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Our Land And People

By Janet Vargas Owner of this Website

We're proud of our country here Down Under with sunny riverbanks etc Let's be more patriotic like some other countries are hey? Founding days, mostly as convicts are way past now and there is so much to be proud of. We need to Celebrate our Country AUSTRALIA. There were wonderful declarations made over our shores when we discovered this Great Land.

There will be some posts on things we can change in our country towards some real progress with certain things that have been overlooked or not dealt with.

Through changes over time, we're not subordinates now (subdued, dominated and defeated) we are a people with dignity and we need to Speak Up more often when things are not good for us, like Chemical laden food and agriculture etc. not to mention our Water Supply!

For several decades now, we have let Politicians play amuck at Voting Times, breaking Election promises all too often and as long as I remember, it has been Labour or Liberal....Liberal or Labour with our Preferential System for Votes. Now, since we have a way out of that, through changes made just prior to our last national vote at the Federal Elections in May 2019 we need to fully realise what power is in our hands with future Votes.

We could strengthen The People's Voice and have more Citizen's Referendums. We can also have a Stronger Voice if everyone Speaks to their Members of Parliament more often - their State Member and their Federal Member - the reason why "we do not see changes" often is because no-one SPEAKS UP or not many do (they're happy to let things ride) the "busy, busy" pace of life or fitting in leisure interests distract us from that necessary task AND Opportunity. There are so many ways to do this - most of us could find a way, HEY?

It is said that we can be given to apathy, and that is a concern. I think it stems from early days when we couldn't do much about circumstances - subdued and so forth - but we need to Arise Now and show what kind of people we really are instead of saying "she'll be right mate"......we need to Make things Right if they're not, hey? There's so much we can do, to make sure this is even a Better Country for us and our children who live in it.

Note: Because I run several Websites, I had this one on hold. Then I decided to take up the Baton and Cheer People Up in May 2020 and Defend their Health as well. Thank You for Your Interest in OURS AUSTRALIA!

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