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Readers Testimonies

Welcome To My Testimony Page. I Like To Hand On Feedback I've Had From Visitors To My Websites. Hopefully This Will Give You An Idea Of How First Time And Regular Visitors Are Enjoying OURS AUSTRALIA And What They Like In Particular. For Reasons, I Don't Have A Contact Form On This Website. Let Me Know What YOU Enjoy Or Benefit From In My Blog, Hey?

Janet, I would like to congratulate you on your website. A mutual friend told me about it. I like your posts especially – they are different to most I read on blogs. Please write more. ~ Rebecca M

This is a great website and makes us proud to be Australians. And YES we do have things to Celebrate. Love the audios and videos! ~ Mark & Sally

Hi Janet, I would like you to know the poems and inspirations did something for me, and so do the Tips For Parents you have thoughtfully provisioned. There will be more happy parents! ~ Lucy R

Where did you find those gorgeous videos of the koala and the joey kangaroo? They are really great and so are your audios of the kookaburras and maggies. ~ Allan L

I just love your website Janet As you say, something for the Aussies! I am proud to live here and agree, it’s nice to celebrate. There should be more blogs like this.  ~ Anna G

At last, a website for Aussies with some nice cheery news and interesting posts. I have been coming back here over the last month and it lifts my day. Thank you! ~ Fay-Ann

Janet, how did you come up with all those concepts and features? I can see this IS a gift from Jesus like you say. So glad you don’t impose Christianity, I read that you don’t have Church affiliations but love His Words. So do I. Have a wonderful day! ~ Jenna M

Hi Janet, we love your website so much – it’s inspiring – we send our family and friends here and anyone who needs cheering up. So glad you gave us your card, we wanted to let you know. ~ David and Jane

Janet, I found this website on your Health and Inspirations website. It is so great to know you have a website for Aussies now. It was just a matter of time I think. You so inspire everyone. You certainly have made a difference for me! ~ Debra B

Love your posts Janet. I look forward to seeing more of them. You must be very busy placing all the other posts here. I know that all takes time because I know someone who runs a website. I was blessed to find you. Even though I go to a Christian fellowship, I appreciate your views and your heart towards Jesus – churches can be institutional. I think you write with insight. ~ Felicity

We go to some of your other websites and now this one Janet. We visit your websites mostly and have them bookmarked. We don’t care much for surfing the internet these days and are satisfied with what you have to offer – there’s so many pages and posts that keep us busy. A big thanks from us! ~ Mike and Rhonda

Janet, I love the little quotes and sayings at the top of your website. I like them very much and find them inspiring. Also your poem pages. I’ve been here before and I found your poem websites today. What a surprise! ~ Rosalie

I love the way you make your websites so colourful. Thank you for being there for us Janet, I really appreciate it. I like all the happy content I find here and the caring content too. Keep up the good work and I hope you will be rewarded for all the good things you bring our way. ~ Grace

I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the great content you consistently produce. It's informative, interesting, and always keeps me coming back for more! ~ Ivy Barrett

 Janet, I hope you find time to enjoy other things like family and friends, you have so much content on your websites (I saw the others as well). It’s hard to say what I like the most – if I want to relax I come here, if I want to be inspired I come here, and I also pick up some very good health information that  is balanced. Have a nice weekend. ~  Faylene

"Thank You For Your Interest"