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My Memory – Where Is It? Some Things To Try. Let Me Surprise You!

By Janet Vargas Independent Natural Health Researcher

Everyone’s talking about their memory aye? If you’re reading this Post for a little help, many others can identify with you. What is the reason why even young people are having senior moments? You may find out here. Poor memory is not just Age or Stress related. Let me show you ways your efforts can have a more positive outcome.

First I will give you some helpful tips for memorizing things and then I will let you know some things you would not expect which can affect our memories and faculties in general  and some ways you can help them. Does that sound good to you? If the answer is “YES” friends, read on!


Think of something (that only) for 8 seconds, nothing else………this will place it in your memory. Especially if you do this a few times in the same day and recall it each day for a few days…….this will help to set it.

If you want to remember names, each time you meet someone, ask their name and address them by their name 4-5 times in the conversation and you will more readily remember it – especially if you recall it later in the day and the next day and the next few days. You can also write that person’s name down, look at it and think about it. That helps too.

You can remember phone numbers and account numbers that way. Write one down and try the same technique.

Give it some old-fashioned practice by reading it out loud to yourself several times or writing it several times and speaking it. You can also recall it for a few days, then use it a few times over 1-2 weeks – this helps to consolidate it.


The thing is, we don’t practice these days or we don’t put the item remembered into use shortly after – we’re too busy thinking about everything else – important and unimportant – our minds have become cluttered or even bombarded with a lot of TV (television) viewing etc. Health Scientists and Researchers, independent of each-other have discovered that too much TV dulls our brain and can even make dumb (we use our mind less) due to the amount of stimulus coming at us through the screen by the minute, every minute. It’s not natural input and it’s not healthy for us – especially growing up little kids that way like many do. Plus it’s not a very good baby sitter – it fosters poor values and does not encourage them to engage their minds and think for themselves. My dad was a pioneer in TV Sales and Service when they came to our state, so that isn’t prejudice, it’s factual and true.

We are so busy these days……if we help ourselves to a beverage or snack we like, we don’t give it time to enjoy it –  we don’t give it much thought – we’re already thinking about something else or the next thing we want/have to do. Hence we miss the nice experience of savoring something delicious or tasty. This lessons our quality of life and we’re not engaging our senses – we skim past everything at times.

This is ‘crowded thinking’ basically and is counter-productive to good memory processing (always thinking about something else instead of the moment or matter in hand). That has to do with the pace of life these days – we need to slow down a little. We don’t really save a lot of time rushing everything – it creates a stress state (if we realize it or not).

Yes it makes a lot of difference for our stress levels if we can take more time and think what we’re doing. Hence the benefits of ‘mindfulness meditation’ we hear about in recent times. It’s basically part of ‘whole-thinking’ you could say (being present in the moment). We need to do one thing at a time – this in itself will help to engage our memory more often. Yes truly, because we’re not in stress-mode.

So many people are into multi-tasking these days, thinking they get more done. Did you know that practical experiments have been carried out in recent times that have established one gets more done by single-tasking?

Yes! So multi-tasking can actually be counter-proactive. This makes sense! Our thoughts can be clearer and more organized that way.

An Unsuspected Cause Of Poor Memory

I should mention here that some Medications are well known, and some not-so-known to affect our Memory. Please note that a sudden cessation of them can cause nasty reactions you may find more unpleasant. These decisions need to be weighed carefully and skillful guidance is necessary to come off of some of those very gradually (if that is best for you).


The more natural environment we can give our minds, the better our brain can function. It is more productive to think of one thing at a time and work to a rhythm in preference to rushing. For many of us, it will benefit our stress levels I we take more time, thinking about what we are doing.

Stressful living is a contributor to poor memory and we can do something about that.

There are ways we can work around it and improve our memory. If we stop things here and there and give ourselves a little time for composure (unwinding is good) and focus better, things will improve. Not only our memory but our lifestyle. This affords better health for some people.

Honestly, we cram everything we have or want to do, racy pacy into our minds and do things mindlessly, not being fully engaged in what we are doing often – that’s not a good combination. Do give this some thought and be kind to yourselves. We are not meant to live like that. It affects our Energy Levels as well. We need energy for memory. Memory is like metabolism, it serves more purposes than one – it plays more rolls than we give it credit for.

This brings me to Nutrition and Sleep. They do relate, so please do read. You will find some surprises and a few secrets that will help you in your quest.


Detoxing and Nutrients play an important role in a Good Memory or not-so-good. If you’re feeding on lots of take-away meals, precooked meals and/or junkfood (with transfats and chemical additives) your memory is not getting the nutrients it requires to function properly – it will definitely be substandard. This is especially the case if you use cheap nasty Vegetable Oils – Canola Included – along with Sugar. They are known among Researchers, to be leading causes of memory failure…….even Alzheimer’s……surprisingly ‘healthy’ Canola being the worst culprit for Alzheimer’s.

There’s reasons for that, Researchers don’t refer to it as “A Culprit” for nothing……..the advertising is so misleading!

In fact, Canola and other Nasty Vegetable Oils have been found out to be partly responsible for MENTAL BLANKS so many people experience in conversation. That’s the reason so many people, including “the Young” are getting those blanks. Yes 40’s AND 20’s………Even Teenagers! They are a leading cause and something to keep an eye on. They are in so many foods we buy…….like Soy and Sugar and HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) manufacturers put them in everything. Yes it’s maddening, I know.

Modern Manufacturers with Questionable Practices are thought to be BIG PHARMA’S Close Allies and I think there’s some truth in that! IE They make people sick while Big Pharma rake in the profits through the Medical System.

All three are like a huge network, so to speak, and that’s why we need to Return to REAL FOODS and Natural Gardening!

 Thank God for the interest that is generating in Australia (in recent times) and some other countries in Natural Gardening, Organic Gardening and Sustainable Farming practices where Chemicals are Not used.

Indeed, some Farmers are getting much wiser and incorporating the use of these practices. LET’S KEEP GMOs OUT OF OUR FARMS, CROPS and GARDENS. The Australian Government were very silly to allow Monsanto’s GMOs here after Resisting them successfully so long. So-called superior GMO Foods damage more than our memories! I will make another Post about that. For now, I will give you links to two of my other websites concerning those.

If you pride yourself on a Healthy Diet, don’t overlook Canola – noted among many True Professionals as the Great Conola! That wasn’t a misprint. Yes facts are: due to a Toxic property in Canola (they don’t tell you about) as well as the Toxic Heat Process it goes through (just like the cheap nasty vegetable oils) it is not fit for consumption and messes with our Bio-Chemistry (the natural chemistry in our body). Because the molecular structure of all those oils clashes with the molecular structure in our body. Plus, Canola is next to always heavily sprayed with ROUNDUP

 (the worst offender among Monsanto’s famous Glyphosates).

Did you know that Monsanto so-called “Safe Glyphosates” (known as Weed Killer sprays – RoundUp especially) Compromise our Health in no small way over time and has recently been discovered to be A Leading Cause Of AUTISM Among Infants And Children?


Some of you may have read Breaking News Reports of Multiple Law Suits MONSANTO has undergone in recent years and they go on making those products, not to mention Promoting Them. Do Be Informed, ignorance is Not bliss! NO. Don’t buy the LIE! I’m embarrassed to say, I too was ignorant about GMOs for a time, having heard very little about it, was somewhat vague about whether they’re good or bad for you. One day they were stepping up on their campaign and I realized that maybe it could be a Serious Concern. I felt I owed it to myself and the public as a Researcher to CHECK IT OUT. That led to definite RED LIGHTS and Extended Research at different times because I could see they were getting away with it. In fact, one of their previous directors works high up in the FDA, which is why they passed GMOs after their own Scientists raised Serious Concerns and a Strong Appeal. Please don’t sell yourself short or your Family – in this Day, we can no longer take things at Face Value – there are Information Wars behind the scenes and Monsanto’s is definitely Ugly.

Are you going to trust the Same Manufacturer’s of WEED KILLERS (Glyphosates and RoundUp)

for your FOOD SUPPLY? Indeed, Not Me!

It’s amazing what I uncovered, each time I further Researched for the public.

We can no longer afford the “indifference” that accompanies a busy lifestyle in these stressful times.

It does make you think “Ah, not something else we have to work out!” with everything else to attend to and events in the world around us, plus the way we’ve been bombarded with Advertisements, Stressful News and Political Arguments, doesn’t it?  Not to mention the Conflicting Health INFO over Media! Sorry you’ve had those added impositions, at-least I can help cut that down for you, with some real facts  – I’m not a Scientist, Paid to give Misleading Information. I have No Agendas. But I do a considerable amount of Research from Trustworthy Reputable Sources that include Capable Researchers and Scientists with a Good Healthy Conscience – Monsanto has NONE.

They are Notorious Criminals ACTING like a Knight in Shining Armor.

Honestly, the general public don’t know the half of it – BE CAREFUL, little eyes are looking to you for their Health and Nutrition.

What Does That Have To Do With Our Memory And Faculties? A LOT!

Toxic Herbicides and GMOs Seriously Compromise Our Health AND Our Faculties.

The Truth Is Out About SUGAR Too – Don’t Miss This!

Apparently the product Sugar is a Chemical too – Not a Food. The CSR Company innocently claim it’s a natural food. It’s anything but! YES the Sugar Cane is not only Stripped of it’s Nutrients, it goes through a highly Chemical Process, not much different to those Nasty Vegetable Oils in principle. And did you hear where this product called Sugar (crystalized sugar) commenced?

It’s quite a revelation this – In a Chemist’s Laboratory – funny but not-so-funny aye?

No wonder it’s so addictive. It’s chemical composition is even not too different from Cocaine, some researchers made known some years ago. At my local Shopping Centre, I have seen different women in their driver’s seat, quickly helping themselves to lollies one after the other before they drive out of the Carpark (about 6-8 of them). I know it sounds funny but it’s sad really because they can’t wait to get home, have one or two and put the packet away for later. Most of us are familiar with the term “Binge Eating” when watching TV………well these days when ice-creams are so cheap by the carton, biscuits are so cheap and lollies are so plentiful, lots of people are known to have the full packet and can’t stop at less than that. Is it any wonder they can’t stop? Because Sugar IS Very Addictive!

 Now you know the reason why – SUGAR, THE LEGAL DRUG “Send the kids to the local shops to pick some up” no ID needed to prove their age like Teens have to, to pick up a 6 Pack from a Bottle Dept. Yes, Truth is Out! That’s not to mention the shopping trolleys full of Softdrinks and all manner of Sweets……. Also the matter of “SUGAR BLUES” so many people experience from “Sugar Highs” followed by Sugar Crashes when it wears off and your Mood Level plummets and you need another FIX to make you feel better – that’s until you feel worse again – up and down like a roller coaster. Some form of “Comfort Food” hey!?

HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup)

This is another Culprit to watch out for, they add to so many Packaged Foods. They do so as a cheaper alternative to Sugar in lots of products while other products have the Double Whammy of Sugar plus HFCS which is a CONCENTRATED FORM of Fructose from Corn. Why is this so important? Because apart from working against our Memory reserves, it alters our Metabolism and given enough of it over time, can make your Pancreas shut down which is the vital gland that is seriously affected in Diabetes. If you’re wanting to keep your weight steady or take off weight, HFCS or too much Fructose is not your friend, it makes you lethargic and puts on weight like Sugar does and it shuts off a “signal in our brain” that lets our body know “I’m full, I’ve had enough”…… you keep on eating or binging.

It’s like you lose your commonsense to stop eating when you’re full or your body loses the sense to function properly. The HFCS or excess Fructose hijacks that special mechanism in our Brain, we were created with to keep things in balance. So for our health’s sake and our memory’s sake, we need to watch out for anything that Creates a False Appetite because a sluggish Metabolism equals a sluggish Brain.

Caution: Don’t Opt For Artificial Sweeteners

If you decide to go healthy or improve on a few things, please don’t opt for Artificial Sweeteners – they’re 10 times worse than Sugar! Aspartame (Phenylalanine) and Saccharine are the absolute worst offenders!

Equal…. Splenda (Sucralose)…. Nutrisweet…. Neotame…. Truvia…. Sweet N Low….

They all have a profile of nasty affects on our Health

Sugar Alcohols Cause Some Side Effects

Swerve Is Not A Good Option Because Xylitol And Eythritol Are Sugar Alcohols

And It’s Best To Stay Away From Them.

  Some websites give better INFO than others

(more accurate, more thorough).

Good Options For Sugar Are

For your encouragement, aim for Raw Honey (not heat processed or adulterated)

Dates…. Coconut Sugar…. 100% Stevia…. Rapadura or Paella (genuinely evaporated sugar cane – not stripped of nutrients, use sparingly) or Whole Pieces of Fruit (the fibre content helps to stop the Fructose from misbehaving).

Sorry to inform you that Agave Nectar is Not Healthy, it’s boiled syrup of the plant that is exceedingly high in Fructose (even more than HFCS I just found out today) something else you don’t want to be taking memory-wise or weight-wise!

Honestly, Information Overload in recent years (misleading and genuine) has been a bit much for many of you out there. I sincerely hope this Post helps to settle things for you rather than add to the problem. This is in the interest of Better Memory.


We all need adequate Sleep. There’s no going around that, I will tell you why.

Every night, our brain needs a rest from Mental Input. When we are sleeping, our brain is Detoxing and carrying out various maintenance Routines for our physical and mental functions. Sleep Lets our Brain File Memories and sort things out – it organizes and stores memories formed during the day.

Yes good sleeping hours (and good quality sleep preferably) is vital to have Good Health and Good Faculties.

It performs certain tasks it cannot any other time each 24 hours throughout our week.

So our brain Works AND Rests while we’re sleeping.

The better it can perform and fulfill those tasks at night, the better it can perform in the day and evening.

Also, Sleep is Nourishing like Nutritious Meals.

We read about the need for Detoxing and Nutrients……Tell me, how can our Brain consolidate memories and function at it’s best when it’s subjected to Sleep Deprivation or very Poor Sleep?

An author from New Scientist Com has a really good slogan. She says

“Rest Well To Remember”

If your brain is overloading with thoughts, storing up chemicals and lacking sleeptime maintenance cycles and rest from mental input, how can your memory function well? But each of us can make it function at it’s best, individually speaking, it will work in our favour.

It has been found that the effects of Aging – both physically and mentally – is actually due to depleted Nutrients (deficiencies of varying degrees) and toxic buildup over time. Yes it adds up!


Not just our figure! Jessie Lyn Hanley who works close with specialists reports: it’s alright to Exercise to Exhilaration but not to Exhaustion. So please always take that principle into account when EXERCISING.

Walking is really beneficial for most of us and should not be underestimated. It tones up our body and our brain.

If you can walk in a park, beach or nature spot, the benefits are two or three fold – because nature for instance, is so wonderful, it’s going to have a really good de-stressing effect where most times, you totally unwind.

This pays dividends to our Health AND Faculties. Worries and problems seem to quickly fly out of your mind when you’re in the state of wonder or appreciation that accompanies a Walk in Nature!

Heidi Godman from Harvard says: exercise helps memory and thinking through both direct and indirect means.

“The benefits of exercise come directly from its ability to reduce insulin resistance, reduce inflammation, and stimulate the release of growth factors—chemicals in the brain that affect the health of brain cells and even the abundance and survival of new brain cells.”

So what does this mean for us? It means that going for a brisk walk, a run, or participating in cardio exercise can improve your brain function and keep you a little sharper for longer.


Why not make some changes? We can start with some small habits (new ones) and build upwards.

We can also try some of the simple techniques I mentioned earlier in the Post. Given some effort and commitment they will make a difference. And as we build up momentum, we can make even more. It certainly gives us some insurance we won’t need residency in a Nursing Home in later years.

The experts are now saying, the earlier we start exercising our memories the better!

Remember, they used to say we should start when we’re 40?

They’re now saying 30s and even 20s are better!


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