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Persistent Religious People – Have You Encountered Them? Take Care Friends!

I subscribe to Just Jesus you could say – no extras! Many Religious Teachings are so Unbalanced. So please do be careful of Sales Pitches – the obvious and the subtle. It’s real Conjecture, that is…….it’s not Preaching the Gospel, it’s Attacking people.

The Gospel actually means Good News and Glad Tidings in the language it was written in  – not Bible Bashing and displaying how awful you can be. No-one wants that kind of Religion, where your behavior is right out of line. Yuck! How dare people Act like that, and put God’s Name on it – especially Jesus precious Name. You can rest assured that Jesus has nothing to do with it.

It is true that a Good Living Person is better to be around than that kind of person – better behaved and balanced. That in itself can be classed as godly. Such people are more pleasing to our Creator I’m sure – often a pleasure to be around –
time well spent.

There are two Important Bible Verses here to consider which are Paramount to what we witness from “Bible Believing” people.

The first one says “The letter kills but the Spirit gives Life” in other words, when it comes to quoting Verses moderately from the Bible, when you are truly led by the Spirit of God, you can share Verses that inspire and encourage; lead a person to a place of Refuge when they are deeply troubled, bringing needed comfort; help someone build up their Faith in God; uplift a person, bringing a sense of Joy to them when they are hearing something wonderful for the very first time, they experience gladness of heart………

Yet with the Same Bible, without the Spirit of God, you can destroy a person’s Faith or possibilities of finding it; you can drain a person’s energy and take away their peace and any comfort they may otherwise have; you can strip away the sense of Joy they have with Jesus, when you unwisely try to change them to a different belief structure the Spirit of God actually does not Favor such as nonsensical; loveless or joyless; extremism; domination or mind control.

That is not a True Walk with Jesus, that is Mania - Religious Dogma. It's Important to know the difference. You can be sure they are steeped into such stuff through unhealthy religious brainwashing on a weekly or daily basis. Friends, sad to say you don't want Covid, and you don't want that either.

Hence, to Sum all that up “The Letter (words from the Bible when used by the wrong person) do kill but simply shared by the right person, absolutely do bring Life” so keep your wits about you because the kind of person presenting Verses from a Bible, makes all the difference, they really do.

And incidentally, I don't subscribe to "Fire-Escape" methods of Saving People - that's not a Good Way to introduce someone to Jesus. I think many would be surprised to find out how the word "Hell" got into the Bible - replacing certain other words - it's actually missing from the Original Greek and Hebrew Translation. To me, it is a form of Slander, really - not in keeping with God's Nature. There is such a thing as a "Second Death" mentioned - that refers to a Spiritual Death but not the other. You can read more HERE in a different Article I wrote, if you wish to do so.

I have heard some people misquote and use the Bible who can demolish someone’s Faith and any thread of Peace and Joy they may have – placing them in a real position of discomfort. It’s actually quite distressing to hear a Religious person do that to someone – it can be so cringeworthy sometimes, you just want to run to their rescue and Save them from those culprits.

No wonder Jesus calls them "Hirelings" because that is the Devil’s Work, not God’s. Yes, you heard right. How can you know this? Because it’s actually having a destructive effect on you and is clearly unhealthy.

Honestly, it is definitely Best if you Always Avoid such people and keep a distance from them. And this I have found to be true through the Years, if you try to speak Commonsense to them or help them out of that, they are Very Unteachable – they won’t hear a Word you have to Say.

God never favors that kind of attitude. In fact the Bible says that “God resists the proud” (overbearing) He has nothing to do with them. So you can Save yourself from unnecessary Expenses for Satellite TV Services and maybe your Pocket from Outlandish Bribes (in the Name of God, if you please?) I did. You can be Sure Jesus isn’t into Anyone’s Pay for your Blessings Schemes. Those preachers are a dime a dozen.

The other Bible Verse that comes to mind is the one that refers to Believers as "Living Letters"......... to me that says that People are more interested in "Reading You" than a book they are not familiar with. What Good Attributes do they find in You? How Wise do they find You? How Balanced? Do they see some Genuine Peace and Joy? Unmistakable Quietness in your spirit - not given to Anxiety and the Cares of Life? This is the Gospel (Good News) that People are needing these days - not so much just to hear about Jesus but to See Him or Feel Him in your Heart and Life. AND not overwhelming. Words are always best kept short - people do not have a lot of mind space these days - are they Glad they met you or Stressed they met you? Yes, these things are of paramount importance.

There are so many People now who have the Same Bag of Tricks – Mishandling Gods Word and Quoting it out of Context to promote a certain Brand of Religion (the only one of-course) AND many "Preachers" for Pure Gain. You can be Sure the Same Bible actually Cautions about that Evil Greed Breed in No Uncertain Terms.

Christians, if we Care to take the Liberties of reading Our Own Bibles for Ourselves, we will find so many Verses they are hiding from us. Yes, there are Words from the Apostle Paul, they wouldn’t dare tell us. True, that’s perfectly TRUE. Read your Bibles and Check it out – what he Really had to say about their kind. I think you'd be surprised.

Paul was a Good Father in the Faith, he gave Good Instructions to Safeguard your Faith (Walk with Jesus) but how will you know Lots of Good Things he had to tell us if you’re only hearing the Verses the Preachers tell you and you have little desire or inclination to Read Scripture yourself and Enjoy the Presence of Jesus. This experience can be smooth, Enriching, you will be really glad you did.

False Christianity, come Against it. Paul had Zero Tolerance for it. So should You! Social Gospel Preachers etc. He teaches how to recognise them for your Protection – especially when you have Children to Consider. That’s an absolute Must – one of the Essentials of Living a Christian Life in this Generation.

Don’t be caught Empty Handed if/when you choose a place of Fellowship. I mean to be fully Informed, not your Pocket. God never intended for His Spiritual Kids to be so Naive. Why do you think Jesus said sometimes a person in the World is more discerning (much wiser?) It’s really Sad to see the Spiritual State many of God’s Kids are in because they choose the Wrong Preacher or the wrong place to Fellowship in. Many of those can make you Spiritually Impoverished. Take Care!

The same applies to much of the Viewing on “Christian TV” for a long time now – many of the Devil’s Hirelings hang out there. I have witnessed so many of them with all manner of unbalanced Teachings and greed for your dollars. Yes, Christian TV shows itself – these days – to be an Unhealthy Environment like a lot of Secular TV.

And you wonder why I subscribe to Just Jesus or Simply Jesus? Many do these days, finding it much healthier. An uncomplicated walk with Jesus. No extras.

Whether you believe in Him or not Take Care.

Rest assured, a True Walk with Jesus doesn’t have any of the Religious Mania you have been reading about, but is a welcomed experience where You relate with Him and He relates with you.

If you look after your Relationship with Him like we do with a Garden, by spending times in His Presence and His Words – a blessing rather than an intrusion – you will have a measure of Peace and Joy from day to day, week to week.

Any relationship is not the happiest or brightest when neglected, and so it is with Jesus – it’s always best to stay close to Him like you do with a Loved One. That’s where the Peace and Joy is – togetherness with Him, not separate from Him. Does your spiritual garden yield fruit and flowers?

Have a pleasant day or evening Friends.

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