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Gummy Vitamins Etc Are Basically Another Candy Craze – More Sugar More Chemicals

By Janet Vargas - Independent Natural Health Researcher

Are we Really that Gullible or just plain Brain Washed to Believe All the Claims that are being made?

Vitamin Tablets vs Gummies: Should You Ditch Time-Tested Capsules For Candies?

Yes they look just like candies and come in a variety of flavours. And most importantly, they claim to be the answer for your skin, hair, and even sleep woes. In short, Gummy Vitamins and supplements look tempting and you can avoid taking tablets or capsules. HERE

Be Not Quick To Buy - Recognise Charlatans!

Hey, wait a minute…."they look tempting"….does that mean we can snack on them, whatever? Or have we become so weak-willed that "everything" has to give us "Enjoyment" even Supplements? Let's do the Math and come to our senses hey? Rather than having to be "turned-on" about everything. And if these so-called Supplements do give us a buzz, maybe they are just like the Fake Foods in Supermarkets that Excite the Tastebuds and are Bad for our Health! The fact is that Manufacturers ENGINEER Fake Foods and Fake Supplements with a "Bliss Point" so we will Crave More and Buy More….and our Health pays a Price for that because Artificial Foods and Supplements affect it badly - Not Good!

When you think about how far Manufacturers and Commercialism have taken us from Good Wholesome Foods and Nutrition from those Foods, it's really quiet alarming. Is it any wonder people are so unwell when you consider all the Chemical Laden Foods in Supermarkets; the Ultra-Processed Fake Foods that have hit the Scenes in recent years - apparently here to stay? That isn't to mention the Bliss-Point Addictive Snacks, they all Compete with to get the Most Sales, now they have expanded the Market for Gummy Vitamins in the Name of Nutrition.

Apparently, they are Selling like Hot Cakes. Vitamins and Probiotics they call them, when in actual fact, they are just another form of Jube-Confectionary with Synthetic Vitamins with lots of Sugar or Synthetic Sweeteners; Artificial (Fruity) Food Flavors; Artificial Fragrance and Artificial Food Colors. A Nasty Chemical Cocktail in the form of a Jube. Time for Truth Friends, that's what "Gummy Vitamins" really are and what they're about - BIG PROFITS, nothing else! Just Manufacturers up to more Tricks and psychology programming you through the Media "Ads, Ads and More Ads" till you Buy. And the thing is, they're so addictive!

So a moment for thought here: Are they really worth it?

When researching this Craze, I came across an article in The Guardian. My Comments will be in Italics, and then I will have more to say after their Article Excerpt. OK?

Let’s Chew It Over: A Look At Gummy Supplements

Bright, fun and tasty, there is now a ‘Gummy’ for everything. But do these ‘Candyceuticals’ offer any real benefits? Laura Potter looks into the booming chewables market to find out what we are actually being asked to swallow.

Squishy, fruity, sweet-tasting, chewable treats in adorable shapes, such as teddy bears, stars and berries. They’re not in plastic packets, but colourful tubs or beautifully designed subscription boxes. We’re not talking about children’s sweeties, but gummy supplements. We’re told these little morsels can give us thicker hair, healthier skin, they can improve our sleep and mood, and ease our digestion. Taken daily, they’ll even help us cope with the demands of modern life. And they are Very Big Business.

The UK Vitamins and Supplements Market is currently worth £520m, with nearly one in four Brits popping vitamins, minerals or supplements daily and, increasingly, we are chewing rather than swallowing our way to healthier versions of ourselves. Gummies are the Star of the industry. The global market in cute, chewable Gummy Vitamins is worth an estimated $7.3bn, displacing pills which, according to the Nutrition Business Journal, officially slipped behind non-pill format supplements in 2019. The appeal of Gummies ties into a high demand for personalised supplements, according to market research agency Mintel, and “beauty from within”.

Powerful marketing tells us that smearing creams on our faces is no longer enough – we need to ingest ingredients that are said to defy ageing as well. Beauty sites now sell tubs of Gummies alongside Makeup and Cosmetics. Chewy supplement makers have jumped on the hyaluronic acid and collagen bandwagons – with gummies containing these wrinkle-reducing ingredients widespread. No wonder global demand for collagen supplements is now soaring, while the hyaluronic acid market is booming.

In pharmaceuticals, or, in this case, “Candyceuticals”, looks matter. Boots’s bestselling ibuprofen is Nurofen Express – a bright red liquid capsule, despite the fact it costs £4.20 and contains the same active ingredient as Boots’s own-brand ibuprofen for 55p. “Research shows that various pharmaceuticals work better when taken in a colourful tablet, or multi-coloured capsule than in A standard white tablet form,” says Charles Spence, a professor of Experimental Psychology who specialises in Sensory Marketing.

Looks may matter but, as far as Nutritional Benefits go, it’s what’s inside that counts. Dietitian Sophie Medlin says most gummies fail to offer any benefits beyond traditional pills. She adds that “it’s hard to get a meaningful amount of anything into a Gummy because of all the other stuff you have to put in there to make it taste OK, to make the mouth feel OK, and to make it look cool.” According to Dr Federica Amati, a postdoctoral Medical Scientist and Nutritionist: “Gummies are often high in sugar. There isn’t a particular benefit to this, unless you find Traditional Supplements difficult to take.”

Valerie Stark, a Neuroscientist and director at Novomins, a Gummy Company that prides itself on being founded by doctors, scientists and nutritionists, raises the use of the pigment, Titanium Dioxide. “Some gummy companies use it because it’s a convenient and cheap ingredient that creates a specific structure and taste, and adds this pastel coating on pills. But in 2022, the EU banned it. The UK was supposed to follow, but Brexit cancelled all those decisions. We’ve looked at the research, and it isn’t something we want to have in our Gummies.” Medlin agrees on this point. “It’s considered a too high risk to be added to anything for human consumption, but until we get our act together in terms of Regulation, Companies will exploit these legal loopholes.”

With OR Without Titanium Dioxide, I would NOT touch Gummy Vitamin "Supplements" of ANY Kind!

Sweetness is the Gummy’s secret weapon. While Traditional Pills, washed down with a glass of water, are sugar-free, many Multivitamin Gummies list sugar as the first ingredient, followed by glucose syrup (another word for sugar). One of them lists the first two ingredients as glucose syrup and sucrose (sugar and sugar), while a hair and skin gummy lists glucose syrup, sugar and glucose as the first three ingredients. It’s no wonder we like them.

“If the first listed ingredient is sugar, that’s the main thing you’re getting,” says Medlin. “These companies use Multiple Forms of Sugar to capitalise on the fact that consumers don’t know the names of all the different types.” The fact that some sugary Gummies are promoted as a Supplement for Weight Management is particularly galling.

YES it's Thought Provoking, what they get away with!

Stark argues that, in their gummies, at least, “The total sugar in a serving is less than in half a cherry.” Of course, cherries also provide fibre, potassium, vitamin C, phytochemicals and antioxidants – and 14 of them would count as one of your five-a-day. Sweeteners such as maltitol syrup, isomalt, xylitol, sorbitol and steviol glycosides frequently top gummy ingredients lists but, cautions Amati, “as recently outlined by the World Health Organization, artificial (non-nutritive) sweeteners are Not Healthy and should not be considered better than sugar.” Medlin adds that Sweeteners are “not great for our Microbiome and for our digestion overall”. Yet probiotic Gummies that contain high levels of Artificial Sweeteners and/or sugar also CLAIM they can “restore the balance of bacteria in your gut”. Amati points out that “sweeteners, thickeners and gelling agents are disruptive for the Gut Microbiome”.

So should we be quick to believe Everything we Read and Hear?
Indeed Not, it's Deceptive Psychology - Very Misleading!

These Manufacturers are Absolute CON Artists!

Gummies don’t simply supplement nutrients, they have entered Three Lucrative Industries at the same time: Beauty, Health and Wellness. There’s plenty of glossy hair being swished around on Social Media, promoting hair and skin Gummies that contain biotin, or vitamin B7. I ask Amati if there’s good evidence behind it. “Not that I’m aware of” she replies.

What about CBD? Can gummies deliver anything meaningful for Anxiety or Pain and the other Strains and Stressors of Modern Life? “Effective dose Cannabidiol is not typically found in Gummies,” says Amati. Though she adds, “we mustn’t forget the powerful impact of the Placebo Effect for pain reduction and mental health (sometimes)"

With Knowledge, you can Recognise a TWIST when you read or hear it but most people don't know the difference and go along with the Reasoning. It's just like Bible Verses being quoted out of Context, taking on a different meaning - a Play of Words! Read the following:

The act of chewing, according to Stark, is one Gummy Superpower. While a traditional pill is washed straight down to make its way to your gut, with Gummies, Stark says, absorption starts in your mouth as you chew. “Vitamin sprays use intra-oral absorption and they can work, but they don’t always taste great. Gummies make use of both intra-oral absorption and the digestive tract for delivery.” For Medlin, though, this is a Niche Benefit.

Did you notice the way these Manufacturers make themselves out to look so good?
If you believe it, read on. This is awakening:

Arguably, some in the Gummy Industry are using similar tactics to Food Manufacturers who overstate Health Claims (like “low fat” or “low calorie”), to give their products a “health halo”. On some gummy websites, we’re led to believe Medics are “prescribing” the perfect options for us. Smiling doctors in lab coats invite us to fill out an online questionnaire, which generally includes your age bracket, gender and main health goals, and you’re served up a customised suggestion. But it takes more than a lab coat to convince Medlin. “There are probably a handful of options [of suitable gummies]. The problem is that these supplement quizzes “are not regulated, so no one’s checking that [the recommendations are being made] in a way that’s evidence-based or medically sound.” Nothing deters influencers from cashing in on the Gummy Boom. Guardian Link HERE

I have a pertinent question to ask you: Do you believe all that fancy prefabricated rubbish? The yarns they're telling you? Oh, if I could tell you about all the FAKE White Coat Websites I've noticed in my 30+ Years of Research, it would make you So Much Wiser.

Yes Medlin's Words were my thoughts exactly. Mark my words, the Food Giants Industry are behind this. Certainly not Reputable NUTRITION Based Supplement Companies. Have you noticed how many Restrictions there are on the claims they can make? Yet so-called Food Manufacturers are allowed to put various Therapeutic Claims on Food Labels - no problems.

Wait a minute, THERAPEUTIC is Not their Expertise. How dare they be allowed to make All those Claims - Fake Claims most of the time. Read the Back Labels thoroughly, not just the Front, and recognise them for the CHARLATANS they Are. There are So Many Marketing Ploys in our Supermarkets Folks, they are inundated with All Manner of Misleading Information.


From A Brief History of Gummy Bears on Bonappetit:

Indeed, “gummies” (for lack of a better all-encompassing term defining the vast array of available adaptations on the original bear) surely have one of the most devoted followings of any candy in history; to know a gummy lover is to recognize both the gleam of greedy, fiendish glee that will appear in his or her eyes whenever some new form of gummy is discovered ("Oh mye, this store has gummy Smurfs!") and the inner peace that can only be gained from a generous portion of an old favorite. ("There, there–eat your bag of Gold-Bears and you’ll feel much better") Yes, it’s a rapid and ever-expanding Fan Base. HERE

That's the Power of Sales Psychology. Or should I say Persuasion? And once you try them, your Taste Buds are sold! (on the Counterfeits) the sugar, the color, the mouth feel, and your Senses are really turned on because of the Pleasure Principle rather than Nutritional Principles. And reason must give way to Pleasure, right? Of-course they're "good for you" if that's what you want to believe.

Honestly Friends, these days, the SENSES RULE it seems, and these Manufacturers KNOW that. As a matter of fact, it is COMMERCIALISM that has Conditioned Us that way, when you think about it. Were people so ruled by their Senses before TV came along with all it's Soapies and Commercials? "NO"

It's what you call Subliminal Programming, where our minds are Conditioned to think a certain way!

Nutrition For Kids writes: Are Kids Vitamin Gummies Good For My Child?

Included Additives and Artificial Flavoring
The base ingredients that make Gummy Vitamins taste sweet include gelatin, cornstarch, water and sugar. But many nutrients — such as iron, B vitamins and zinc — have a metallic taste that’s not ideal. Manufacturers use artificial flavoring and coloring to mask the taste.

As writer Katherine Ellen Foley recently explained in Quartz, chewy Flintstones Vitamins and their ilk are more palatable than Vitamin Pills because they’re loaded with sugar — in some cases, more than actual Candy. HERE

The Flintstones ones came up in my Research some time ago as detrimental for Children's Health rather than helpful. So please TAKE CARE who you are listening to. We really can't take as Gospel what so many of those Modern Day Charlatans have to Say - they coat all manner of Lies with Fairy Floss!

Eating Well Writes: What Happens to Your Body If You Eat Too Many Vitamin Gummies

Choose Supplements Free of Artificial Dyes and Colorings
Depending on the brand, Gummy Vitamins could be made with artificial dyes and fillers, so it's better to choose a brand free of these ingredients.

What Are The Side Effects of Multivitamin Gummies?
"The side effects of taking Multivitamins can vary depending on the specific formulation and individual factors. Generally, common side effects may include upset stomach, constipation or an unpleasant taste in the mouth," says Prude.

Your Sense of Taste and Smell Could Be Off
Your favorite foods may smell or taste differently if you take too many nutrients. Aside from causing digestive problems, several nutrients taken in excess can influence your taste buds, altering your taste and smell. According to a 2021 review in the Australian Prescriber, Zinc can change your taste and smell even at nontoxic levels. Selenium can leave behind "garlic breath" or a metallic taste, while a bitter taste in your mouth can signal too much Folic Acid. HERE

And it just so happens that Folic Acid is Bad News anyway - in any Supplement. It is Synthetic, and gained a bad reputation with Pregnant Mothers years ago when it was being used instead of FOLATE (the real nutrient) You mean to say, are they giving that to our Kids in these Gummy Vitamins? That's right! As usual, it's much Cheaper for the Manufacturers, like other Synthetic Vitamins they use - never mind your health - it means MORE PROFITS for them.

Oh but we must have these GUMMY VITAMINS….there's nothing like them, right? So they keep telling us "Ad after Ad" (tantalizing our senses) all that Brain Washing….and making monsters of our Kids aka "I want that, I want that!"

Honestly, have you noticed all the Commercials that Set Up your Kids to badger you and Nag you to BUY Those Products? Unhealthy Snacks, Unhealthy Cereals, and now…..Unhealthy Supplements…..Gummy Vitamins of-course, and they're Really Bad for their Health. Yours too!

Do Gummy Vitamins Work? Here's What Experts Say | TIME
See For Yourselves Some Established Facts! 1.32 Mins
Dr Mitch Rice Explains Why "Natural Flavors"
Aren't Actually Natural At All See Video HERE
AVOID These Synthetic Vitamins - Dr Eric Berg DC -
He Knows His Facts, Let Him Share Them Video HERE
The Difference Between Synthetic Vitamins vs
Natural Vitamins Dr. Berg DC See Video HERE

Dr Eric Berg DC is a Leading Natural Health Advocate and a Very Gifted Teacher - Easy to Follow. He breaks things down to Your Understanding. He's Great!

Folks, I've been thinking often lately, it very much appears that Commercialism RULES the WORLD - with Enterprise and More Enterprise as GREEDY Power Hungry MERCHANTS clamour after MORE of Our DOLLARS in Competition to each-other. It really does - their Appetite for our Money is INSATIABLE in ALL Services and Industries now, with the FOOD Industry running pretty much parallel with the TECH Industry, saying "You must have THIS, You must have THAT"

Oh wait a minute, must we? Honestly, what do they take us for? Just plain gullible? At-least that's the way they are Programing us with all those repetitious Ads. Come against Commercialism in your Life and Family. Even if it means ditching the TV and taking up Hobbies - that would be far more Enjoyable, hey?

As a matter of fact, some people have found Peace since doing that because they are not being targeted day after day with the Ads aimed at Adults and the Ads aimed at Children especially. And they have found time for more Family Time or Leisure. So I will say "Why Not? Good Idea!" to that.

At-least become knowledgeable Nutrition Wise if you're going to watch all those ADS!


PS: You may like to check out my Page on Toxic Food Colors HERE
It has lots of Videos by True Health Professionals - Not Fakes.
Those Rogues use the Same Food Dyes in their Gummy Vitamins!

4 thoughts on “Gummy Vitamins Etc Are Basically Another Candy Craze – More Sugar More Chemicals

    1. janetau

      Eliezer, I see you again. Thank You for your Comment - the very best you could give me, unparalleled. Years ago, when I started making Formulas, I actually pioneered Supplements with Therapeutic Herbs and special "Cell Salts" type Minerals to work really well for people with Health Needs. At the time, I was young and a little too trusting and shared two of my best Formulas with a Naturopath who worked for a Leading Manufacturer in Australia. She pilfered the Formulas for Profit and I decided if I was about to enter a "Cut Throat Industry" I would continue Natural Health Research instead, Independent. My Concepts spread from East to West across the Country benefitting people, while I was very engaged in helping educate them with knowledge and insights I had gained. I never liked the idea of Gummies - my instincts were strongly saying "No, this isn't good!" So turns out it was 100% right, those Companies are just out to Take Advantage of people. It's nothing but a Marketing PLOY. Please be Careful folks!

  1. Jody Yundt

    Wow wonderful Blog layout. How long have you been blogging for you make blogging look easy? The overall look of your website is great as well as the content.

    1. janetau

      Hi Jody, that's a Nice Impression you have there, Thank You. I made my first Website in 2010 and commenced Multi-Websites in 2012. So I've made "a few pages" shall we say? I'm passionate in doing my best for people, so I can Alert them about Marketing Ploys and Faulty Health INFO. Also sharing ways of benefitting their Health. One sometimes needs "Razor Vision" to cut through various Health INFO out there. That's why we need more Independent Natural Health Researchers - not Paid to give Misleading Advice, like we see with the Gummy Vitamins concept. A confusing Paradox indeed - Vitamins and Sugar!?


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