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By Janet Vargas - Owner of this Website
Balanced Article

Are You Fed-Up With The Behaviour Of The Royals? I Am, This Is Why –
This Was The Worst! My thoughts tell me in recent times that Charles is using his power the wrong way and wielding it against Harry. Never mind Meghan, if she is not allowed to visit the Palace again – I can understand that. Folks, I am speaking about a Son – one who has already been hurt so much, he became mentally unbalanced and wrote Spare. And more importantly, the People who Relate with Invictus have been left out of Royal Recognition because ALL Royals were Absent. They have been caught in the Cross-Fire, so to speak. That is Totally Unfair!

There are Conflicting News Reports (as usual) that 1. the Royals did not wish to attend 2. Harry did not Invite them, Quite honestly, either could be true.