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Private Browsers And Search Engines: A Better Way To Go!

Many of us are tired of Security Alerts with GOOGLE.......Right? There is a Better way to Go if you are interested in more Security. Because even when there are not Cyber Security Threats on Google like Bank Accounts being hacked etc. Google is into Information Farming with your Searches and Purchases - tracking where you go on the Internet and what you Buy. They then SELL this Information to a lot of Advertisers and all. Google even records your IP Address. They do this mostly through a GOOGLE ANALYTICS program, they heavily promote to Website Owners and CEOs.

It doesn't sound like an ethical practice, does it? You're absolutely right. It is Not!

That's where the beauty of Private Browsers come in, instead of Chrome and Edge.......AND......Private Search Engines, instead of Google, Bing and Yahoo. Because Google isn't the only one into Information Farming, but they lead the way in it. That's for sure!

First you need a Browser to place a Search Engine on. A Browser acts as a platform for the Search Engine. So you can't have a Search Engine running without a platform.

If you like, you can have a Private Search Engine loaded onto Chrome or Firefox through an APP.
I can recommend two very good Charity Search Engines for that which Respect Privacy with your Searches.

Instead of Tracking your IP Address (your computer address) they Encrypt It - what this means for you is, it will Not be passed on to anyone. They don't sell your Information to anyone! This is a definite advantage to you.

These two Charity Search Engines are ECOSIA and EKORU.

Ecosia ensures user privacy in many ways. For example, it doesn’t store your data, create your profile, or sell your personal information. The browser is more focused on Environmental Conservation and, in fact, donates 80% of its profits to this course. You should know that Ecosia generates revenues from displaying non-intrusive ads.

Moreover, it will encrypt your internet searches. Also, Ecosia doesn’t create user profiles based on their search patterns or use external tracking tools.

I personally discovered Ecosia 3-4 Yrs ago, have found it to be good, and Enjoy using it because every 45 Searches I do on their Search Engine, ONE TREE is PLANTED somewhere in the World where Trees are urgently needed - like Reforesting Projects that help to Offset the Effects of Climate Change (they help to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere).
Just recently in 2020, ECOSIA funded several thousand TREES for AUSTRALIA at our urgent Time of Need. And that's what they do in 35 Countries - which is Collectively bringing about Change Needed in our Global Climate Warming.

I've something else to tell you from experience about when you Search with Ecosia or Ekoru.

There are NO MORE intrusive Pesky GOOGLE ADS Bombarding Your SEARCHES On The Internet.
This also means you are saving on Bandwidth if you have any type of Limited Internet Allowance, and the WebPages will come up more readily (not so slow, it's the Ads that make them slow to come up).

You can find Ecosia HERE and check some Searches out for yourselves.
I also have a page about Ecosia on one of my Websites I run, from when
I Researched Ecosia.
You will find 6 short Videos HERE. You will love them!
Oh and a page on Ours Australia HERE called
Ecosia: The Search Engine That Funded Our New Trees! We Say Thank You.

And just to think we can Fund all these Trees in different Countries for FREE when Searching the Internet Privately. Hey!

EKORU is an AUSTRALIAN Charity Search Engine which Cleans our surrounding Ocean, and also Funds the Reforestation of our Ocean Beds.

So ECOSIA Reforests the LAND and EKORU Reforests the OCEAN.

Every Search you're making (collectively) Helps Remove Plastic and Reforests Our Oceans.

When you click on an Ad (Sponsored Link) revenue goes to support Big Blue Ocean Cleanup to help them keep our oceans clean and Operation Posidonia to keep our oceans green.

Every Search Helps Replant Ocean Seagrass and Fight Climate Change With Operation Posidonia. Scientists at University New South Wales and Sydney Institute of Marine Science are fighting Climate Change by Reforesting Our Ocean with Seagrass - the blue carbon sink which is actually green!

Plus searches on Ekoru generate 4.4g less CO2 than other Search Engines, that helps you to lesson your Carbon Footprint every time your Computer or Laptop is in use. Especially if you use them a lot like I do.

Ocean seagrass capture Carbon up to 40 times faster than Rainforest Trees
ABC Australia Science

You can download the EKORU APP onto your Chrome or Firefox BROWSER.

You can see some of the work they do HERE and try a few Searches on their Search Engine HERE.


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