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It's Here!

Many of you miss Music items you once heard from your libraries. There is a Surprise here for you on Ours Australia.

This is a delightful album of really nice Light Orchestral Music accompanied with Bird Songs, A Garden Path by our Australian ABC Orchestra from years ago that was discontinued. It is absolutely wonderful, and so relaxing. I'm sure you'll agree. ENJOY!

I will also have two other Light Instrumental albums that are out of print for a long time, I will include on this Page for you. They are Flora Australis by Stewart Dudley - atmospheric, a beautiful piece of work - and Tranquility by Global Journey that is accompanied with the Waves of the Ocean, because most of us Love our Beaches.

A Garden Path by ABC Orchestra

1 Sandcastles
2 Dawns First Embrace
3 Night Gently Waits
4 Sleep Baby Sleep
5 Beetles Hornpipe
6 Dolphins Dreams
7 Autumn Near
8 Hideaway
9 Sunrise
10 Beauty In Tears
11 Moment In Time
12 Driftaway
13 Our Love

Flora Australis by Stewart Dudley

Coming Soon!