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The results, published in Redox Biology, showed higher levels of bacteria associated with good vascular and cognitive health, and lower levels of bacteria linked to disease and inflammation.

Systolic blood pressure dropped on average by five points (mmHg) after drinking the beetroot juice.

Anti-Aging Beet Juice - Good for Our Liver- Add Some Apple and Celery

“We are really excited about these findings, which have important implications for healthy ageing,” said lead author Professor Anni Vanhatalo, of the University of Exeter.

“Previous studies have compared the oral bacteria of young and older people, and healthy people compared to those with diseases, but ours is the first to test nitrate-rich diet in this way.

“Our findings suggest that adding nitrate-rich foods to the diet—in this case via beetroot juice—for just ten days can substantially alter the oral microbiome (mix of bacteria) for the better.

“Maintaining this healthy oral microbiome in the long term might slow down the negative vascular and cognitive changes associated with ageing.”…


Our Health is as Good as the Food we Eat. And so is Our Brain. Did you know that Mental Health Disorders mostly start from long-standing Nutritional Deficiencies and also Poor Gut Health because our Neurotransmitters are present in our Gut - not just our Brain - so Both our Gut and our Brain Relate Closely together. A It is the Same with Brain Power. Everyone talks about Brainpower, but you don't just stay on whatever Foods you have and take a "Brain Power" Supplement each day. You need to build up a Nutritional Profile of Brain Friendly Foods; stay off of Sugar AND Synthetic Sweeteners that are Bad for your Body and Brain. So are Canola and Cheap Nasty Veggie Oils - they mess with your Metabolism causing Lethargy and Brain Fog in many people, and are noted for Mental Blanks (even with young people) because they are Toxic to Body and Brain Cells.…

I had this happen recently when after cutting half a Pumpkin in segments to store in my Fridge. The moisture from the Pumpkin dried quickly on my hand and my skin went noticeably Very Dry. I went to wash my hands and the water did not make any difference. Then I moisturized my hands and that didn't make much difference either. To my astonishment, the moisture from the Pumpkin - over the 6-10 minutes I was firmly gripping it to cut it, had what I felt was an acid affect. Then I found the following Article on the Net that evening, when I checked the notion I had and found it was true. It gave me enough Validation to say "I think I will place this on Ours Australia, to let my Readers know about it" so here we go!

Why Butternut Squash Hurts Your Hands
By Backyard Gardening Blog

Many a gardener will grow butternut squash, and eagerly watch the fruits develop, counting the days, hoping they’re not ruined by an early frost.…

Natural Health Article from Science Daily

A new study shows that people who eat a diet that includes at least half a serving per day of foods high in flavonoids like strawberries, oranges, peppers and apples may have a 20% lower risk of cognitive decline. The research is published in the July 28, 2021, online issue of Neurology the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. The study looked at several types of flavonoids, and found that flavones and anthocyanins may have the most protective effect.

Flavonoids are naturally occurring compounds found in plants and are considered powerful antioxidants. It is thought that having too few antioxidants may play a role in cognitive decline as you age.

"There is mounting evidence suggesting flavonoids are powerhouses when it comes to preventing your thinking skills from declining as you get older," said study author Walter Willett, MD, DrPH, of Harvard University in Boston, Mass.…

Did You Hear About This Discovery? Our Body Is Home To About 100 Trillion Bacteria And Other Microbes, In And On Our Body Collectively Known As Our Microbiome – 10 Times The Number Of Body Cells And We Have Not Even Known About This In Western Countries Until Recent Times. But Some Countries In Europe Have Been Practicing Healthy Diets Etc To Look After It For Generations. In Doing So, It Confers Many Benefits. This Microbiome Consists Of Healthy And Unhealthy Bacteria And The Ratio Varies From Person To Person. A Healthy Microbiome Is One Of The Reasons Why Some People Are Blessed With Really Good Health. Having A Diet And Sleep And Exercise That Favours Healthy Flora (bacteria) In Your Microbiome Is A Good Way To Ensure Against Things Like Overweight And Cholesterol And Strengthen The Integrity Of Your Immune System.

Have you heard of Kefir and Kombucha, Kimchi and Sauerkraut? They are fermented drinks and food staples you feed and nurture your Microbiome with that favours healthy bacteria over unhealthy bacteria and outnumbers them.…