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Janets Simple Philosophies – See If Some Of These Are Right For You

By Janet Vargas - Owner Of This Website

Sometimes the inspirations I write are referred to as philosophies by people who appreciate them as a way of life, so this page is named accordingly.

Hope you Enjoy!

## Be kind to the is the time to be giving.

## Try to be kind to people and treat them with respect. It means so much to someone whose thoughts you do not know.

## When you aspire to something, be willing to work at or plan for it. Be patient in the process and kind with yourself. Don't try to skip the process, that usually ends in frustration.

## To accomplish things, take a step at a time. It's better to take sure steps than quantum leaps. This will work better for you.

## Surround yourself with some people who will lift you higher. And aim at lifting others higher - even if it's simply cheering them up.

## Live to add cheer to someone's day and God will take care of you. To live for others, not just ourselves is something we must do.

## Surround yourself with those who inspire or bring out the best in you rather than deplete you or stifle you. Take inventory and make boundaries where you need to....putting limits on negativity and depressing conversation....but do this kindly.

## If you aspire to be a leader, you must improve on your listening skills. So many want to speak and direct. But you will also need sensitivity and respect.

## If you really want to understand someone, improve your listening instead of thinking of the next thing you're going to say. Don't be in a rush.

## When someone is confiding in you, it's important what they think, not you. If you respect this, you can lift them up from feeling blue.

## Give your children undivided attention often. In this way you can show you are true. If you take an interest in them, you can be a parent who does not offend.

## If you take an interest in your children and give them times to express themselves, you will encounter offenses less often and they will be more willing to listen to you.

## Don't attempt to replace someone's ways. God is their maker and yours. If you respect this, they will appreciate you far greater.

## If you live in yesterday, you can't live in the present.

## Think of each new day as an opportunity: for gladness instead of sadness, to be lighter and brighter, to be God conscious instead of self-conscious, to have courage and to flourish. If you look at life this way, you will feel new instead of blue.

## Be respectful of others, maybe there is something they could teach you. We cannot take another's thought-life for granted or their character by appearance or conversation. God knows each one's destiny and potential.

## Awe and respect are two different this principle we must cling. When we respect others for who they are, it makes some dear person want to dance and sing.

## Love is about mutual respect, apart from attraction. Not by striving for my satisfaction. If I regard the opinions of others, I'll be treating them like they're my sisters and brothers.

## I respect someone's right to privacy and I want them to know it. Often people don't like to show this. They like to impose with things they know and sometimes this way their rudeness shows.

## Everyone deserves respect and courtesy. Critique must be sought or it cannot be taught - to give it, you must be a student, not just a teacher. For the Creator knows each person He made, and to Him their true worth never fades. He knows their potential and how to inspire - maybe sometimes you ought to retire. Just try to be their cheer leader instead - find their interest and then be led.

Laughter brings sunshine into your home

employ it often and your kids will not roam.

If they venture they will come back for more

they will always remember there's an open door.

## Our Creator has giftings for each one, may they shine like the mid-day sun. We don't have to copy someone else or leave ours on a shelf. Sometimes they maybe yet to discover, one we know may give place to another.

## In God, there are seasons in life for different things – if you know this principle, your heart can sing. Sometimes things lead to certain strengths; sometimes a quietness to hear His still Voice; Joy and excitement or a time to repent (a change that is from Heaven sent). Whatever the season you find yourself in, may you be at Peace and filled to the you Rest or Move in His Presence Divine. As you do this, things work out fine.

## A thankful heart is a happy heart, experiencing the blessings of God each day.

## Heavenly blessings come to the thankful in heart - make this a fresh new start.

## We are the happiest when we discover our gifts and talents.

Quiet moments are vital in life

they set you above a world of strife.

Especially when spent with God

in quiet meditation.

Jesus Is My Source Of Inspirations, I Have No Religious Affiliations. Simply Jesus Is My Way Of Living And Relating, And I Love His Words When They're Not Misconstrued. Have A Pleasant Day/Evening.

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