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Ruminating Can Trip You Up – Not Good For Friendships

By Janet Vargas – Inspirational and Natural Health Writer

Rumination: a form of dwelling on things and overthinking or reading things into people’s words. Sometimes where the damage is, when you don’t have a clue just how much it affects us. It makes us stress and fuss.  It throws our emotions out of whack. Surely we should give it more often the sack.  When we have a disagreement, one can recover soon after and the other take longer, it depends what you both understand after the disagreement, who may be hurt more. So we need to be strong for each-other, our sisters and brothers, and also good friends. We need to show understanding – sometimes the benefit of the doubt. So your thoughts don’t hit you like a clout – then things get foggy and leave you in a cloud

This can place you in a haze that lasts for days. If it lasts for weeks or months, it can make you sick. Such are the damages of rumination; it’s no friend like you may sometimes think it is. If given a chance, it can impair your judgement – distort all manner of things. This is not wise, don’t be given to lies.

Excessive time spent in rumination can even give you a warp on life and change your view of those around you, making your days unpleasant. Then it really proves to be not a friend but a foe. Not to be underestimated – it’s never healthy. It always starts somewhere, so never let it become a habit will you? And if you have developed a habit of it, please read some articles for solutions as to how you can overcome it, so you can function more comfortably in relationships and life around you. Yes, rumination is Unhealthy Thinking – everyone experiences it at sometime. Some people have an upper hand on it and others find it challenging.

Sometimes our thoughts can be colored by the past, reading things into things, or someone’s intentions. This throws us out of balance, and can drain our energies – we’re not fit for family, work or leisure. For if we don’t nip it in the bud, things get out of line. It’s like a deceitful bow, not to be trusted….. for we can make poor decisions that bring regret. Sometimes things cannot be changed once the damage is done.

Many a marriage and friendship has broken that way, be not lured into it – kindness pays. Be kind to that person and to your mind – don’t close off from communications. Just like the weather fine, things can come into line, if you trust not in that deceitful bow, open up and discuss calmly your feelings, find out where both of you were coming from. Steady your steps and let things rest.

This will clear your focus so you can think straight. Try these tips for relationship’s sake. Those who work at these things have strong families and friendships, much to be envied. I’m happy for you if you have never had an argument, but we should always be prepared if one should come our way. Don’t feel poorly if you have, I know this can often make us feel sad. Think of this encouragement: Sometimes those who have not had arguments prove to be less strong, while those who have weathered the storms together…..their relationship lasts a lifetime. So try not to let a few disagreements affect your confidence in a Good Friendship or the quality of it. Providing you handle things well, it is not a problem. When are you getting started? There is no time like Today!

By Janet Vargas © 2022  

PS Note: I strongly recommend that you read the following Post I’ve written on my Natural Health Website/Blog I have written recently that can give you lots of practical ways you can Lessen Rumination that imposes on so many people’s thought life. I am placing a link here for you.

Ruminating: Strategies To Overcome Repetitive Disturbing Thoughts

Both these Articles go Hand in Hand with each-other and provide valuable Insights. Clicking on this link will bring you to a page that contains Solutions that came up in Research recently, and things that have worked for me different times. I used to experience this culprit years ago when I did not have the best of health and had a lot of time on my hands. Rumination can become a merciless tyrant when left unchecked. Learn how to recognize it and manage it – it’s in your best interest to do so, it really is. All of us!

Remember these things with Loved Ones too. If each one of you read these articles an improve in this area,
it will make for a stronger knit Family.

“Best Wishes To All”