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Janet’s Insights Concerning The Chem-Trail of Media Gossip Re Princess Kate And Prince William

By Janet Vargas - Owner of this Website

What Wild Imaginations! Personally, I am not in favor of News Media - have not been for years. I select certain Items and YouTube Videos sparingly instead.
It's more interesting - Tailor Made:) It's so much better that way!

I'm aware that Many are Exhausted about the Royals due to Overexposure -
so was I. If you stay with me, I think I can Clear a Lot of things up for you - objectively without prejudice.

In my daily life, I am too busy with Websites to be weighed down by watching the Bad News program or reading the Paper (I don't want it in my house since my 20s) neither do I like Magazines mostly (they are so full of slander and gossip) they do not make for Healthy Reading and Mindsets. Many people I've met feel likewise. But I do favor the occasional Recipe and Gardening Magazine. I keep several in my Natural Health Research and Recipe Library at home.

Friends, what do I have to say in the onset of this Post?

I think and am persuaded that so many people watch far too many hours of unhealthy Viewing on TV like the SOAPIES….too much Negative Media and/or indulge in those Magazines I just mentioned, to be coming up with the "All Manner of Comments on YouTube" and Social Media Feeds. I do not subscribe to any Social Media Sites as they tend to be somewhat laden with "the good and the bad
and the ugly" and time does not permit for the positive side of it.

Kate, Princess of Wales: I Am Having Cancer Treatment - BBC News
See her Personal Video Presentation HERE
Dear Kate, she Explains Everything and Appeals to Our Kindness
This will Settle your Doubts Once and for All

For many years, I have had an interest in adding certain New Words (I have not heard before) to my vocabulary. A few days ago I discovered another one I wasn't familiar with. That word is "Lurid" in someone's comments regarding the Bad Spin on Media concerning Kate and William in recent times. I was interested to check it out in Dictionaries and a Thesaurus Online. Collectively they read:

LURID means Horrid, Startling, Sensational, Grim, Shocking, Vivid, Ghastly and Exaggerated.

Well, instantly I exclaimed to myself, ALL these words Aptly describe All the Unsavory Comments I found about the Prince and Princess Online that left me with my mouth wide open - gasping as I read through them, because they were So Shocking.

In Our Hearts And Homes!

I research things I think I may be writing about.

So from experience, it is absolutely Mind-Boggling what ''Awful Comments" come up in one of those Media Feeds when you are not akin to Malicious Gossip etc It's like shock culture. Some of those people are like vultures, causing Anxiety to those who somehow click on the wrong Video or Media Page and encounter some pretty horrendous Comments.

Seriously, I wonder how it is possible to take so much content like that in on a regular basis? I actually felt Sick in my stomach reading it. Can you believe one person actually said "I'm loving all this!" Imagine? What a horrible person.

Just to think a lot of these people would be growing up Kids is very concerning.
And in response to what I saw, I feel compelled to say:

"Congratulations People, your Merciless Slander and Speculation goes down on Record as the Nastiest Malicious Gossip in the History of Social Media according to a News Reporter who has been in the profession all his Work-Life and responsible decent Reporters who are outraged at such phenomena. And mind you, Media doesn't have the best of reputations - as some Media Stations did their usual share of awful propaganda"

Even Americans joined in, and they don't even live in the Crown Land of England. But nothing was as willfully spiteful and damaging as the Social Media on Kate and William - more so than on Charles and Camilla, it has been reported.

"Along with Harry and Meghan's notable lack of discretion you have all but destroyed this precious couple who have been Serving the Crown and the People pretty much flawlessly for so long and needless to say, did not deserve all this carrying on they have been subjected to all this time"

Not to mention News Media and Social Media are guilty of suggesting the two Royal Couples Harry and Meghan and later Kate and William's Marriage is on the Rocks and on the verge of Separation. And both those Couple's Marriages are Closely Knit, so that's Very Unlikely. And I ask the Public Worldwide, whatever causes people to do such Shameful Acts?

Once again I say "You are watching far too much TV or indulge in so many Unhealthy Magazines!" That is shaping your thought-life. Your Comments would definitely indicate that. And of-course, the wrong choice of Social Media reading does exactly the same.

Everyone, you know something? When my Sister had that life threatening condition some years ago, she had to be SPARED Stress of Any Kind. Yes, it makes matters worse for them physically and can even be fatal. Please be Informed.

I am hoping that Kate's Positive Frame of Mind and Cheerful Temperament will Win in her Favor and believe they will if the avalanche of what she has Endured from people's Discontents and Speculation will STOP! Hence her Appeal, for the Sake of her 3 Little Kids. Think of your own kids everyone and Wish them Well.

In Australia, we are on record for being a Multi-Racial, Multi-Cultural Country who has had Success as such. And here, we have one of the strongest Anti-Descrimination Laws in the World and I don't think such Media Coverage would be allowed here. Such ILL-FOUNDED GOSSIP is indeed Very Cruel and Inhumane.

Free of Religious Church Affiliations, I subscribe to Jesus' Words to "Treat Each-Other as You Wish to be Treated" I have Time for Jesus, and His Words when they are not misconstrued. And in the New Testament (Bible) there is a verse that reads "The tongue is an Unruly member when it gets out of hand, set on fire by evil" (my personal rendition) And I suggest to you that it is well overdue to call such behavior so many of us have witnessed in recent times, definitely as Out of Hand. Many people refer to it as Evil.

I mean to say it's just spun out of control has it not? Where some people have been speaking like little demons, the way they have been willfully and forcefully maligning Kate and William's Characters and Commitment. Unbelievable. Absolutely Outrageous.

Even after Princess Kate's Personal Address to us,
where she has taken steps to Explain Things, some of those misled people with such wild imaginations believe Kate's Heartfelt Video to be an "AI generated Video" (Artificial Intelligence)

They are so suspicious and incensed. I mean to say, how can they actually believe that? Let me clear that up, so no-one else is swept away with such nonsense:

Just in the very same week, I was watching an Unrelated Video on increasing one's Website Presence on Google etc where someone was sharing their expertise on something called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) saying that AI is now starting to affect results considerably. I do however recall him saying and showing how AI is still in it's infancy when it comes to personal type Presentations. He then showed samples of the best AI is capable of at this stage that prove beyond doubt such "hasty ill-founded accusations" to be totally ridiculous!

Yes Folks, what he showed us was a FARCRY from what those Misled Social Media people are suggesting. It's very sad that people could believe such things - kind of Cult-ish like a lot of the Trump stuff that goes on in the USA. Absolutely ludicrous.


Recently, I sent the following Texts to a Friend 2 weeks ago that reads "letting you know I won't be sending Royal Article Links to your phone as my phone gets too many now - there doesn't seem to be any stopping them. The latest referring to Kate, I'm not clicking on (to attract any more) The people over there are so mean and nasty - making up a Conspiracy of some kind, just because she wants a little privacy hey? I've been told everyone loves Kate - she is such a lovely girl. However I think they're now trying to force her to share what she does not wish to, for some reason. And she has every right to keep her personal concerns to herself. I think her time for Rest has been anything but restful, the dear girl. How very demanding they are. I think they need a good spanking. So anyway, I do hope I haven't attracted anything like that to your phone. Have a good week"

"PS That media Article is defending her privacy but like you, I don't wish to Read Articles on the Royals, it's really quite exhausting, but I wish them well. I wish more people over there were Nice Like You" (she comes from England)

She responded "Thanks Janet, yes I wish all the best for Kate and the whole family"

I wrote "Thanks for your response, I'm sure there are much nicer people over there, I just can't get over those who want to put daggers in their backs when their curiosity is not satisfied. Very demanding people - outrageous, pressuring them like that. Kate of all people! I mean to say: she is as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside - that's the impression she leaves with me. Unfair, totally unfair. Merciless people - it's a pity we can't shut their mouths for them. It's very upsetting to know people behave like that - she should be Supported at such a time. I have a notice on the Ours Australia website that reads: Gossip, Slander and Hard Sell are not found on this Website!!! Have a nice day"

"By the way, I may not have been brought up a Royalist but I'm very fond of Kate like I am of Elizabeth (present or absent) and I really do feel so strongly about all the Speculation and Gossip the Royal Family has had to endure (mostly not fighting back) I'm about to write about the Destructiveness of Media in relation to this Family - they have been exploited in no uncertain terms and continually pushed to the limit with the merciless bombardment of Negative Media and shocking behavior acting like cheap nasty Commoners - not comely behavior"

"I really must do something about this, even if I lose Visitors to my Website. I don't want that kind of people there anyway, from any country. For sure, I will have a Word to say about Magazines being so full of Gossip, they do not make for healthy reading. Honestly, I see the Royal Family as made to be so vulnerable - especially dear Kate. It's Inhumane. And she is just so Sweet, I find no fault with her"

She replied "Yes I heard this about 6am this morning. Terribly sad that they have had to endure the amount of scrutiny and nasty rumours that they have to go through too" (She is a Faithful Royalist)

"Yes, merciless little tyrants, just because they could not have their Curiosity satisfied. Do the Royals have No Rights to keep some things Private? As a Researcher 30+ Yrs I place more hope in Natural Treatment than Surgery and Chemo procedures but I will definitely place my hope in Prayer for them. She is so precious and deserves better"



I don't know how legit the article is.

It sounds like they are planting a story. Would she walk away from it all?

Ok so why can’t they explain why they think she is “emotionally unstable“.

But couldn’t she say that? And William doesn’t seem at all “beside himself” going to all of these events.

I don’t believe any of this until she speaks. She hasn’t been seen in 3 months!!!

Where is Kate? She’s disappeared for months, what happened to her? What did William do?

What duty does she even do? Shaking hands and waving at people. Give me a break.

You're ridiculous for saying she only works 35 or 40 hours a year.

I don't believe that Kate will leave William? Because of her children?

William is throwing her out but the kids will remain the property of the crown.

For Goodness sake Catherine has just had an operation. She needs to Rest.
People need to Shut Up!!!
I'm sure the Palace is about to give a full explanation on all of this maybe next week.
Catherine will make a Wonderful Queen.

"According to Insiders at the Palace” this is nonsense and you know it. Rag mags always say “insiders source”. Don’t stoop to this people. Even if there is some truth to this you never pay any attention to “insiders sources" written in these mags or papers.

Why should the people fund this RF? Nothing but endless drama and lies and sadness. Theres no fairy tales in this. Waste of taxes.

The sources for this video are Radar Online and The National Enquirer. Are we sure we wanna give this story weight?

If Kate is not willing to do the work, to fulfill the role, shouldn't she have her title stripped… or maybe that's what Will is hoping for?

What a bombshell! So childish..all trash and cheap thrills.. gossip gossip and getting paid for it.

Not true putting all on Catherine and William is covering it up. Don't believe this, not true. Let her say it herself!

I believe there are two choices. Either Kate is incapacitated, or Kate fled the country and is in hiding with the children. Probably after a hospital stay after she was abused by William. I think if Kate were in a coma, they probably would have said so by now, because they would get sympathy from that. So that leaves me to believe that she is in hiding and the palace does not know where she is. They are hoping she will come back at some point.

William is delusional. William is so full of himself. Give tbe Crown to queen Elizabeth's daughter.

I bet you don't see Kate again.

Kate take him to the cleaners. I used to like William now he's just disgusting.

You don't know what you're talking about she would never ever leave her children.

I don’t believe this story and the fact that she begrudged working the hours she works. This does not sound like Kate at all.

Kate would be happier away from those people and they are a bad influence for the children.

When anyone in the public, like your neighbour is not seen for months, neighbours get the police to do a Wellness Check. If PK doesn’t show up after the 31st, and the RF offer up a poor excuse, I think the public have a right to ask for a Wellness Check. We are greatly concerned about PK and love her and just want to see for ourselves that she is actually ok.

But we haven’t actually Heard from HER have we? That poor woman has aged 10 years under all that stress.

Kate doesn't want to walk away. She's been pushed under the bus. She wants to become Queen she's been waiting too long.

No, thoughtless people are throwing her under the bus, not William. I don't know where you get such evil imaginations!

She wants a divorce and they’re going to make sure she takes all the blame.

Kate ain’t going nowhere on her own, Bill is throwing her out.

What is this man doing to this woman???

I’m sure there’s going to be a huge finale to this saga!

He's been unfaithful…..

I'm worried where is kate?

In December, there was a blind item….and that was a divorce coming….this is it…I'm quite sure.

Oh Kate’s mental health? Does Piers Morgan believe that? I’m surprised he’s not got anything to say?

At least this gives hope that she's alive. I would rather her be angry than no Ionger living.
She might want to come out and affirm Meg after this.

STOP the nonsense! This is untrue and just made up gossip!
We know that she and her husband have a great marriage!
Get a grip of yourselves and stop believing the Lies!

I don’t believe this for one minute… what silly people!

This is absolutely ridiculous. I believe, that you would actually make a video about it.

They never seemed truly connected to each other. I think they want to separate from one another.

Where is all your proof. This sounds to me like another speculation. I’m sick to death of it all.

MORE GASLIGHTING fake pics prove she is missing. She is not posting her own words or decisions.

Your imagination sure is running wild!!! How dishonorable and deceptive can you be???

I'm not buying it. She was perfectly fit for years and all of a sudden she flipped? She is so much better than that!

The King has cancer. It may be more serious than we know and she’s going to be Queen sooner than she thought and that has to be a very heavy weight on her.

During her supposed "2 week stay in the hospital" she got only one visit from William and none from her children or family. Seems unlikely she was in the hospital at all.

Kate NEVER said this or did she fake her own pics. Kate Is GONE. This is more Gaslighting to throw the story and focus that she is MISSING.

Why do I get this feeling that we will never see the real her again… this is all just triggering my senses. It’s Sus!

Wherever she is, I hope she is happy. That level of exposure and scrutiny is terrible for anyone’s health.

William is getting rid of her so he can marry Rose before he becomes king. You can't divorce while king or queen.

It all came out over the holidays . Whatever "it " is . God bless her. They're a rotten bunch.

Perhaps it's a case of Wills wanting to divorce Kate, which would never happen if she's Queen.

Who, in their right mind …wants a life so controlled???

Let Kate speak on camera with a newspaper with todays date. Until then we will not believe ANYTHING.

Kate is lazy? She’s raising 3 kids, that in its self is 3 jobs then her husband another handful then always having to go to events …. No way she’s sitting down being lazy! You are ignorant for not seeing what she does. I’d like to see you hold up her lifestyle plus the affairs that brings on depression for her … you need to live a hard life to Grow Up like Kate because you clearly are not well informed!

She is not lazy!!! She prioritizes being a very involved Mother, she works out daily, she cooks, is involved in school activities, researches her projects, clothes for herself and children and being prepared for obligations etc. She plays piano, does sign language, plays sports, school runs etc visits family, makes phone calls etc. She is busier and more disciplined than most of us!!!

What a load of rubbish. William loves Kate. When she's ready, people will see you're talking a load of crap.

NOTE: I did not include the worst Comments because they are Too Offensive. Really!


Remember the Bible Verse mentioned above? That is meaningful to me at this time "Our tongue is an unruly member of our body when it gets out of hand, set on fire by evil" It so rightly describes the Misuse of Social Media.

The surrounding context of that verse speaks of how destructive our words can be like a fire that spreads and causes damage.

It goes on to say: Even personally in our own lives, our words are like the rudder of a ship and we need to steer a straight course for quality of life. Does that make sense? Can you see that?

Granted, Charles and Dianne - yes her also - have had affairs in their background that were made known years ago and brought reproach on the Monarchy.

With the exception of Lady Di, Charles and Camilla have really had to bear reproach countless times for what they did and they are changed people. Harry and Meghan have had to bear a lot of reproach also for their grievances and misconduct.

I believe Harry has changed a little, though I'm not convinced that is much because he is so heavily influenced by Meghan's agendas - he complies to her every wish, very easily led. Actions making consequences, they are now considered outsiders by the Palace and People Worldwide. That would have to be hard to live with unchanging - quote, unquote "No-One Trusts Them"........not the Palace; not the English; even the Americans doubt their Motives; many see straight through them and Side with the Monarchy, wishing them Well.

That's a really hard price to pay, now Harry wishes to be Close to his Father and Brother and Sister In-Law. Especially if that remains permanently. Yes, he says he wishes to "Step-In" and help his Family Now but is considered to be a "Hybrid Royal" by the Palace and the People in England. One of the Palace Workers was even noted for saying "If we let him go to Sandringham we would not get him out of there!" That is Very Unlikely. So Harry only had about 40 quick minutes with Charles. He IS his Dad and most other people get to see their Dads when they wish to do so - that is generally considered to be one of our basic human rights - correct me if I'm wrong?

However some Workers in the Palace are still incensed about a few things Harry and Meghan made known about them and make things hard for him. Can you blame them? No-one who wants a Healthy Mind will engage in reading Harry's so-called book of Memoirs SPARE. No-one in their right mind would consider doing so if they read Quotes from it. Absolutely Shocking!

Two Sayings come to mind here 1. When you make your bed, you have to lie in it 2. What goes around, comes around. Even Jesus said "We Reap what we Sow" ......... Charlatan Televangelists are noted for misquoting that Verse. It doesn't just apply to Stingy Giving, it refers to many things in Life. It's a Very Good Life Principle to live by re GOOD as well as Not-So-Good.

I will openly state here, I'm not speaking in relation to Calma with the Sayings mentioned above because that can be Vengeful but many of us have seen people "get their just desserts".......... we have witnessed some Consequences for Mean and Nasty Acts and Unwise decisions. If not in this Life, in the Next. I've often said these words: Repentant Sinners will go to Heaven before Unrepentant Televangelists. Rest assured, they will Never See It!

Moving On

Because of Harry's involvements in America these last few years, it does make him a bit of a Hybrid Prince really because his Lifestyle Choices and Associations - he chose - make things that way. Yet even many of the Americans have a strong disliking for Harry and Meghan and consider them to be Traitors.

Americans have a reputation for False Values in the minds of many people. Even a visiting Preacher from America years ago said many Americans consider our Preachers here to be "More Genuine" (apart from Hillsong's Brian Houston. Great Sinner he is - I never felt right about him or that place, really false)

When you look at all the Characters America "Votes In" and they don't like the Couple, that is Rejection indeed. They do have Fans there, but they are not Family.

Something That Needs Clarifying

Of all people to marry, Harry chose someone who has Very Strong Misgivings about her Family - that is sure to be an Unwise Decision for anyone in life because it will not make for a Good Foundation in a Marriage, much less for Kids. We see this many times between members of the public who need to heal their Family Relationships before a marriage takes place because Kids can be affected.

Also, it has been found out that Meghan did deliberately keep rocking up in Harry's life till she got what she wanted. Both of them got more than they bargained for. This places Harry in a Vulnerable Position whereby he is not only considered to be Hybrid-Royal by the Palace and English People, he is pretty much a Hybrid Member of the Public when it comes to the Americans because he is Part Royal

If you follow me here, what I am saying is, much as he tries to make himself the SAME as Everyone Else and people liked that at first - he isn't - he's Part Royal and that will never change. Can an Apple Tree call itself an Orange Tree or an Orange Tree an Apple Tree? Of-course not, they're diversely different, and meant to be.

So it's a bit of a "Catch 22" situation really (a Hybrid Factor is involved with the Royals and the English on one hand AND on the other hand with the American Public. Add to this Equation Harry and Meagan's Insatiable Appetite for MONEY and Affluent Lifestyle and it does not make for a good mix - people are sure to say "They're Not One of Us!" and repay you with Contempt that's due because most People strongly dislike Hypocrites. In fact, both of them have encountered so much dislike towards them in recent times, it's even possible they may attempt to use the Monarchy to Improve or Salvage Their IMAGE. Suffice to say Meghan is a Very Resourceful Girl? So potentially speaking, there could be more involved than "Oh it would be so nice to see the two Brothers Reunited"

There used to be a Program that aired each week called Father Knows Best when I was young. I suggest you leave this Very Complex Matter in the hands of Charles and William, and demonstrate more faith in them. I'm a Peace Maker by Nature and I care appreciate there is so much involved. Really there is. Some years ago, I have found with two different people, in relation to extending Grace.......once a person proves to be a Deceitful Bow, there's potential for Repeats of the Same Behavior. Yes, I have had that experience with two "Friends" and a Niece I extended my Trust to in Grace. Like the Adage says "Zebras don't change their Stripes" often proves True.

Concerning Royal Marriages

Royal Family Members Meant Well when they tried to advise Harry against such a Marriage, that was because of how Royal Marriages work out best - not a "Rejection of Meghan" (as a person) however he proceeded to act in haste. Harry is noted for saying they actually liked her as an Actress, and he was greatly disappointed when they thought Marriage would not be a good idea. But he was Love Blind shall we say? and did not have the ability to see what they could see in their Wisdom. They LOVED him and wanted the Best for him.

And sure enough things did not work out right, as evidenced in the last few years.

I will show to you a Principle I feel to share in relation to this:

As a Natural Health Researcher, one of the main Principles we are aware of is Our Body Needs AND will Thrive on Natural Organic Foods and the Nutrients that occur Naturally in them but when we start introducing Food with Chemicals, that's going to make problems - even with Synthetic Vitamins because our Body does not Recognize them, it sees them as Foreign Substances and there can be Health Issues.

What am I saying here? Along with my Research on Royal Families (good ones generally speaking) and what we have witnessed these last few years with Harry and Meghan is, Royal with Royal (or Similar) Marriages Work Best. It is Vastly different to Political Marriages or any other Marriage. It should be. We're speaking about Kings and Queens and Next in Lines here, not 3 Year Presidential Terms or Prime Ministers. Royal Appointments are Permanent. That is the Nature of Monarchy and always will be. We in Western Counties live by the Concept of The People Have The Power; Whoever we Vote In gets to Govern for a Term and possibly a next. We in Australia - and America - have absolutely No Concept of Monarchy and what it's all about.

When contemplating about these things, I am very surprised that Any Royal Member would be allowed to Inter-Wed with a Hollywood Actress, much less an Ambitious Actress - two diverse different interests and backgrounds. It's an Unheard Of. And I think we have all learned it doesn't work. Hey? We also learn that sometimes a "NO" is Kinder for All Concerned. Definitely Wiser. I am also Surprised how Queen Elisabeth, who was So Very Wise did not have More Foresight and gave her Consent? It's quite disturbing when you think about it. I think I remember it being that Prince Harry and his Grandmother were Very Close - maybe because she was Reigning at such a Great Age, she gave him his heart's desire. I'm not sure. Seems that way.

Prince William's Decision Concerning His Brother Harry

Everyone's waiting it seems, for the two brothers to reunite, however it takes years to heal wounds often, not months, at the Gesture of Good Will.

True, Harry has had some change of heart in recent times and a Wake Up Call but he did say things to Media (the entire world) things like William knocked him to the floor once, which pretty much jeopardizes the People's Image of William - they think he's easily angered and Mean now. There must have been a very good reason for that of some kind, none of us know.

We should give him the benefit of the doubt for that as I've found him to be someone who has good control of his emotions when under a great amount of pressure. Remarkable actually. He is not a tight lipped person with "no feeling" like some people think. I don't accept that argument. He just carries himself well, which is an admirable trait in my books.

And I understand that one well because my Mum was such a person - and a dearly loved Family Member - you would never know they had physical or emotional trauma. Neither of them outwardly express their emotions much AND their is SO MUCH LOVE on the Inside!

So some people's Rash Judgements over Social Media in recent times is uncalled for and definitely Out of Order. Prince William always conducts himself with Dignity and has an exceptional Strength of Character - that should not be misconstrued. I do find Princess Catherine and Prince William to be Blameless Royals. They have never given us any reason to doubt their Characters. Why Now? Because you paid attention to Lies Folks and your Imaginations got the better of you. That's why.

Even when I experienced a Devastating Health Disorder - Ongoing - years ago, I would smile and chat with people and laugh quite often. People had no idea what was going on the inside!

One person who did know, commented one day "you're a very strong person, really strong" and at a later date, when she kept pressing my buttons one too many times - her behavior wasn't appropriate (venting about her problems and pity parties) I said to myself "that's enough, I don't need that (all her baggage)
she is not good for me" and sent her on her way.

I also have a Niece who is kind of NARC (self centered, self absorbed, extremely selfish in communications and only contacts you if she has a use for you (there's something she wants, then she will love bomb you to solicit your help) but most of the rest of time, she is too busy having a good time enjoying someone who has become the love of her life, and doing what she wants....."too busy" to answer ANY phone calls, reply to any texts, call after call, text after text. Just outright selfish. Even though I enjoy better Health these days, I have to avoid her now because I find her lack of communications toxic (makes me tense) So for my Peace of Mind, I have to avoid her permanently now after resuming relations with her 3 Times through the years and it just doesn't work out.

Can you see a parallel here? that it is out of the question really for the Two Brothers? Especially after Harry and Meghan's damaging words concerning Kate - that's something No Loving Husband would take lightly - much as to say "that's ok, come on in" not likely!

Concerning Meghan And The Royals

Unfortunately, Meghan Marckle being Meghan Markle - Zebras being true to their Stripes - she would only allow Harry to "Step In" for King Charles or Princess Kate and/or Return to Britain if there's Some Advantage to her aka to Better her Image in some way - So many Americans see through her and do Not Like her, seeing her for what she is, the Image she has shown them to date (those things they have learned to expect from her........that would have to be the case, sadly speaking.

You can becha Meghan loves herself more than she does Harry - and he is Very Influenced by her. This has been the problem from the Start, she did not like to play Second Fiddle to Princess Kate, or the Late Queen on some occasions because not being a good subordinate, she does not like being Second to Anyone really. And I strongly suspect, as do some, the physical fight the two Brothers had was over Meghan: Prince William did not like her Treatment of Kate and the way she was behaving in Royal Life, causing considerable Unrest in Palace Life and William reached the place where he could not stand for it anymore.

What many of us have come to expect, Meghan Markle does not like anything she cannot Run and play the Leader. Some suggest that is the Real Reason why Harry left the Monarchy with his wife and opted to live in America, where they have been since - working at building their little Empire there because you can be Anything you want to be there, No Royals to Follow.

As part of Meghan Markle's Story goes in her own words: getting into Acting and making her way in it wasn't easy - she had to apply for many Commercials; was accepted or rejected for them; and when she was accepted as an Actress, she said to herself she wanted to be "More than an Actress!" There and then, she planned/purposed to make her Way to Fame. That pretty much became her sole Purpose in Life and all her energies are devoted to that mostly.

So that was the real problem of her "Fitting into Royal Life" really, not one of the Royals Rejecting her. Then what she couldn't Run, she didn't Harry followed Suit and Left his Family.

According to many, Harry is very strongly Influenced by her, and she wears the pants in their relationship. And Harry has grown very much like her since: what they want goes; opposing the Monarchy, making things hard for them; always making for themselves a Name; they always have to take the Limelight (draw attention to themselves) when an Announcement of some kind is made from the Palace. To the point where the Tolerance of Americans has worn pretty thin really, and they are not liked there these days. Many Americans are incensed against them and wish to send them back to England.

Sadly, he always ticks the way she does since they've lived in America. Whereas, the previous Story of Harry reads that the two Brothers were Always Close since early days with their mother, Princess Diana. And apart from occasions when Harry just liked to Feel Himself........he was always happy to be a Royal (content with that) In fact, according to some Palace Workers, Harry always visited Kate and William and spent lots of time with the. And in fact Harry actually Loved Kate a lot - the three of them were often found together. Then Meghan came on the Scene. Not long after that the wonderful Relationship between the Brothers became strained and there was no-more the Three of Them. Instead was this Meagan Markle wanting to get her way with things and acting inappropriately. But this this Story never became known, much less go wild, because the Royal Family is not like that. According to one Royal Worker, the Royals are Closely Knit, always Working Together, Serving Each-Other and Serving the People. Sadly Meghan does not understand such things, and wasn't happy to do that (blend in) she wanted to be a Princess for the Prestige but didn't want to Act like one or Serve like one. Because it's all very beautiful really, the way the Royals Serve one-another and are happy to Function that way their Entire Lives. That is a very good reason why Royals always marry someone of a certain Lineage usually because it is a Life of Service and you need to be Called to that to Understand it's WAYS and Function in it well. For a Monarchy and Palace to Function Well - all going well, there isn't room for Self-Made People like Donald Trumps and Meghan Markles personality type People which can always cause problems and upset the Works. Have you noticed the way Meghan Markle has worked pretty persistently to discredit the Royal Family through Harry? Especially the Prince and Princess. According to Catherine's Biographer, Meghan is very jealous of Kate and has been from the Start because Harry always loved Kate like a big Sister, and she sees Princess Kate as a threat to her Stardom in the Eyes of People. I think we've all seen how Meghan really loves a Lot of Attention and works very hard on projecting her Image at Harry's expense and that of his Family.

So Friends, that is the TRUE STORY of PALACE LIFE that has been released by Palace Workers in recent times to give us Understanding on how the Royals Live and the Palace Functions, in their Loyalty to the Monarch, and the Prince and Princess of Whales, William and Kate. That is why Harry and Meagan Villainised Palace Workers, so if they said anything, we would not believe them - they were discredited, so to speak. Can you see that? And can you maybe see, it isn't that the Royals are snobs, rather it is actually because it isn't advisable for the Royals to Marry outside of people who are Born to that Way of Life? Truly it is in their Best Interest and those of the People? It doesn't have to be the Meghan Markle's who Upset things - it could be anyone but Meghan is very good at disrupting things.

According to my Instincts for sometime and much Research over the last week, that's the sad Reality of it.

Getting Back To Princess Kate And Prince William

Prince William has the Weight of the Monarchy on him and Guiding his Family into a Happier Outcome. When a person is Smart, they will avoid Emotional Issues and taking on Uncertainties. Please don't judge him for that, it would be very unfair.

Harry also made a very demeaning remark that William is not a very Romantic person - of all things to say!

That would be enough to Undo any man's Morale. Such a damaging thing to say. I feel he was making comparisons there, meaning he is such a Romantic. Obviously, he expresses his feelings a lot and really loves Meghan. That's his personality Folks. We need to remember not to Confuse LOVE with Personality TYPES - who Has and who Has Not. That's very ignorant - it's Movie Stuff, not True Life.

Friends, that is not to say William has no Romance. Honestly, both William and Kate really Love each-other. Just because they don't have really Expressive personalities like the other couple, does not prove a thing! Couples have different ways of Expressing their Love for each-other. William for instance, is Very Comforting to Kate and her "Rock of Strength"……these are her own words. She knows her husband's True Nature better than you Social Media People out there.

Something else I should address is: some people are More Outgoing and Less Outgoing than others.
It's silly to make Comparisons and say things like "Harry and Meghan are really Engaged with People" and assume "Kate and William are not much"..........Once again we have different Personality Types aka Kate and William have Quiet Temperaments. And because they do, they are also Thinkers - they Think before they Speak. That's actually SAFER........may I suggest to you that Outwardly Expressive People often open their mouth very quickly. And often they face consequences aka Harry has sometimes had to Face People's Indignation after things he has said. And of-course, they cannot be taken back - people won't let us.

As for Kate being "Emotionally Unstable" that's definitely not the Balanced Image she shows in her Video Presentation, is it? Definitely Not - she shows her usual demeaner with Gracious Words, just like Queen Elizabeth, and such Courage at a time of Immense Stress and discomfort. So please do remember this is a very vulnerable time for her. It's a wonder she isn't a Mess. So MERCY People, is the order of the day. No more rocking her boat!

Possibilities Of The Two Brothers Reuniting?

Yes it's very Sad that Kate and William are not at liberty to respond to Harry and Meghan. Sure. They sent really Nice Wishes to Kate and William __ But do not place unreasonable Expectations on them when they're Stressed to the MAX.

They did say these words "We wish health and healing for Kate and the family, and hope they are able to do so privately and in peace"

But there is No Remorse - like the Celebrities had - for the things they have said and done.

As a Health Researcher 30+ Years, I believe that has led to Charles and Kate's current Health Issues.

No-One takes that enormous amount of Stress and Humiliation relentlessly without it affecting them Physically or Mentally somehow. I used to say to myself in astonishment "how do they do that? how do they cope with it So Well and still run a Monarchy and Function with all it's Engagements and Face the Public with their Usual Confidence?"

I believe Harry's traitorship to the Royal Family and Endless Antics which have Exhausted Us All also led to the Queen's ill-health due to the continued Stress and Strain of it all. I think I can recall them even having a shot at the Queen on one occasion. That's an Unheard-Of. Reprehensible.

According to Sky News who have a good reputation: Even after Kate's Announcement, Harry says over Media "They didn't tell Us" and Sky News goes on to say "It's still all about them, whenever the Royals say anything, Harry and Meghan are Over The Media - it's All about Them"..........they also said a very good point worth thinking about: They Left their Royal Duties because they Wanted to Live PRIVATE LIVES but they are ALWAYS in the LIMELIGHT and MEDIA.
I have to say Folks, that is SO TRUE. Is it Not?

William and Kate have so much to Cope with, they cannot afford emotionally complicated issues and understandably, William's One Resolve is to Protect Kate the absolute Best he can. Cannot say I blame him, the treacherous waters they've had to tread have been pretty cringe-worthy.

So nice as it would be, possibilities of Making Up Would be an Emotional Overload for them at this time - maybe ANY Time. They already have the enormous Overload of Kate's Diagnosis and Treatment; Recovering from all the Skirmish Media and Social Media have inflicted on them AND foremost Protecting and Parenting their three little Kiddies at such a time.

Mind you, when they return to the Palace after the 3 Weeks School Holidays with their Children, comforting them after the upsetting news they had to tell them at such a young age, William is taking HALF the Monarchy Workload with Camilla while they both Support Kate and Charles.

Not easy Folk, would you like to be born into a Monarchy or Married into one?
Not me!
People have been Rash in their judgements and Extremely Unkind and Social Media Members have been Ruthless in causing so much Turmoil.

Whatever causes people to be Nasty or Reckless is beyond me. I have no comprehension of that - neither do I wish to - I feel so much for those they treat so poorly.

As mentioned, I subscribe strongly to "Treating others as I wish to be Treated" and am passionate about placing Inspirational Content on a few Websites I run to bring Peace and Healing into people's lives and Lightness of Heart into their day.

Concerning Charles, Camilla and Diana

I've read the True Accounts of Charles and Diana, how Charles was pressured to Marry for the sake of the Monarchy; they fell out of love in a very short time; they cheated on each-other when they were married; Charles was into the Girls (affairs) before he was married AND Dianne had several affairs after the marriage, even when she had two young Sons to love and look after and live for.

I remember Camilla saying in an Interview, the spiteful things she’s had said about her on the Media, she doesn’t Wish on Anyone. Since Charles move to make her a Queen, most people have not been accepting of her in that Role and resisting it a lot. Personally, I felt it not wise when we were all still missing our dear Queen Elisabeth so much. She was So Loved and Respected by ALL. I've never met a person who said they felt otherwise.

According to my other Friend, the people of Cornwall really Love Charles AND Camilla and did not want to lose them! Therefore surely they would be better judges of their Character than us - we are All allowed to Change - they had so much more to do with them, yet a lot of people don't want Charles to be King to this day.
I didn't want that before I could see the Change in him.

But things are different for Diana aren't they? To this day, good or bad, she is considered to be the "People's Princess"

The story goes something like this, correct me if I'm wrong: Charles did the wrong thing by her because he was disinterested in her (more interested in Camilla) he referred to the boys as "an Heir and a Spare" the day Harry was born because he wanted a girl; Dianne asked if he was dressed up to go somewhere and he candidly says "Yes I'm off to the Theatre with Camilla" and leaves the hospital room suddenly to date with her, a very short visit; Dianne says things later to the Media like like she knew "their marriage was over" (never the best thing to do) and addressed personal issues several times over Media and how she was Serving the People. The Media was giving her Coverage saying how Good she was and she was still considered to be "the People's Princess" She did do a number of Nice things, right?

But wait a minute, that was only Half the Story - as far as I knew too until recently.

Because truth of the matter is she had several affairs too but still kept a Good Image in the eyes of people over the Media. The one she wished to project. The Image she kept was: she did Selfless Charitable works; she decided to be a Good Mum to the Kids and played her part well, Etc.

I am going somewhere with this Folks, and have a question for you:

If she was such a Good Mum, playing her part so well, what was she doing dating and romancing with this one and that one when she had two precious Boys to look after? And airing things about her marriage, and Charles over Media, soliciting People's sympathy which is So Risky when your Kids grow up? I never did like the way she did that. I felt it so unwise.

NO Exactly! That was Harry's Big Problem for so many years:

It's only expected that kind of thing has to surface at some time in some way. It only took the added Stress of Palace Life and a marriage to someone outside of Royalty for him to leave to a "better life" and both he and Meghan didn't handle grudges well, obviously, as Every One knows.

And then they followed suit with Diana in "Airing their Laundry" over Media for the World to hear (true and untrue) their little Kids can have a problem with when they grow up, just like Harry did - finding out how their Parents treated their Senior Family Members they did not get to Enjoy interacting with. It's never a good idea for most people, to confide in Media. Family is sacred business - it's Personal and better kept that way.

Now concerning Charles and Diana, Charles wears the 'Awful Image' even though he has Changed Remarkably with Age AND Diana wears the 'Perfect Image' when she lived as described to the day of her death. She actually cancelled her Engagement to a Really Nice Pakistani Surgeon who dearly loved her and would have looked after them well. She had hasty plans to marry the Son of the Wealthiest Sheik in Egypt who coveted her (engaged or not) She was dating him and flippantly cancelled the Good Engagement she had.

Don't believe me? He was the Guy who died in the wreckage, the day of her death, when he had just presented her with the most expensive ring money can buy.

It's a lot to take in isn't it? When you've had a totally different picture.

And by the way, the Pakistani Surgeon loved her so much, he felt instinctively to caution her that it could cause harm to her if she pursued her plans further. I think he would have been the makings of her - she had some emotional stability when she was close to him.

That would have benefited her kids more than what the Affluent Sheik's Son had to offer her with all the Superficial stuff. But she didn't get to Live that did she? Because she made the wrong decision - certainly not the 'Mother Figure' she imaged herself to be in the Public's eye. A Mother who Really Loves her Kids (100%) will always put them First. I feel sorry for her of-course but more so for her Sons and those who believe in her to this day, so blindly.

I've seen her doing some Fun Things with the Kids on Video. Of-Course she did. That was great. I wish more Parents would interact with their Kids like that. And I loved her Charitable Works!

So Understand I'm not saying that Diana did not Love her Kids - her Values were mixed up - she did not LOVE them 100% shall we say? Sacrificial Love - putting our Kids first before our own needs?
My Dad loved me considerably, but he did however put his Work Ambitions and Other People before me an Awful Lot. He Apologized when he was Elderly after 3 Relationships and doing whatever else he wanted. We Forgave him:)
My Mum gave me the TRUE Selfless Love every Child Needs. So looking back, I have some Insights on that.

At the end of this Article, I am about to suggest 3 things:

  1. Many people who know those Facts about Diana forgive her AND so Many people are backdated with Charles and Camilla, they still don't forgive them. The Point is, they ARE Changed People; what they Were Then, they are Not Now.
    People being People, it's doubtful many will forgive Harry and Megan, after their Wake-Up Call, if they Change. I suggest you find forgiveness for Charles and Camilla. Give to them the forgiveness you would wish you had.
  2. When Kate and William don't have Affairs in their background to record and have given such LOYAL SERVICE to the Monarchy and the People; they have shown such Grace and Strength and Fortitude like our Beloved Queen Elizabeth, don't you think it's really wrong to have such things as Unfaithfulness and Lazy Worker Superimposed on their Image and Good Character they have shown all this time? A TRUE FAITHFUL MARRIAGE they have and TRUE FAITHFUL SERVICE unwavering and almost dauntless. Yes truly they will make such a GOOD King and Queen if allowed to have their Peace undisturbed at this time and the Media STOPS Harassing them with such petty and damaging Accusations.
  3. Don't you think it's highly unfair that Dianne still keeps a Reputation as "The People's Princess" when Our Beloved Kate actually Lives that? I mean to say, she's the Perfect Picture of a People's Princess. Look at her interactions with People and Especially Children. Don't you think you can ascribe Honor and Loyalty to this wonderful couple who have shown such Impeccable Loyalty to Us and their Marriage all this time? And in the face of such heartless and insurmountable Opposition from people who should be backing and Supporting them?

Indeed we can and should do so. It isn't too much of them to ask us for that much needed Privacy that's been denied them even before the last few months whereby they can hardly 'set foot outside their door' without being photographed etc. Put yourself in their shoes Folk - Can you imagine that? I couldn't Live their Life!

YES PRIVACY is of Vital Importance for KATE'S RECOVERY!

It's needed more so now. Come on people, I want to see some Humane Consideration and Compassion for them. At-least from my Readers and Visitors to this Website.

Like I said at the commencement of this Article, I am not a Royalist because I wasn't brought up one however, I made our dear Queen Elisabeth a promise the day she left us, that I would try to understand her Family Members and Wish them Well, even though I previously used to think "Why don't we take on Full Identity as Australians and become a Republic like the Bahamas? Why don't we do that? We're so different to England, seems a clash of interests?" Yes I have said these things to myself in recent years, though I did have much Respect and considerable Affection for the Queen as a Person, for she Won the Hearts of many. I also noticed how she was grooming Kate as her Protégé and had much affection for her, which was mutual. I suggest, if we don't look after Kate and William better, we let the Queen down. Please act as if she were here Folks, hey?

In closing, I suggest to you that people right across this World highly Respected Queen Elisabeth 3rd, and Catherine Princess of Wales can Win the same Respect.
She shows such Grace and Strength like her Mentor. In her Heart-warming Video,
she presented herself Courageously and Beautifully.

Peace and Healing and Well Wishes to Kate and William and their Little Kids.
And Vindication also. This Couple Love each-other dearly and as mentioned, Kate refers to William as her Rock of Strength. They're really lovely.

May Jesus uncloud your Vision and give you Eyes to See!

PS It's important to add to this Post that when I published it a few days ago, I felt that somehow it was unfinished for some reason - wasn't sure why, so I kept it in prayer and came back to it yesterday. Fortunately when researching something, I came across a Website I've not seen before that had Lots of Videos on the Royals - well balanced, not like those you see over the Media - some of which filled in some blank spaces for me (things I needed to know) and so I'm placing their Link at the end of this Page for you and you can Search through them to your heart's content. The Website is called GB NEWS (Britain's News Channel) HERE Enjoy!

PPS Because that New Site has LOTS of Google ADS on it, I strongly suggest you use an AD Blocker for it to Function Well.

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