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By Janet Vargas - Owner Of This Website

Both Governments - USA and Australia are Not Dealing with Real Issues Affecting People in Both Countries. I will be addressing some things that have come here from the USA which need attention to make some real Progress in several areas when it comes to different aspects of our welfare here in Australia.

I do not wish to offend the good American Folk who often visit this Website.
Things are very stressful for you over there.

Many Americans and Australians are not happy with Decisions made by our Governments and have Big Issues of things affecting our People IGNORED. There are Governments in certain Countries who are a 
Lot More Responsible and Dedicated to Their People while ours remain Uncommitted on Things that Really Concern Us and they are Preoccupied with Less Important Things often.

In this Article, I am going to address certain things that come from America that may be uncomfortable for some.…

Janet Vargas - Independent Natural Health Researcher

What people don't realize most times is ever since Big Pharma started to gain ground in the 1850s, their intention always is to gain more ground, and they don't care what lengths they have to go to, to gain ever-increasingly more and more ground - like Coca Cola! They are controlled by an insatiable spirit of greed. They have a strong influence on Governments in Western Countries like the USA and Australia because they bring in more revenue than almost anything else.

The FDA in America has been found to be corrupt in what they allow on the market (so many dangerous Medical Drugs affecting millions across the world daily) and what they don't allow (so many natural cures have had to go underground or completely banned). The TGA in Australia strongly favours the Medical establishment over the Natural Health Profession because of the Revenue factor.…

By Janet Vargas Owner of this Website

We all need to strengthen Family Bonds and relationships in a day and age that has it's challenges - essentially we are as strong as our Families and Friendships are and spiritually too. Speaking for myself, relating closely with our Creator and Jesus our Saviour, wins over religious duties and "church attendance"........

Family Bonding Together Is Really Good - Do This Often

I may share a little about that in other posts but do not wish to impose agendas on you. I have found many visitors to my Poem Website HERE like to view pages like those which are totally separate (they have many views and people have commented to me afterwards offline, saying they enjoy them). One person without any religious background said they "see things so much clearer"......

I have been asked if I will write more and I did not set out to do that.…