a healthy immune system.

Manufacturers Or Culprits To Our Health?

The SUGAR Industry has done us no favours either! Highly addictive, and a threat to our health in so many ways, not to be underestimated, it rules pretty much parallel to Cheap Nasty Veggie Oils and lures even the fans of Healthy Oils (Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Macadamia Oil, and Cold Processed Coconut Oils which were conveniently outlawed by the Veggie Oils industry, for their gain, not yours).

As for Canola, it has come out in the wash years ago that it's a Great Con-ola! You need to get the updates, it's heavily sprayed with Toxic RoundUp to start with and if you could see a video on YouTube how it is made "you wouldn't touch it with a 10 feet poll" as us Aussies say when we're not impressed. NOW did you know this? I will tell you something:

How Crystallized Cane-Sugar Actually Commenced

I found out some years back that Sugar wasn't "a food" to start with, it was a chemical made in a Pharmaceutical Lab - I'm not sure what for but it tickled the taste buds, shall we say and somehow got on the loose (figure of speech). Next thing, sometime later, when it was in circulation, a lady thought it would be great to make confectionary with it and she started making those old-fashioned boiled sweets that are making a come back in some countries. They became very popular!

Do you know what happened when people started having these lollies - a fad - on a continued basis? Many people became mentally ill and this occurrence was pretty wide-spread. Unbelievable but true. It would be interesting to find some notes again - should have had a better filing system.

Some things have surfaced in recent years as well about this chemical Crystalized Sugar - the highly synthetic process it goes through. Many know these things now but if you don't, grab your seat so you don't fall off when you hear this: Sugar Binging is as hard for many people to break as it is to stop social drugs - it's as powerfully addictive because it gives false signals to the Reward Centre in the Brain in the place of good healthy signals --- like when you accomplish a task you've been putting off for a while. And it sets you up for Sugar Blues each time a 'Sugar High' crashes - leading even to unexplained depression one finds difficult to shake, in some people. This is quite common!

So, Sugar Is Natural? I Think Not!

You find yourself having 'sugar fixes' big or small, to keep you happy, so to speak. But just like a person taking social drugs, your mood-levels are on a 'roller-coaster' with your brain chemistry in disarray which shows Sugar up to be what it is to some people when it gets out of hand (an unsettling influence to body-brain chemistry) making your mood levels fluctuate from happy to sad or short spurts of energy to no energy and quite listless.

No, a Sugar Craze or habit is not to be underestimated. I had such an addiction occur many years ago, even though I had not much liking for Sugar from a child onwards. I bought a packet of Tic Tacs one day because I liked the peppermint taste when someone gave me one. I liked the peppermint taste so much, I had too many. Next thing, I started having 1-2 packets a day, that increased to 8 packets a day!

This was at the age of 28 (a grown woman). I found myself raiding the local shops for them, so to speak, and went to other shops when each one needed to restock that item. I even got up from my bed late at night and dressed to go out and get another packet when the packets ran out.

As you can imagine, all that Sugar and peppermint put me off food most of the day that resulted in Acute Anemia which led to having half my blood supply transfused sometime later. Can't tell me there's no such thing as a 'Sugar Fix'........quite often I see young AND middle aged women taking off from the local shopping centre carpark with sugary cakes in their mouth, they can't wait to get home for, or munching on a 'handful of lollies' in their car before driving out of the park.

So much Information but it is all Relevant because All these chemical-substances (not foods) Compromise Our Health - Our Greatest Asset!

Now what 90% of the public does not realise is the profound affect regular Cane Sugar and HGCS (High Glucose Corn Syrup a highly concentrated Sugar-Cane substitute) used most times in the cheap manufacture of sweets like candy bars, soft drinks and ice-creams etc have on the IMMUNE SYSTEM as well as our BRAIN and MOOD LEVELS and our GLANDULAR SYSTEM. It also affects VISION and causes INFLAMMATION in some people or the intensity of it.

Yes this chemically crystalized Cane Sugar is a Culprit and potential risk to one's health when it gets out of hand, just like a drug - that's because it is a drug (formulated in a pharmacy) and a Legal One at that. Any child can buy a 2 Kilo Packet for their mum at the local grocery store and walk home with it.

Maybe there should be severe restrictions on the sale of it, like Panadine and Pain Meds aye? Who knows what that Chemist had in mind? I'm sure when he tasted it, he said "this will sell!"

Where am I going with all this?

The adage “Prevention is better than Cure” rings so true!  More than ever, people’s Immune Systems are compromised Today – lacking in Vital Nutrients and Nourishing SLEEP which come from REAL FOOD and Better Sleeping Hours than most people have these days!

I myself am guilty of that sometimes – late hours with a few websites to run. I tell myself that to get up very early is better than to go to bed so late and adjust those hours accordingly. Most of us can facilitate that in some way if we consider precious wasted hours sitting in front of the TV for one program after the other every night, hey? Glad I got bored with that early in life, my dad being a pioneer of TV Sales and Service.

Presently, I am engaged in a research project that establishes that TV affects us somewhat like a drug - it's addictive nature and how it affects our Brain. Ever noticed the mesmerising effect it has on us? That's because it actually numbs the brain! More Info when I finish my research.

Just to think we're losing Precious Sleep (with it's many benefits) for hours of that! My dad would love it if he knew I'm telling you these things - he gave up that line of work years later, when he saw "all the rubbish he was bringing into people's homes" and the way it affected family relations of his customers. He was a brilliant technician and an observant person.

Wonders Of Proper Sleep

Did you know that Each Hour of Sleep before Midnight is Equal to Two Hours of Sleep - and from 11pm - 12am there is an Energy Cycle which takes place - so important it is not to go to Sleep too late. Marvelous, isn't it? Research work is absolutely intriguing sometimes.

Think of all the time that would become available for things we say we seldom have time for and better life nourishing sleep as well – how good is that? An Immune Specialist in the 1940s pioneered a theory that is taught Today that adequate Sleep is Vital for our Immune System and during these sleeping hours a number of maintenance tasks are carried out through various body functions which can only take place while we’re sleeping. He explained how the Integrity of our Immune System is dependent on that.

Wish I could remember his name, I borrowed a book he wrote from a State Reference Library in the 80's and wrote several pages of notes because that title was out of print. Due to writing so many pages of notes in those days, I somehow misplaced them. His writing was excellent. I remember the principles he expressed and recognize them in current works by others in recent years. Everything he said is abundantly proven to be true. We must listen to these pioneers – old and new – and hear what they have to say. They have so much wisdom and experience to share.

Importance Of Walking And Exercise

They benefit our Immune System too - yet how many of us avoid them or are plain not interested. We get in our car just to drive a few streets and grab the nearest carpark we can get at our local shopping centres? Some people are waking up to this and taking parks further away so they can get some exercise. Walking has many health benefits, not just for Cardio Health and Weight Reduction - this form of physical exercise if practised regularly - especially daily - makes our bran fit in addition to physical benefits. Even reading books daily instead of screen reading only, benefits our memory.

ScienceDirect.Com states that Habitual exercise improves immune regulation, delaying the onset of age-related dysfunction. And Exercise training has an anti-inflammatory influence mediated through multiple pathways.

The T Colin Campbell Centre of Nutrition Studies website has an interesting article The Benefits of Walking for the Immune System HERE stating Exercise Session Can Positively Impact the Immune System - We’ve learned that walking programs lasting at least 8 weeks can lead to fewer upper respiratory symptoms.

They say "The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked widespread interest in improving immune function. In addition to practicing social distancing and good hygiene, many people are searching for ways to build a stronger immune system. Exercise plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy immune system.[1] Since many gyms and parks have been temporarily closed in an effort to slow the spread of the virus, it can be challenging to find ways to get enough exercise. Thankfully, one of the best researched forms of exercise doesn’t require a gym membership or additional equipment. That form of exercise is walking." There you have it in a nutshell, hey?

For Good Measure - I found Out Today

It was discovered by Dr E A Newsholme of Oxford University that Sunflower Oil is a very effective IMMUNE SUPPRESSANT and when the Fatty Acids from it were administered to Kidney Transplant Patients to prevent their Immune System from rejecting the transplants, the Renal Specialists were astonished how quickly they developed Cancers, and the treatment was stopped. My nephew in-law was given Immune Suppressing Drugs to prevent rejection of a transplant - they cost him his life not many months later.

Wrapping It Up.......

Like I said, SUGAR SUPPRESSES the IMMUNE SYSTEM as does HFCS and PUFs (Cheap Nasty Polyunsaturated Veggie Oils). Manufacturer's have NO Conscience these days in their "Power Game For Wealth".......... do not keep feeding their pockets with accumulated dollars for all those Cheap Nasty Foods and packaging containing Chemicals that are detrimental to your health and well-being.

Try to avoid Medical Prescriptions as much as possible (some are dangerous to stop suddenly) and Over The Counter Meds. In Australia, the Government told GPs to stop prescribing Antibiotics too often (like confectionery) because there are complications, yet some GPs still prescribe them too often. Most times, I will not touch Antibiotics. I choose rather to use supplements like Odorless Garlic capsules or fresh, Oil of Oregano capsules and Nigella (Black Cumin Seed Oil) capsules, available through eBay. Echinacea is Good because it's also a blood builder and conditioner but it must be taken short-term only (not all the time).

Try to diversify your approach to Strengthening your Immune System - don't just wait till you have a cold or influenza etc then pop a pill- we're noted to be great "pill poppers" here in Australia. Practising responsibility for our health pays dividends - most times it keeps you out of a GPs Office, it may even spare you these pandemics that are on the rise in recent times. The more you diversify, the better your protection you have and be constant - this needs to be a daily practice in this generation. I've given you Keys in this post to greatly benefit you if practiced.

So All the above Information is relevant to how strong our Immune Systems are or are not - those substances most of us ingest every day - and lots of Stress, if we are not practising Stress Management in some way affect our Immune System. Research reveals that lots of TV viewing activates Cortisol (the stress hormone) that reduces the response of our Immune System - not a good thing. Maybe you need to be having some time out in place of some of those TV Programs hey?

"Studies have shown spikes in sugar intake suppress your immune system. When your immune system is compromised, you are more likely to get sick. If you eat a lot of foods and beverages high in sugar or refined carbohydrates, which the body processes as sugar, you may be reducing your body's ability to ward off disease." {Piedmont Health Care}

URGENT: Please don't opt for artificial sugars like Aspartame, Splenda and more. In time, they are more trouble than you bargained for - that's another story! Opt for Raw Honey, Fresh Fruits and genuine Maple Syrup....they are actually good for us. 100% Stevia is good, Xylitol and Erythritol are 'Sugar Alcohols' which have been mistakenly claimed to be "good for you" I can't explain in this post. Agave is popular I know but far too high in Fructose. Sounds complicated, doesn't it? That's because Nutrition is wonderful and also complex. So keep things simple and stay away from man-made frauds.

What Should We Do?

Conclusion: Give bad ingredients a miss when it comes to recipes and develop a liking for REAL FOODS with REAL INGREDIENTS that can BUILD UP YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM and along with Proper Sleep MAKE IT STRONG. Does that make sense after what you've just been reading? Have you sometimes been thinking of making some improvements and somehow do not get around to them? NOW's a GOOD TIME......later never presents itself.

Most of us put things off, to be honest, don't we? Let what you know now pay dividends - poor nutrition and poor sleep compromises our Immune System and causes negative thought patterns because our brain is undernourished - let this not be you, hey?

Investing in your Health involves more than popping a few pills and you will need to get a good start for the days ahead of us. It's a better insurance against Viral Infections most times than Medical intervention when it's too late. Those with strong Immune Systems prove to be more Resistant. Give it a Go!

Disclaimer: By law, I am expected to tell you to consult a Practitioner for Medical advice, because they have the monopoly on things as far as Government Legislation is concerned - Big Pharma and Medical Practices bring in more revenue than the Natural Health Profession and this weighs in their favor but there is still Freedom of Speech to present to you that which I know, based on 30+ years of Independent Natural Health Research (not paid to give misleading information). Personally, I choose to go Natural (including practitioners). We all have our God-Given Power of Choice.

I wish you all well.

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