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Most people have some family problems or ill health these days.
If I mentioned some things about my young days it would curl your hair.
There are lots of untold stories out there, I'm sure.
Confiding in people is not always beneficial, much less to the world.
I think everyone would like to get back to normal hey?
No Pandemic News Domination.
No Harry and Meghan News Domination.
Living Our Family Life the best we can
Caring for others around us in some way.

Someone sited the following News Line on Google today:

Sky News Is Just So Tired Of Meghan Markle — Or So It Said 225 Times Last Month.

People have become ‘fatigued’ with Meghan Markle after seeing her constantly ‘whining and moaning’...........

That's a bit Cryptic, isn't it? Who has been perpetuating those News Lines for the last two years? Now 225 Times in a Month - Really!?

Personally speaking, Sky News had some interesting News Items I found on YouTube months ago. Then I found such a Lot of Harry & Meghan Bashing on there from one of their Commentators, it got to the stage of saturation - the Commentator's Hate Headlines about the Couple. They kept popping up on YouTube and Google links. I found a way to block ALL Harry & Meghan News from coming up on Chrome at-least, which includes YouTube Items, on them. Look for a Chrome APP called Filter Anything Anywhere. HERE
It's very Effective!

Whose tired of Who?

Also, for me, I think SKY NEWS lost their Credibility months ago when they would not leave the Harry & Meghan stuff alone (nothing's changed) I don't think they really Respect their Viewer's Wishes at all. But they have shown themselves up to be Extremists in what they choose to telecast.

Since Teen Years, I've never liked Media.
Too much depressing news and too much gossip.
That has to affect your thought patterns somehow.
Best opting out of it!

Gossip, Slander and Hard Sell are Not found on This Website!!!