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I subscribe to Just Jesus you could say – no extras! Many Religious Teachings are so Unbalanced. So please do be careful of Sales Pitches – the obvious and the subtle. It’s real Conjecture, that is…….it’s not Preaching the Gospel, it’s Attacking people.

The Gospel actually means Good News and Glad Tidings in the language it was written in  – not Bible Bashing and displaying how awful you can be. No-one wants that kind of Religion, where your behavior is right out of line. Yuck! How dare people Act like that, and put God’s Name on it – especially Jesus precious Name. You can rest assured that Jesus has nothing to do with it.

It is true that a Good Living Person is better to be around than that kind of person – better behaved and balanced. That in itself can be classed as godly.…

By Janet Vargas - Independent Natural Health Researcher 30+ Years

MORE to Watch Out for Folks! Some of these Polymers have been around for years. They have been used in Skin Care and Cosmetics and NOW there are New Derivatives of those Chemicals entering the Market.

The concern about these Chemicals is, they are very TOXIC and have been found to Cause Cancer.

As surely as we have learned about Manufacturer’s serious Lack of Ethics, instead of the Industry cutting out the use of these Chemicals, they USE Them all the More. And as we are so accustomed to, our Governments are more concerned with Raising High Revenue from the Massive Profits/Taxes of this highly Lucrative Industry than they are about our Health and Welfare.

There’s so much we hear about “in the name of Truth” these days, and there is what Natural Health Researchers who really Care about your Health call an
“Information War” going on.…


By Janet Vargas - Owner of this Website
Balanced Article

Are You Fed-Up With The Behaviour Of The Royals? I Am, This Is Why –
This Was The Worst! My thoughts tell me in recent times that Charles is using his power the wrong way and wielding it against Harry. Never mind Meghan, if she is not allowed to visit the Palace again – I can understand that. Folks, I am speaking about a Son – one who has already been hurt so much, he became mentally unbalanced and wrote Spare. And more importantly, the People who Relate with Invictus have been left out of Royal Recognition because ALL Royals were Absent. They have been caught in the Cross-Fire, so to speak. That is Totally Unfair!

There are Conflicting News Reports (as usual) that 1. the Royals did not wish to attend 2. Harry did not Invite them, Quite honestly, either could be true.


By Janet Vargas - Owner of this Website

Part-Time Christians are mostly Churchy Christians who behave alright some of the time and not alright other times OR even most of the time. They are kind of alright when they're on the Church Scene, attending Services or Functions or playing a certain Role, be it Pastoral, Reception, Leading Women's Groups or Craft Groups Etc

If you are a Church Person and you think I may be getting the Church a “Bad Name”…… don’t worry because the Church already has one. I just like to make sure Jesus doesn’t take the Bad Wrap anymore and help people recognise the difference, passing on some Benefits instead of “Would you like to come to my Church?” and the person is thinking “Help No!” Honestly Folk, Walking with Jesus is Better than that – more Real, more Personal.

Yes like some of you, I have encountered those kind of people through the years, so I can relate with you.…


By Janet Vargas - Owner Of This Website

Both Governments - USA and Australia are Not Dealing with Real Issues Affecting People in Both Countries. I will be addressing some things that have come here from the USA which need attention to make some real Progress in several areas when it comes to different aspects of our welfare here in Australia.

I do not wish to offend the good American Folk who often visit this Website.
Things are very stressful for you over there.

Many Americans and Australians are not happy with Decisions made by our Governments and have Big Issues of things affecting our People IGNORED. There are Governments in certain Countries who are a 
Lot More Responsible and Dedicated to Their People while ours remain Uncommitted on Things that Really Concern Us and they are Preoccupied with Less Important Things often.

In this Article, I am going to address certain things that come from America that may be uncomfortable for some.…


By Janet Vargas - Independent Natural Health Research 30+ Yrs

Like someone so rightly said: Oats are Naturally Processed, Oats are OATS. 100% No Preservatives, No Additives, No Colourings. They are Uncomplicated REAL Food that Nourishes with “NO Extras” Frugal Food, Cheap to Buy!

And you can add whatever you like – you know what’s in there.

So if you’re going to “Cut things on the Budget” don’t downsize on Healthy Nutritious Meals, cut out those Sugar Laden and Artificially Coloured Ultra-Processed devitalised “Cereals” those Con Artists charge you the Earth for instead.

What an Absolute RIP-OFF and you’re taking them home, one after the other, Friends? And half the time, it’s because you weren’t brought up with OATS wonderful Oats OR your Kids have been Targeted by the Cunning guise of those Shrewd Manufacturers. Yes, they deliberately target your Kids with those endless Ads (so many rounds a day/evening) because they Know they will “Nag You” until they get what they want!…


The hypocrisy of TV Preachers has reached an all time high and does not make for Healthy Viewing. Especially unsavory guys like Kenneth Copeland. Many describe the crazy look of his eyes as Scary (unnatural and unsettling) You can hardly describe him as a "Man of God" because the culprit he has been all along has become very evident in his behavior, for all to see. He is the TV Preacher who
Made Merry when Covid broke out in 2020. His eyes were full of Greed.
The Pandemic did however Show many of those Creeps up with their
False Predictions!

Jesus did say there would be such people in days to come,
so it comes as no surprise to me, I've known it for years.

Joyce Meyer's Greed is evident to many, and the same with Creflo Dollar and Jesse Duplantis. They all own their own fancy Jets and have Extravagant Lifestyles, having no sense of shame whatsoever.


By Janet Vargas - Independent Natural Health Researcher

Are we Really that Gullible or just plain Brain Washed to Believe All the Claims that are being made?

Vitamin Tablets vs Gummies: Should You Ditch Time-Tested Capsules For Candies?

Yes they look just like candies and come in a variety of flavours. And most importantly, they claim to be the answer for your skin, hair, and even sleep woes. In short, Gummy Vitamins and supplements look tempting and you can avoid taking tablets or capsules. HERE

Be Not Quick To Buy - Recognise Charlatans!

Hey, wait a minute…."they look tempting"….does that mean we can snack on them, whatever? Or have we become so weak-willed that "everything" has to give us "Enjoyment" even Supplements? Let's do the Math and come to our senses hey? Rather than having to be "turned-on" about everything. And if these so-called Supplements do give us a buzz, maybe they are just like the Fake Foods in Supermarkets that Excite the Tastebuds and are Bad for our Health!


Our Health is as Good as the Food we Eat. And so is Our Brain. Did you know that Mental Health Disorders mostly start from long-standing Nutritional Deficiencies and also Poor Gut Health because our Neurotransmitters are present in our Gut - not just our Brain - so Both our Gut and our Brain Relate Closely together. A It is the Same with Brain Power. Everyone talks about Brainpower, but you don't just stay on whatever Foods you have and take a "Brain Power" Supplement each day. You need to build up a Nutritional Profile of Brain Friendly Foods; stay off of Sugar AND Synthetic Sweeteners that are Bad for your Body and Brain. So are Canola and Cheap Nasty Veggie Oils - they mess with your Metabolism causing Lethargy and Brain Fog in many people, and are noted for Mental Blanks (even with young people) because they are Toxic to Body and Brain Cells.…