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For Relief of Sinusitis Congestion Tinnitis Vertigo and Headaches

Hi Folks, Today I am commencing a New Blog Category called Some Real Health Solutions. I was so inspired by this Video by Dr Alan Mandell. I have come across his work quite often in Natural Health Research. He has a lot of Uncommon Knowledge and Experience that benefit many many people worldwide. I was researching Sinusitis-Vertigo for someone and this was the "Icing On The Cake" to me when I found it, so I will share it with You!

He is Well-Known for his YouTube channel motivationaldoc
I have taken considerable time and care today, to copy many of the Comments on this Video which are So Good - they will be very Helpful for You. Please take some time to read them as there are very informative ones among them.

Alan says "It's very normal to hear a popping sound when doing it correctly. It's the speed, not the force that opens the Eustachian Tubes"



Thank you dr. Mandell all your videos are so very informational and most of them work thank you!

It is a grace that we live in a generation that have such people who simply advise with a big heart. Impressive technique. Thanks Doc

Thank you so much doctor your messages are very useful for me. God bless You.

Ringing in my ear that is sometimes maddening. Thank you sooo much!!!

A Chiro did this adjustment on me 7 or 8 years ago…works like a charm:)

Just tried this technique, the ringing in my ear which I've had for years just stopped. Honestly!

I did this and I immediately heard a cracking sound in my ear. Moments later I had a huge amount of post nasal drip and drainage. Pressure is relieved and my awareness and alertness is improved because my head and sinuses are more open.

Thanks so much Dr. Mandell. I have so many allergies and I really suffer throughout the year. This little procedure truly provided me relief.

Wow! It worked! Was getting dizzy whenever I turned my head or got up quickly.

Thank you Dr Mandell. Simple yet effective!

Well I suffer from permanent Tinnitus and this has made it quieter straight away.

Wow! Amazing!!! My nasal passage just cleared up instantly!! Thanks!!!!

You can tell this man really cares about people!

This is quite incredible. Thank you so much for sharing.

Just tried it! Its draining and Tinnitus has dropped to 50% ! Thanks Doc!

Wow! It worked! Was getting dizzy whenever I turned my head or got up quickly.

Thanks dr I did this and got relief from ear pressure and pain.

Wow! Instantly started draining!!! Thank you!!!!

Thank you so much this is amazing. I didn't even know this was a thing and didn't think it could be so helpful.

That was the best adjustment on my second repetition. Using this to relieve a decade of mild-moderate Tinnitus. Thank you!

Just got back from the Emergency Room for the worst Vertigo I have ever had. I did this the way you said and I can literally feel the blood flowing. Also heard the pop.

Thank you so much for sharing this, it worked for me it cleared my sinuses almost instantly.

It worked, thank you so much. I was feeling so miserable:( and it helped me great!

It really helps. I just pulled my ears for a minute. Congestion is gone.

Drainage from the Eustachian tube. I tried saline solutions, nose sprays and even steam, nothing worked. Over time, it resulted in a clogged rt ear and rt nostril, I was miserable. After doing this, I immediately felt the drainage trickle down my throat and could breathe through the right nostril! Within 15 minutes of doing this I felt a relief in my sinuses, the tinnitus and dizziness went away, and it also improved my concentration. I am definitely sharing your page!

This Amazing Doctor is a Blessing for everybody, mostly for me, thank you so much Dr. Mandell, God bless you!

This was awesome! Helped so much. Thank you!

Felt a little crackle in my right ear, felt a lot clearer after that!

Fabulous, down to earth, and effective.

God bless you sir, your video brought back the hearing in my left ear not 5 minutes before my comment. thank you.

This is amazing! I got sick 5 months ago and lost most of my hearing in my right ear! It like cracked my ear! My hearing is a lot better:) I can stop learning sign language, I was really afraid that I was going to go full deaf!

Dr. Mandell, your videos are really great, informative and they work. Thanks for posting such valuable information

Wow worked right away!! Can't wait to see how it works through out the day. Thank you!!!

Wow!! It sure does work! My sinuses cleared up right away!!

Helped me get out of bed this morning. I had bad vertigo.

Thank you…really bad ringing in both ears has calmed down!

This Amazing Doctor is a Blessing for everybody, mostly for me, thank you so much Dr. Mandell, God bless you

Thank you, I have just opened both sides and I suffer from Vertigo and I will be using this technique over Meds.

Wow! New subscriber. Thank you VERY much for sharing your knowledge and experience. It is VERY much appreciated.

As a migraine and cluster headache suffer for 24 years, I am praying that this will work. I don’t have a headache right now, but I came across this video and did this, immediately my sinuses drained on the right side of my face. I am very excited, and I am very blessed to have found this channel and thank God for this man who so wants to help others.

The ringing in my ears has been going on for at least 15 years. Your method has helped somewhat and I have experienced the sinus drain. Will continue doing this as often as possible.

My headaches stop immediately….thank you so much!!!

Good day my friend. Thank you Doctor for healing without medication.

These techniques and others in other videos do work very well, most effective when done while standing up straight.

My tinnitus sounds more like pink noise.
Loudness decreased a lot, gonna keep doing this. Thank you.

Wow my nose opened up! Thank you:)

Just tried it and noticed immediate results! Thank you for sharing.

I was sceptical, but it actually worked for my sinuses.

My Feedback is sinuses on both sides…. immediately after….amazing…have had a dose of influenza…amazing. many thanks

Wow…amazing. I even have a right Eustacian Tube that has been collapsed for years and its still making my sinuses drain.

Alright. I was up all night with a sinus headache… it felt like someone was sitting on my cheek bones/ forehead. The force of gravity on my face was to much pressure and if I turned my head on the pillow it felt worse. I found this video and a couple of his other sinus related videos. I did the "exercises" nothing really happened. Left the house came back 30 minutes later, blew my nose and it was like a faucet dripping relief out of my face. It looked pretty bad and do I feel better! Pills dried me out a bit but that's it. These techniques opened me up and I'm so thankful.

I immediately felt my left sinus clear up after I did this.

Wonderful knowledge that works!!!

Brilliant… tried it once and felt it straight away… going to be keeping at it. Cheers for this tip.

You're heaven sent, thank you for helping us!

Oh my goodness, it Works! Thank you so much! You are my hero now, blessings!

I've been doing this for years and everyone tells me I'm crazy for "hurting my ears", but I knew it had to be legit because I feel genuine relief every time. I've searched the web far and wide and very few people relate. Thanks for validating this with a medical explanation!

Sinusitus, Tinitus, ETD and Headache sufferer here. This seems to be the most effective exercise I have practiced so far for everything but the tinnitus. As for tinitus, well I gave up hope on that but maybe you will surprise me. Thanks for this video! You're work makes a difference!

My sinus cleared and tinnitus diminished a little. But I got a little vigorous 2nd time and there was some pain in left ear. So be careful and study technique before proceeding.

After a week of my left ear being clogged this really helped I didnt think it would.
Until I did those 5 little pulls my ear just opened!

Relieving as usual, these little tricks are great.

Hah, that's awesome. My always stuffy nose cleared up!

Hearing a little better -will keep doing this thank you.

Hi Dr Mandell, I have tried your technique and I do feel the difference. Thank you for sharing wonderful tips.

My head has felt like it's going to burst for 3 days now. Did it 5 minutes ago and I'm 80% better. Thank you so much!

Thank you ???? it unclogged my ears which at times would give me anxiety. I will continue to do this if I get it again.

This is Amazing! I did this, felt a few cracks from both sides, and my nasal passages feel more clear and the slight headache behind my eyes are gone. Not sure how often I'll need to do this but it sure made a big difference for me!

I woke up about an hour and a half ago with awful vertigo from pressure in my ears. I did this technique and instantly felt draining and the pressure clearing up. The vertigo seems to be lessening as I type. I think I may get some sleep tonight after all! Thank you!!!!

Thank you, Dr. Mandell. Your recommendation worked very well for sinusitis-related ear pressure, which made me very worried. I was a stage IV NPC patient just finished treatment a few months ago. And great explanation of the ear related medical problems.

I feel the post nasal drip as well! It’s irritating but definitely relieved my ear congestion. No more crackles!

I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for this wonderful information!
I have been suffering from vertigo on and off for years!
Even more than helping with vertigo, I can suddenly breathe better because my sinuses are clearing! Thank You

I came across this video because I've been having tensor tympani spasms in my left ear. I did what the video showed before bed. Haven't had a spasm in almost 24 hours which is a HUGE relief for me. I've been having these annoying spasms for over a week. Thank you!!

I love it! I've been having stuffy sinuses since about a year ago now and at night once in a while. Both of them are breathing easy now and it's amazing thank you so much!

I tried your procedures with this and the one with the stuffy nose and both are helping me out very well so far. Thank you, Dr Mandell! This really helped!

This is so helpful! I have had chronic sinus headaches, allergic rhinitis, and my right ear has always felt clogged up with fluid. Many doctors I have been to have dismissed it or made it seem like it’s not that big of a deal. But I’m always congested, and it’s always a big deal to me. My Eustachian tube has cleared up quite a bit after doing this a few times. I’m happy to have a non-pharmacological method of eliminating some of this pain, pressure and constant congestion I’ve been experiencing. Thank you!

I have had tinnitus for as long as I remember and have just tolerated it. This was amazing and drastically reduced the ringing within seconds! Bless you. This is life changing for me.

Genius! This has even helped with migraines! I am so grateful for this video, doc!


Amazing…just from lifting up and out my nasal passage cleared on same side. I didn't even realize it was clogged until it cleared.

Just started this. My right ear buzzes so loud for years. It helped my sinus’s drain yesterday and I was able to clear some left over funk from a respiratory infection I recently had. Thanks!

WoW this worked! I've had an underlying buzz in my ears for the past couple of years, but lately, ringing started kicking in. This technique immediately got rid of the ringing, impossible! THANK YOU!!!

This was amazing!!! Have suffered for 4 days with ear pain/headaches and vertigo one try of this and I felt relief! Thank you.

I love your videos, Doc. Informative and very helpful and right to the point. Thanks!

This worked straight away, my nose felt kinda stuffy and it was difficult to breathe through. As soon as I tried this technique I could breathe clearly! I always suffer with stuffy nose, tinnitus, vertigo and Your videos are very helpful Dr Mandell!

My ear felt clogged and was ringing. I tried this and immediately felt a pop in my ear and relief. Then after a few hrs it completely went away. Thank you

My goodness this works. My ears have been clogged or muffled for 2 yrs. After doing this I can feel something shifting inside and I can breathe a little through my nose. It feels like the sinus are trying to clear and the pressure is draining away slowly! Thank you

I was sooo sick today, and you just made me feel better. God bless you!!

This worked almost immediately after the second time doing it. I was feeling a bit of motion sickness getting over an inner ear infection. Thanks

This technique solves breathing issues that you aren't even aware that you have. I discovered this a few weeks ago and will use it for the rest of my life!

Thank you so much! I have tried this and have felt relief even after a few minutes of doing these exercises! I am grateful you took the time to share this.

Great tip, I constantly have ear and sinus issues. I could totally tell the difference after trying this.

The ear that has been hurting me popped when I tugged on it and it did relieve my ear immediately. God bless you!

Immediate draining from sinus and the pain behind the eyes went away almost instantly. Thank you this!!

I'm a truck driver and have had tinnitus for some time. I tried this technique and it calmed the tinnitus in my right ear almost immediately. Thank you

Both my ears popped when I did it but this ACTUALLY WORKS!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I felt immediate drainage.

Hey bud. Thank you so much. My entire face was throbbing from sinus pressure. You have made it so much better. Thank you

That felt good…. I was just diagnosed with vertigo and sinusitis. And as soon as I did the pull out and up…. I felt my sinus draining and the spinning subsided. It works…. AWESOME technique! Thank you.

Oh my goodness, it worked! The tinnitus got weaker…my ear had been buzzing the entire day.

Wow! Tried it and it's pretty good!!!! Thanks for not being one of those practitioners asking for money! You're great!!!!!

A chiropractor did this for me a week ago when I had a very bad cold and my hearing and the congested nose got a lot better right away!

Oh my goodness! I have been suffering from vertigo for the past week and the medication my GP prescribed does nothing. I came across this video by chance. Dr you are a blessing!! Thank you.

No lie….I got discouraged after trying this once, but 2 mins later my ear popped! This really works!

You’re amazing my headache already feels alleviated! I just saved myself & my pocket a visit to the MD thank you!

Love this! Very effective. Personally I like to go much slower and gentler for myself and my massage therapy clients.

I have suffered from serious sinus issues since I was a child, these videos have radically changed my quality of life.

Thank you so much for this. For the last 3 weeks i was suffering terribly with blocked ears and a heavy head. Tried this several times since yesterday and finally got relief- ears are much better and my head has started to clear!! Thank you!

I noticed immediate relief from tinnitus in the right ear as soon as I finished.

Really a great technique:) thanks a lot Doc…..I have got rid of that pain at last. Ive been suffering for a year.

I've been dealing with a lot of vertigo lately. I just tried your technique and felt and heard two pops in my ear and then a pressure release. Very Cool.

Awesome tip! Nasal path cleared right away!

My Eustachian Tube was blocked for almost two weeks and this technique cured me. Amazing!

OH MY GOD THANK YOU!! I am an Remedial Massage Therapist and have been looking for solutions for tinnitus in my clients and finally I can present them with some hope. Thank you Dr. Mandell!

Ok! Been having bad headache behind my ears and behind my eyes for days now, and sometimes I get vertigo. I don’t like taking Meds. Right after I tried this I felt instant relief I cannot believe it!!! Thank You for this video.

THIS WORKED!!!!!!! I'm stunned!
I can't believe how this little movement actually made the right side of my face feel less pressure. Thank you!

I've tried going to several get-ok-quick vids on here, but yet again, yours are the only ones I've found actually do what they aim to. I've come here for both stuffy nose and deactivating tense muscles and it's worked. Thank you so much!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I was unable to sleep from a head cold and congestion. In less than 60 seconds I’m breathing clearly through both nostrils. IT WORKS!!!

Just diagnosed with congested ears. Already dealing with post nasal drip and sinus congestion. Have had ringing and vertigo. I tried it and my ear feels better. I will keep it up. Thanks Doc. I appreciate your caring.

My Tinnitus just went down to a level 1 where a level 6-7 was the norm. Thank you!

Thanks Dr Mandell. After doing this I did not feel any change but then after a minute the left side of my nose cleared which is blocked most of the time and I'm able to breathe freely. Also my left ear passage feels free which usually feels tight.

I got a bit of release after doing this technique and felt the urge to open my mouth as if I were yawning. I also found, for me, that when I take my index finger and press on the temple area close to the outer eyebrow edge, I got a release of sinus mucous. I guess some modifications can work as well…it just came naturally. Thanks for sharing the technique.

Instant relief! Thank you! Blessings

Woke up with clogged nose. I did this and felt instant relief

Wow!!! Thanks for that tip Dr. I felt drainage immediately. You're the best!

Thank GOD I came across with your videos I have been feeling dizzy and lightheaded and sometimes I felt small spinning. I did the procedures you tell us to do and IT WORKED RIGHT AWAY.

I love your videos!
Thank you for your continued education to heal ourselves.

Thanks dr I did this and got relief from ear pressure and pain.

Been to a barrage of Medicos and not one could recommend a treatment like this. I'm 25 and I've had this problem for 6 years. My right ear is the most affected and this actually made it feel more clear almost instantly. And I want to say the hearing loss has improved as well. Wow…thanks Doc

Brilliant! Thank you doctor, it actually works and God bless you for all the useful health tips you freely provide to all of humanity.

Oh my goodness, it worked! Thank you so much! My ear was sore and needed to be cracked/popped/readjusted. This happens a lot and now I know how to fix it. So thank you again!

I have tried everything in the world to try to fix chronic congestion and sinus issues. This is the only remedy that has kept my sinuses clear!! I use this every day!! Since I found this video, I haven’t had one congestion headache.

Thanks so much for this technique and more importantly, for giving freely your knowledge and wisdom. Blessings to you!

Thank you so so much! I have a chronic Eustachian tube dysfunction and your video just made my life better!

Okay this seriously works! I have had horrible vertigo for over 6 months. My ENT has not tried to help figure it out at all, I've been to the ER so many times because my ears have been sore and then the vertigo. My doctors keep saying my ears look normal, my CT scans and MRI scans have come back normal, and doctors keep saying I'm fine. I do this and I finally have relief. Thank you!

Amazing! This really worked. Both of my ears have been clogged off and on for about 2 wks now. I have tried everything. Thank you so much! Absolutely wonderful!

This worked! Now I don't have to leave work because of pain. Thank you!!

I was scared to drive, to fall in the middle of the street or something till I saw an specialist, which would take days. So after I calmed down I decided to look up online how to drain fluids from the middle ears. I ended up on a YouTube video showing a doc performing an Myringotomy and I was terrified imagining what if I had to get the same surgery and how long would it take to finally get it. So then I saw this video in the related. I was skeptical but thought I had nothing to loose, since I couldn't get any worse and was desperate for relief. I tried the technique. I did it at least 3 set of 5. No popping sound in my ear but I had an instant feeling of something moving inside my ears. A couple of minutes later the pressure and discomfort were gone and even the left side of my nose, which I had never been able to breath through, felt open again and able to breathe in and out. I have been doing this for 4 days, at least 3 times a day. I haven't taken any more Meds and I haven't had any vertigo, brain fog, dizziness, disconfort, NOTHING!!!

Thank you so much for your beautiful work helping people to gain back quality of life! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Thank you so much I've grown up with tubes in my ears and this helps get the congestion released quick and easy.

Amazed. This guy just fixed all my ear issues I've been having for 10 years in this video.

Tried it as I was watching. I've got allergic rhinitis, and it's like I always have the sniffles. After I did this, I felt one side of my face "feel lighter" and fluid draining down the back of my throat, as if I did a lymphatic drain massage. Hubby tried it, and he said his eye felt like it could see more clearly. Thanks for this tip, Dr. Mandell!

Amazing!! It opened up my sinus passage! Instantly can breath out of my nose!!

I wish to thank you for this video. I have been suffering with vertigo and Meniere's for almost 20 years now in both ears.

I went to an ENT all he wanted to do was send me to a neurologist, tonight I tired this video on my left ear now there is no ringing. My right is more problematic but will keep trying this.

I had to have surgery to correct a deviated septum. Now I can breathe better and my sinuses don't make a constant "creaking" sound. Even with the surgery, I noticed an improvement after trying this…thanks.

Feels nice, so I'll keep doing it as part of my health routines.

I was ready to call this guy out, but it helped 80% my symptoms in less than 10 min.

Dramatically reduced my Tinnitus caused by concussion. Thank you

I just tried it moment ago it works I had clear breathing right now.. thanks doc

My sinus instantly drained! Sweet relief!!!!!!!

Dr Mandell God bless you and your have helped me so much through these videos.


I will be putting separate posts together for Sinusitis.... Tinnitus.... and Painful Nerve Conditions very Soon!

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