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Poems for Parents

Little Children 

Listen little children and lend an ear

The Lord is with you and ever so near

He is watching you from Heaven above

And His gift to you is everlasting love

It doesn't matter who you are

Or what you look like or what you do

You are God's beautiful little flowers Budding

and blooming, sweet and true

All little children are without sin

Whether they be a little girl or boy

They are sunshine without an end

And every parent's pride and joy

Ellen Bailey ©


A Word to Parents

Give a hug or thanks or praise for the things your children do

Pretty soon they'll be grown up and you'll be cherishing I love you's

Their little hearts trust you from the start be grateful that you play a part

in their little lives, don't bribe or chide.

They're very dear, so sigh and cheer moments to relish I would replenish

if I had the power to regain those hours.

But in my dreams I see sometimes their little voices sound like chimes.

Give us ever listening ears to hear their voice and hearts so clear.

Little children meek and mild some are restless, they like to glide.

Through the day I work without pay it's a pleasure to watch them play.

Help me to show a picture of their God in my love and my manner on this earthly sod.

One day they'll be parents, yes I'll see whether they'll choose to be just like me. 

Janet Vargas © Oct 2013


A Parent's Prayer 

They're only little once. Grant me the wisdom to guide them down the path that their feet should take.

For I know that they can never turn back and walk those paths with me again.

Give me the wisdom to guide their feet so that someday they'll be able to walk alone.

They're only little once. Give me the time I need to enjoy them.

For I know that after they're grown, I'll never have another chance to tell stories and pretend at those tea parties.

I'll never have another chance

They're only little once.Let me be a good teacher and an even better example.

Give me the right words and deeds to teach them.

Help me to teach them about You and how to walk in Your ways

so that when they are old they will not depart from Your ways.

For they're only little one time, only innocent and trusting and pliable for a space of time, one minute in an eternity. 

Let me do my best for them while I have the chance. 

Author Unknown


Fly Away

Children fly away with wings of strength when designed in a home of love.

Fly little bird, fly away, you are fresh and new and young.

Spread the joy and hope of life, and leave no song unsung.

Fly little bird, fly away...but carry the love and care

shared with you in the humble nest...reflect it everywhere.

Sandra M. Haight ©