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Tired Of Commercialism And Unnecessary Waste? Have You Heard Of Repair Cafes?

Have you ever been concerned about the Amount of Household Items that make it to the Bin or Tip through the Years or even Weeks or Months after purchase? There are plenty of People who think the Same Way. And there are Groups of People who get together at different Locations across Australia and run REPAIR CAFES. Possibilities are they can help You with that/those Item/Items you don't want to dispense of - it's worth a try - they Fix such a Variety of Things!

I have seen one of these Cafes myself - they are Good People!

Repair Café Inspires The World

“In Europe, we throw out so many things,” says Martine Postma, long frustrated by our throwaway culture. “I wanted to do something about it.”

What she did was to open the first Repair Café in Amsterdam, a social space where people could learn to fix anything from vacuum cleaners and toys to jewellery and clothes—rather than throw them in the trash.

Repair Cafe Inspires The World!
The idea quickly spread. This year, the Amsterdam café marks its 10th anniversary—and has now inspired more than 1,500 other repair cafés around the world.

For a small fee, Postma’s Repair Café Foundation helps people in other cities open their own cafés. It provides a step-by-step manual along with other support and the basic approach is the same.

Volunteer repair experts show café-goers how to fix their broken items. “They like sharing the knowledge and helping other people,” says Postma. “It’s about doing something together, in the here and now.”

Repair Cafe Inspires The World


You will SEE a List of REPAIR CAFES and REPAIR LABS here on the above Link in AUSTRALIA!

Learn While Reclaiming Lost Items

The volunteer “fixers” who attend the Repair Cafés bring a wealth of knowledge to share with visitors. Some come from mechanical engineering or trades backgrounds, textiles expertise or trained jewellery-makers, for example. Yet others have accumulated years of practice in repairing their own things. They have a curious nature and love the sense of achievement when that niggling fault has been found and fixed. 

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