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Happy Healthy Homes

By Janet Vargas Owner of this Website

We all need to strengthen Family Bonds and relationships in a day and age that has it's challenges - essentially we are as strong as our Families and Friendships are and spiritually too. Speaking for myself, relating closely with our Creator and Jesus our Saviour, wins over religious duties and "church attendance"........

Family Bonding Together Is Really Good - Do This Often

I may share a little about that in other posts but do not wish to impose agendas on you. I have found many visitors to my Poem Website HERE like to view pages like those which are totally separate (they have many views and people have commented to me afterwards offline, saying they enjoy them). One person without any religious background said they "see things so much clearer"......

I have been asked if I will write more and I did not set out to do that.


In this world we live in, so much is out to separate family members, since about 30+ years ago and to depersonalise relationships, with so much 'Tech This and Tech That' everything Tech.......Social Media rules in so many lives. It has gone way beyond the TV (television) ruling, with everyone seated there each evening, replacing Family Interests and Communications, pretty much till it is a TV screen AND Computer or Tablet and Moble (Cellphone) in every room in many houses, and we have forgotten the meaning of HOME.

How can we expect good communications with all that? When many of us even take our Cell-Phone (mobile) to the dinner table, how does that allow for good communications between family members - or friends at cafes and restaurants? TV Screens, Laptops and Cell Phones have a way of holding our attention - often to the expense of our loved one's - so I wonder if so much Tech is a good thing.

Mobile phones are known as Smart Phones. Over time, they make our brain think differently and they can make us dumb (according to researchers). Tell me, is that smart of us to use them every given opportunity or spare minute? And how can we have a positive home environment with Media ruling our day or evening? I see people in public often, having interrupted conversations with their "Smart Phones".

This year, I saw four guys waiting at our favorite Indian Restaurant, engaged with their Cell Phones while waiting for their meal - all four of them - it was supposed to be a catch up and they hardly spoke a word to each-other until their meal was served. I made a comment to them in good humour and they laughed in response - friendly you know? It is all too true - this is common place now.

How much more does this take place at home? Most of us need to restore some good relations and communication with each-other don't we? Some of us haven't even known that. Such is the Modern Age we live in these days but it doesn't have to be that way. It really doesn't.

May I suggest, instead of letting Tech claim so much of our attention, we could find every opportunity we can to relate naturally with each-other and encourage good communications in our house and make it a home? Truly, that in itself would make us much happpier and healthier.

Well wishes to all reading this.

Note: Because I run several Websites, I had this one on hold. Then I decided to take up the Baton and Cheer People Up in May 2020 and Defend their Health as well. Thank You for Your Interest in OURS AUSTRALIA!

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