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‘Don’t let It Get You Down’: Inspirational Teenager Loses Half Her Body Weight.

By Eva Milic - NWS9 NEWS 2018

A young Queensland woman has silenced her doubters by dropping half her body weight, and now she is hoping her story will inspire others.
Twelve months ago, Josie Desgrand made a promise to herself to lose weight and gain confidence.
"Seeing myself now compared to what I was a year ago, it's insane," Ms Desgrand told 9NEWS.

Josie Desgrand Shares Her Weightloss Story - 9NEWS

That's because she's half the girl she used to be - quite literally.
Her secret?
"I found out that sugar was horrible and sugar was in a lot more things than I thought it was," she said.
Once Ms Desgrand cut sugar completely out of her diet, she said weight was just falling off.

At her heaviest, she was 120 kilograms. Now she is a happy and healthy 60 kilograms.
And she did it all on her own - including some light exercise in her lounge room.
"I didn't want to go to the gym at all I felt too embarrassed at that size," Ms Desgrand added.

Now she's fearless and feeling fantastic, with a brand new goal to inspire others through her Instagram page "No Longer Fat Josie".
Ms Degrand’s top tips are simple.
She suggests cutting out sugar and carbohydrates such as white bread and pasta as well as drinking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar diluted in a glass of water twice a day.
It's also important to reduce your portion size and never go back for seconds.

Running through her typical menu, Ms Degrand said she starts with eggs and salmon for breakfast.
“For lunch, I usually have protein with salad, so chicken and salad or a piece of meat like lamb and sweet potato,” she said.
Ms Desgrand urged others embarking on a weight loss journey to not “let it get you down”.
“Don't let it stop you from doing the things you love and the things you want to do.”

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