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Garden Tips

Hi Gardeners and Beginner Gardeners. I tried gardening a few decades ago and choose Veggie Gardening, with a long Raised Garden Bed (a few meters) we made, a quality 60/40 Sandy-Loam, a small amount of Gypsum and Charcoal plus Mushroom Compost. It went quite well. We grew some onions and tomatoes, greens and strawberries, mint and parsley. After shifting to a suburb the other side of the city, years of par-time Independent Natural Research and other things pretty much distracted me from gardening again until recent years. I 'm growing several Dwarf Fruit Trees, some Herbs in Pots and Veggies in smaller Raised Garden Beds with Organic Potting Mix and Organic Compost (25Li Bags) some Rockdust and Guano by GROlife. Gardening is great, especially when you get to freshly pick some Naturally Grown Herbs and Veggies for a Salad or Recipe you are making, without agricultural chemicals in them.

I thought I would add a Gardening WebMenu to Ours Australia today, with some Good Tips I find sometimes, it would be great to share from time to time. Does that sound good to you? See you soon!

Click on the following Links if you Love Gardening or if you are Interested in Starting a Garden. They are Posts from my Blog. ENJOY!

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