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Hi there, so you like or love reading Poems? I trust you will Enjoy some I have been writing since 2012. I have included a few nice Poems by other authors. You will find them on the Pages on the POEMS Menu or by clicking any HERE on this Page for your convenience.

Nature Poems HERE

Sun Blessed Morning - Sweet little Bird - God’s Cute little Creatures

Creation Poems HERE

Nature’s Creator - God in Creation - Our Creator’s Special Touch

Poems For Parents HERE

Little Children - A Word to Parents - A Parent's Prayer - Fly Away

Inspirational Poems HERE

Perfect Liberty - Dear Jesus

Life Poem Ones Day HERE

A Thoughtful Poem With Six Verses

Friendship Poems  HERE

Friends Are Angels – True Qualities in Friendship – Healthy Friendships – Great Friends

Wisdom And Strength HERE

Words of Wisdom - Feelings And Faith

Strength And Courage HERE

Climb Till Your Dream Comes True - Don't Quit  -  The Champion Within - Mover of Mountains - Can You Sing A Song?