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Mistaking Slushy For Sanitiser:)

I wish to Introduce some Pleasant Short Stories to Ours Australia -
some of them FUN!

SMILE: Man Mistakes Slushy For Hand Sanitizer:)

An elderly man who was trying to do the right thing got himself into a sticky situation when he was filmed using a Slushie Machine as hand sanitizer.

This is a gorgeous moment when a COVID conscious pensioner mistook a Slushy Machine for Hand Sanitizer at a petrol station. Wearing a face mask, he stops in the doorway and has a good look around for the hand gel. He quickly spots two clear containers with blue and red liquid next to the door beside a stack of birthday cards. He squeezes the handle and begins rubbing his hands - with ice cold raspberry slush.

One lady said, “God bless his little heart, one thing his hands still will be clean - sticky but clean – melted my heart this.”

No doubt, he has brighter moments. Many elderly people have just the occasional vague moment - some younger people too:)

I love this story. I'm used to cheering elderly people in Shopping Centres - this cheered me up today:)

People from other countries enjoy Ours Australia too! Especially USA.
Lots of people love to read the Good News Articles and uplifting ones. Welcome.