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Finding Calm In The Restless Sea Of Humanity – This May Benefit You

By Janet Vargas - Owner of this Website

Humanity has become a restless tide with unseen influences affecting our values, choices and peace of mind, not to mention the way we relate as families, friends and citizens in daily life. Even the way we work has taken on phenomenal changes for countless employees, office workers and tradesmen and business owners.

We need to stand back from it all sometimes and say “hey, wait a minute”............ we need to find composure aside from the rush and bustle of things that place claims, so to speak, on our time and energies. We need to determine our values to make our lives meaningful and balanced - finding a happier and healthier existence for doing so, in this stressful generation. 

We all have values, big or small, constructive or destructive, beneficial or otherwise, yet many of us have not taken much time to think of our values, to actually determine a set of values.

 This is a Good Thing and a Healthy Practice for everyone to engage in - even to take a look at our values periodically. 

Actually, many of us in our upbringing  have not not been encouraged to establish values, having been brought up with two busy working parents, single parent managing things on their own or business parents - that takes a considerable amount of time and attention. That is not to count parents who are unwell, unbalanced or distracted with selfish pursuits, giving inadequate care and attention to providing us a foundation in life. These days, many parents have lacked time and attention themselves, not having much of an idea of benefits to pass on to their children.

Belief structure is also more important than ever, in one’s efforts to find or regain a sense of wholeness on the inside and a necessary art of finding real composure.

In a world of brokenness, misgivings and strife, disappointments and false values, we need to find an Anchor that won’t shift in the turbulence of this restless sea called humanity. So many voices, so many choices, yet so few of us stop to realise we do have the ability to make choices, and the importance of that in every heart and life, rather than have outside influences sweep us along “with the crowd” or compromise good values.

 To be continued!

Sometimes I like to let you see what's coming when I'm working on an article or in the midst of writer's flow, so no-one misses out. This could possibly benefit you.

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