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My Websites

Hi there, sometimes Visitors like to know where to find my other websites. I thought this Page would help you. Each one is different - I'm into Multi-Websites since 2012 after my first website in 2010. As some of you will notice on Ours Australia,
I write Inspirational and Meaningful Poems and Sayings. I write Natural Health Pages and Posts. And Christian Content but do not have religious or churchy affiliations but take my walk with Jesus seriously like I relate with a loved one or closest friend. He is the one who gifted me to do these things to spread peace, inspiration and happiness around and provide this little Oasis (of pleasant content) on the Net for people to enjoy.

Garden and Nature Joys

An Extension To Ours Australia With Lots Of Nature Photos Of Beautiful Scenery And Cute Animals, Short Nature Videos, 100's Of Recipes - Healthy Ones, Spicy Ones, International Cuisine - Organic & Natural Gardening Info and Pinterest Links. Plus Gardening Videos are Planned.

Cute Videos - Janets Choice

You will find LOTS of 3 - 6 Minute VIDEOS of Gorgeous Birds and Animals here and CUTE Little Baby Animals. They are "short and sweet" so you can ENJOY a Variety of them. Two Pages of Australian Birds and Animals included!

Now To Be Healthy

Bringing you some Good Pages and Posts to Protect and Equip You with Necessary INFO to apply for Your Health and Happiness. Many people I meet out when shopping are aware I do Natural Health Research part-time. This is my latest Health Website.

Caring For Your Kids

I see so many Kids need support and Parents do too. Kids can feel unloved and ignored, misunderstood and Parents can feel overwhelmed, very stressed and unappreciated. Also, there is a real need for Nature, Nutrition and Close Communications in every Family. New Website July 2023.

Inspirations for You

An Inspirational website with a beautiful pink design. There are lots of pleasant Poems similar to Helen Steiner Rice, Delightful Photos of Flowers and Nature – Peaceful and Melodic Audios Six Pages of thoughtful Quotes and Sayings. This Site has some Christian content placed separately.   

Inspirations for Christians

Similar to Inspirations for You, but there are many Poems by others in addition to those I have written. There is also Light and Depth in my choice of Poems in this website - some are meaningful. Not Religious or denominational, Just Jesus type of Content many Visitors Enjoy!

Health And Inspirations

This website is two-fold, blending Natural Health with some Inspirations and Poems and Interests like Tasty Recipes and Special Pinterest Gardening Folders, Beautiful Pictures and Cute Videos of Baby Animals and More!

Natural Health Is Best

Informing you about Marketing Ploys, what is Safe what is Not, The Real Facts on GMOs, Big Pharma Moral Issues, Fluoride YES or NO, Perils of Fashion Shoes, Misleading Sweeteners, Reasons for Weight Gain, Exercise with Care, Natural Verses Chemical, Our Brain Good News, Cholesterol True Facts, AND MORE! There is lots of Colour on this Website (no dingy depressing photos)



You may also like to visit my Extensive Online Recipe Collection with LOTS of Healthy, Spicy and International Cuisine. For 8-10 Years, I have seen LOTS of Recipe Websites and Collected Really Good Recipes - No Offensive Pictures, All Attractive. When noticing a lot of Recipe Types and Pictures on the Internet, they are So Unhealthy and the Pictures an Eye-Sore, I experience a revulsion and say to myself "How can people eat those meals? No wonder so many people are not well"........
so I made an even bigger Recipe Collection to share over the Internet and there are 40 Collections in this Collection, so I will give you two links - one for All Together and one for the Collections. There are also SEARCH BARS in my Recipe Collection to type in a Type of Recipe or Ingredient you wish to use. How good is that?

1st View HERE and 2nd View HERE


Happy to say NONE of my Websites have pesky Google Ads OR Email Campaigns. How good is that?

There are also Lots of Pages.........ENJOY!