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Everything’s Changing – What To Make Of This? What Should We Do?

By Janet Vargas - Owner Of This Website

While I do not have any religious persuasions or church affiliations, I do have time for Jesus and have experienced  a transformation in my heart and life, many years ago that is not found in religion or “Social Gospel” that sadly lacks these days. So many people are cheated of the real thing – don’t sell yourself short.

Why write this article? Because there’s so much happening around us and I feel that people deserve an explanation without religious creeds or agendas. I do love the words of Jesus when they’re not misconstrued – and they afford many answers to life’s situations. Especially the times we are living in that are so baffling to many.

I also feel the mainstream of Christianity has let us down with it’s churchy habits, bless me clubs and “Social Gospel”, often accompanied by superficial expression and sometimes hypocrisy. While I’m not a judge of Christianity or other, I do understand the sentiments of many. So personally, for me, it’s Simply Jesus! Maybe not for you and if so, I hope to encourage you. If you are a Christian and that offends, you’ll need to take that up with Jesus because maybe you are caught up in a “church-habit” that lacks personal insight. Many Christians however, do share my thoughts and disposition (Jesus deserves more than that and so do we individually speaking).

Shall We Go?

The world is changing rapidly isn’t it? Just like Jesus said it would in our Day. He also said these words that prove true “I have not said that you would have Peace in the world but that you would find Peace In Me” (in His Presence). He gave a very accurate description of the turbulent times there would be in the world, when referring to our generation as “Last Days” and “End-times”.

Unrestful indeed. In recent years, even people who have been educated not to believe in God are referring to certain things they witness around them as “Evil”…………there seems to be no better description for some of the things that are breaking out among us in this day and age. It is also apparent that there are unseen influences in the World Today known in the Bible as “Unseen Forces” and “Powers of Darkness” which are infecting the minds of so many men and women, not to mention different governments in the World, organizations and events around us.

So sometimes, and in some respects, there is more than a person, or phenomena or circumstance we are up against, friends, we need spiritual wisdom and strategies for such things, and at-least, to find Peace in Jesus, like He said we could.

That’s difficult to do if we don’t know Him (personally) or we don’t care to believe in Him. Most of us, for obvious reasons, have a distaste for religion, and some of us confuse the person of Jesus with that or think He was just “A Good Man”. Truth of the matter is, we will need more than “A Church Jesus” or a “New-Age Jesus” to see us through these times friends, and a close walk with Him.

Many people of different nationalities and walks of life are experiencing Him in a real way in recent years and this of-course, never reaches the news programs and newspapers – they are more into bad news, as you all know.

They are of the opinion that bad news sells. And also, much of the news is in fact a form of mind control to keep you in a state of unbelief and disbelief, governed by those Unseen Forces I mentioned earlier, not to mention obvious and hidden political agendas.

Many people are smart not to watch those news programs anymore due to disgust, overwhelm or perception.

Such negative news items, one after the other, only serves to take whatever joy there is out of your day and feed your doubts – it’s not Faith building material, is it? NO!

My encouragement to you is to hit the delete tab on Negative content in your day and evening as much as possible. Negative programs, soapys and movies are unhealthy viewing too, we don’t need in our lives during hard times.

In fact, many people rightly have a growing distaste for the bombardment of annoying and repetitious Advertisements that seek to control our buying and viewing habits, not to mention lifestyle choices. Aren’t you sick and tired of the persistent attempts there are on TV (television) to control your thoughts and tell you how to think? Many people can see clearly through that, I converse with in recent years.

Yes many good living people are becoming aware of this, yet it is surprising how many have not thought of it and continue to watch day after day, thinking that is the “Normal” thing to do that everyone does. Friends, for apparent reasons, it’s anything but normal. My dad, who was a pioneer in TV Sales and Service when they came to our State, would tell you so. He was a gifted and brilliant technician, a good conversationalist and interested in his customers.

 Due to how he could see TVs changing family communications and quality of life, gave it away decades ago, saying he didn’t like to see what it was doing to people. He encouraged people to think for themselves and retired early.

Having had TV from preteens, I found it boring early in life and prefer to do other things. In addition to websites, I like instrumental music, craft cards, recipes, some gardening and natural health. These interests came at different phases through the years and I enjoy some of each. Other people I sometimes meet in shopping centres, tell me they prefer to make their own entertainment and spend more time with their family. Sometimes they say they have no time for computers either - that's alright with me:)

A family member enjoys watching Cricket, cooking programs and life documentaries and completely ignores the Ads. Friends of mine are purchasing a collection of DVDs to watch sometimes instead of Netflicks. They also enjoy engaging as a family, doing things together. One friend I had, has her own small collection of DVDs and has an interest in both reading an writing. You can find what's right for you. At-least, why not give it a try?

A thought: All that negativity has to go somewhere, when you watch TV by the hour. I found out in Health Research some time ago that it dulls the brain and can cause depression and anxiety issues. As for the News Program, it’s always depressing.

Many people don’t watch it anymore and feel better for that. A family member picks what news items he wants to read, on the Internet instead. He shares the occasional story with me. This has inspired me to find some good news stories on good news websites, back in May 2020. I share them with family and friends often and place some of them on Ours Australia for you to Enjoy.

For Those Interested

By the way, I have a few Inspirational Websites with lots of pleasant poems, interesting quotes and sayings and beautiful pictures, you may like visiting. Many do. I have included some Jesus Inspirations. If interested, go to On my website, you will find lots of webmenus at the top of your screen to select from.

There is Tasty Recipes which has several recipe collections I run on membership websites I have found on the Net, including Copy Me That (1,000+) Yummlys (400+) and separate Pinterest Recipe collections. Some more of my poems are there and two extensive pages of Helen Steiner Rice poems which are difficult to find together - her books are out of print now.

In the Beauty Of Creation webmenu, you will find subpages that open up into folders I run on Pinterest with beautiful photos of Scenery, dolphins, polar bears and little baby animals - lots of them! People adore them. There is also another webmenu Nature and Leisure Videos which has subpages with 16-20 YouTube videos with birds and ducks and little baby animals - some really fun ones - all 3-6 minutes in length.

And much MORE on that website, including access to a Free eCards website I run with Lots of pretty and cute emoticons, all friendly ones. I'm looking for a way to replace Flash so the Audios play again:)

I am also placing some more content on a New Website called Garden-Health-Nature.Com HERE as time permits, for those interested in natural gardening, good healthy recipes and Enjoying Nature (ways we can o that).

There's Plenty to furnish your thoughts with pleasant things and distract you from life's current events which are such a concern for everyone, hey?

Well wishes to all who read this page!

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  1. Karen

    Hi Janet, thank you! This is making all the difference to my weekend and will for weeks to come I think. I clicked on the links to your websites and am finding lots of good things to keep me busy for a long time. So happy I found this post.


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