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Inspirational Poems

Perfect Liberty

I wanted to keep my feet on the ground

now my feet are on higher ground

You gave me a sense of direction and more

my sense of worth You fully restored.

When I was a child I had faith to leap

without thought or care of my balance to keep.

When I was young I’d set out for adventure

now I seek once more to venture.

You gave to me the power of CHOICE

now in these things my soul does REJOICE.

You’ve given to me a platform for life

Joy, Peace and Love

that come from above.

Your victories triumphant are mine to apply

To life situations, I do more than get by

You gave to me such liberty

Now, with such blessing I am free.

Janet Vargas ©


Dear Jesus

Life is not for reflecting on things upsetting

and always thinking I want to be getting.

Help me to keep my focus on You

life is not for feeling blue.

Help me to choose what is right

beneficial and pleasing in Your sight.

Blessed Jesus, pave my way

to brighter and better days.

You did not say this life would be easy

but that I can always come to You freely.

Of Your blessings there's more and more

until I reach those Heavenly shores.

Teach me at all times, to be truly wise

not to settle for doubts and lies.

When things get hard

to keep praising You is what I must.

Teach me to bring my thoughts into line

with Your Words that are truly divine.

You are with me from week to week

Your Presence always, I will seek.

Janet Vargas © 2018