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Not Judging By Appearances

Hi there, I met a really nice person a few days ago and was inspired to write this Page. I placed a "Coming Soon" notice here ready to let my Visitors know what's on the way and start writing when I have some time. There have been 109 Views by people in 3 days interested to read on this Topic. So there are a lot of Nice people around hey? It's my privilege to meet different people in Shopping Centres, having Micro-Conversations and I'm hoping to hear some interesting Stories I can maybe place on Pages in this Webmenu. For now, I'm really interested to write about how "We Cannot Judge a Book by it's Cover" when it comes to people - those who seem Good or Appealing whatever and those who look Needy or their Appearance may not be to everyone's liking. Hey?

An Interesting Hobo

When driving on my way to a Local Library in a TAFE Complex years ago, I was passing over a Small Bridge and there was a middle-aged Hobo walking along the footpath on the Bridge with his bag of things over his shoulders. I can remember I wished I was walking along too, so I could meet him. I've had a few pleasant encounters' with a few of those men and this was the most endearing. The Library was immediately the other side of the Bridge. And just as I parked my car, I had no idea of the Surprise awaiting me. When I entered the building, there was the Man I saw, who was there just ahead of me. How that could happen has me puzzled still to this day. But there he was, and we went up the Lift together. He politely asked me what floor I was going to and we exchanged a few words of conversation. He was an educated man, I sought to make his day a pleasant one and wished him a Special Visit. Then he thanked me cordially and said "Thank You so much. It's my Birthday today!" His name was Peter.

A Lady Driver In Her 80s:

Driving in a local Shopping Carpark last year, I had to turn into the Aldi Entrance quicker than expected, due to someone's recklessly fast inconsiderate move. An elderly lady in her 80s had just turned in there at the same time. The moment I got out of my car, I went over to apologise to her for making things awkward for her - I thought that she must have almost had kittens, you know? But she was calm and composed, unflustered and thanked me for my consideration. Unmoved by the situation, she was confidently getting out of her car to do her shopping and told me she had been a Country Farm Girl in her young days. She said in a "no worries" manner, she learnt to drive a car, a tractor and truck on the Farm property when she was young, and she was used to all kinds of maneuvers. I had noticed how quickly she had parked her car next to mine, no hassles. She is still a capable driver in her 80s. It was such a pleasure conversing together as we accompanied each-other across the Park as we made our way into the Store.

Reception Counter At Bob Janes:

When my Son encouraged me to get my tyres serviced at Bob Janes, there was a big built Guy serving a few men at the Reception Counter. His work was also to take payments from Customers and make arrangements for work to be done - keeping the Workers organised in the Workshop. Seemed pretty much a Guys atmosphere when I walked in there. He related with everyone well though - myself included. When my Son drove me back there to pick up my car, he shared a personal Story with us, how he likes being a Clown for the Kids at Local Community Functions. It so turns out, he was very passionate about playing the part and had a special Clown Outfit to wear that he valued. And each time we went there to have our Tyres Serviced - alignments etc. he would share his latest Ventures with us. So he was a bit different to a big built Guy who related mostly to men hey? (first impression) people are often. Graham was known to everyone as "the Clown out of working hours" he loved it!

A Posh Accomplished Worker:

Through the years, he had work for Telstra Overseas and won Awards for his work. He worked as a Leading Representative for Pfizer and he had work as a Sales Manager at a Webhosting Company when I met him. He managed my account and enjoyed having conversations with me. He liked my Websites a lot and befriended me for a time. Yes, he had all those Posh Work Positions, yet he was Wary he might have a Fake Product sent to him if he bought it Online; he kept his Kids indoors because he doesn't want them to get Germs with Outdoor Play. He was Frightened of his 7 year old Son's Tantrums about Food if he attempted to give him Proper Meals, so he complied to his child's demands for certain Foods only and Fed him on Cakes every day for quite some time, even though I told him of the Health Risks as a Researcher. The boy started getting ill at one stage (eating nothing but cakes) and he said he will just have to Feed him what he wants until he is older. I told him about the Risks involved - wrecking his Immune System etc for life but he would rather not risk the Tantrums because he can't handle rejection. Posh Worker or not, in my opinion, they both need a skilled Psychologist. I have more respect for Responsible Parents than I do for all his Work achievements and shifted my Webhosting to a different Company. He was a polite and likable Guy and all his Workmates liked him a lot. So those who "have it all together" don't always manage their affairs as well as we may think they do. Try not to compare yourself with others.

A Man Called Caleb:

My Local Shopping Centre has 3 Supermarkets and one of them is smaller than the others with convenient parking. I know all the Staff well - we are pretty close. Every so often, the Staff changes and new workers come on and it isn't long before they know my name from other Workers and we have little chats too. One time, there was a new Worker who started there and was very different to others. He had Lots of Tats on his arms. back of his hands and right around his neck - quite loud Tats, hard to miss. He was serving me at the Checkout close up and I was a little stunned - I did not know what to say - just "thank you" and needed to move on. I like to treat everyone the same and I asked Jesus to help me not to react when I go through a checkout with him. I knew pretty much it would take a miracle - as I've had Plastic Surgery early in life and do not take these things well. People sometimes have regrets after getting Tats, and I didn't want to cause any discomfort. I was certainly out of my comfort zone, could not help it. Some days later, I called into the store early in the evening and he was packing shelves at the back. He was facing the other way and the Tats were not in my view. I started a conversation with him and liked his input. When he stood up and turned around, I did not react - the Miracle I prayed for. We started other conversations over several weeks. We were getting along in friendly terms and it wasn't long before were were referred to as the best of Friends and one of us would walk over to the other whenever I was in the Store. Friends, his nature was so different to his appearance. He was actually very well Spoken; Polished; and had a Quiet and Gentle demeanor. He was also a Responsible and Capable worker and he was promoted to Manage the Store. Sad to say, sometime later, he had a change of Work plans and left the Store to do Mining. The day he was expected to leave, we gave each-other a big hug and wished each-other well. Some days before he left there, I noticed his face is remarkably Clear and he said he likes to look after his skin. He was always well groomed. So it just goes to show "You Cannot Judge a Book by it's Cover!" Caleb is well remembered and missed by the other Workers and different Customers of that Store, and myself of-course:)

Family Man With 5 Kids:

When my Son was preteens, we used to have this Family living next door. Two of their young boys used to stay overnight often in my Son's bedroom and had fun times together. I even had permission to take them on outings with him to the Hills and the Beach - we got along very well. Then one day, they said they were shifting - suddenly with no prior notice, no lead up to it or even a hint. I arranged for the boys to have a time together and buy snacks for the occasion, but the whole Family got up and cleared out before I arrived home, without even leaving contact details where they would be. Unknown to me, it so turns out the Husband was a Heavy Social Drinker, and was even prepared to uproot his Kids and Family for the sake of a habit he did not get the upper hand over (control). Yes he did not pay his Rent for a few months, flew the coop on Commission Housing and went to live elsewhere. Their Rent was very reasonable being Government Rent. Apparently that wasn't good enough to support his habit. Surprising these things were not known by me, but he was out most times and his Mrs was always a pleasant cheerful person, apparently adapted to her situation.

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