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This is very interesting. I've come across Information several times in recent years that Stress the Importance of Taking Care of our Oral Hygiene in relation to HEART HEALTH. Today, I found Information that Stresses the Importance of of doing this for BRAIN HEALTH and how they are Closely Related. The Medical Profession has been Treating Everything as SEPARATE for decades, but it so turns out that Our Body Systems are INTERRELATED, as Natural Health Practitioners like a Naturopath will tell you. Remember how people were told that the Earth was FLAT before Columbus discovered it is ROUND?…

By Janet Vargas - Natural Health Researcher 30+ Yrs.

I'm Calling Them Out. To me, it is a Form of Witchcraft, what they do to our Food.
It really is! What do you call it when they make the Majority of Food Products damaging to Our Health with All-Manner-Of Hazardous TOXIC Chemicals day after day, year after year and they have absolutely NO Shame - it just goes from Bad to Worse incessantly to the extent that there's very few Groceries we can buy that aren't laden with Chemicals of some kind, to the point one feels Overwhelmed
by the whole thing and many are pressured into Indifference when confronted
with a Question "What the heck do we buy now?"…

Janet Vargas - Independent Natural Health Researcher 30+ Yrs.

I'm here to let you know some Truths about the Medical Profession that could really Save You from a lot of distress, and possibly disruption to your Family Lifestyle if you end up in a worse state of Health. Some of the following Information will be disconcerting but necessary for some because you trust in your Medical Practitioner far too much and are not aware of some of the pitfalls in
"attending Medical Clinics."

Note, some of these things may even be taken as "Scare Mongering" to some of you due to the Concerning Nature of them.

By Dr James M. Greenblatt M.D - Psychology Today
Specialising In Depression.

Lately, exercise has been at the forefront of every conversation about health. No doubt this careful attention is due to the increasing concerns over obesity and sedentary lifestyles.

And it's true that exercise can improve our health by reducing high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and the risk of developing diabetes. Did you realize though that exercise also has amazing positive psychological effects?

Besides the obvious physical health benefits, exercise can also:

A great deal of research dating as far back as the 1980s has shown that exercise can effectively reduce cases of mild to moderate depression.…

Hi Folks, Today I am commencing a New Blog Category called Some Real Health Solutions. I was so inspired by this Video by Dr Alan Mandell. I have come across his work quite often in Natural Health Research. He has a lot of Uncommon Knowledge and Experience that benefit many many people worldwide. I was researching Sinusitis-Vertigo for someone and this was the "Icing On The Cake" to me when I found it, so I will share it with You!

He is Well-Known for his YouTube channel motivationaldoc
I have taken considerable time and care today, to copy many of the Comments on this Video which are So Good - they will be very Helpful for You.…

2:59pm Feb 28, 2023

A common sugar replacement called erythritol, which is used to add bulk or sweeten stevia, monkfruit and keto-reduced sugar products, has been linked to blood clotting, stroke, heart attack and death, according to a new study from the US.
"The degree of risk was not modest," said lead study author Dr Stanley Hazen, director of the Centre for Cardiovascular Diagnostics and Prevention at the Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute.
People with existing risk factors for heart disease, such as diabetes, were twice as likely to experience a heart attack or stroke if they had the highest levels of erythritol in their blood, according to the study, published Monday in the journal Nature Medicine.…

How is it that we hear so much BAD and GOOD about SALT in our Diet folks? Because we are talking about Two Different Kinds of Salt - completely different - the Unhealthy and the Healthy; the Synthetic and the Natural; the Chemical and Not Chemical. Medicos are absolutely right in telling us to AVOID Common Commercial Table and Cooking Salt but not to Avoid ALL Salt like the plague. Because one is Corrupted and the other is Genuine, provided by NATURE. And hence, it has so many Benefits.…

Now everything's Soy. Soy in loaves of Bread and Bakery items, Soy in Snitzels and Burgers, Ice-Cream and Chocolates, Protein Powders and Diet Shakes, lots of Processed Foods in packets and cans. We can't seem to keep away from this stuff! And that's because we are not Standing Up To Them! It has been touted as a Health Food decades ago, much of the so-called research on it's merits have been prejudice and flawed, by that Industry, and there are even Scientists and Nutritionists who have sold their Name and Reputation on the likes of these beans because they succumb to the Bribes of Big Pay Manufacturers who insist on using it.…

Tell the Government "Palm Tree Loggers Are Bad AND SOY Industry CROPS Are Bad - Causing Equal Deforestation In The Amazon. If You Stopped Supporting Palm Oil, you should STOP Supporting SOY!"

Brazil and USA are the Two Leading Producers OF soy. Bolivia follows hard after them. Most Crops in the USA are GMO Crops (Genetically Modified) by notorious Monsanto, highly skilled in Crafting Words - numerous Countries have bought their LIES. They are NOT out to Save Humanity! Based on extensive Research by many True Health Professionals and Independent Researchers, they are (and have proved to be) a THREAT to Humanty.…

ABC Rural / By Megan Hughes and Katrina Beavan 28 Jan 2023

Consumers can expect to see more lychees on supermarket shelves for longer this year as cooler and wetter conditions result in a later harvest than usual.

And despite a bumper crop being picked, prices have stayed steady, meaning the delay is also good news for growers such as Lush Lychees in central Queensland.

Lychee Berries Growing In Queensland Now!

Owners Krystal and Paul Caton have processed more than 120 tonnes of fruit since December at their 5,000 tree orchard, 30 kilometres north-west of Rockhampton.…