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Life Poem – One’s Day

Life Poem - One's Day.

Did you know that starting the day on a positive note

makes a difference to your day?

Especially within 10 minutes of waking

try it__ that's what I say.

Did you know that the words you speak

are like a rudder of a ship

they can weigh you down immensely

or give your spirit a lift?


Did you know there's something about a laugh

of it's benefits we can play a part

It can reduce your stress levels

and even strengthen your heart?

A simple song and melody

can fill your heart with glee

Melodic Notes and words you wrote

were such a blessing to me.


A word in prayer to Him whose there

a word of thanks and praise__

is comforting and uplifting

adding substance to your day.

Have faith in yourself, have faith in God

together, they are a Measuring Rod

on this Earthly sod.

Act in faith and live with faith__

simple trust is what I must

and see what they do for me.


I will not contend for my will and my way

but take an interest in others

treating them like they're my sisters and brothers

and God will take care of me.

For these are the ways that make for Peace

and in my spirit sweet release

I am Blessed and my heart is at Rest

the essence of LIFE to me.


If I would choose Life

to Love and be loved

His pleasure I will see__

for His River flows

through the Law of Love

and is such a Blessing for me.


Yes, try these things

and you will find

they bring you Peace of Mind

hours spent without relent

and Happiness to your day!

Janet Vargas ©  2012