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TV: A Source Of Family Entertainment Or A Harmful Device? It Can Be Both – Please Read On.

By Janet Vargas - Independent Natural Health Researcher 30+ Yrs

Unable to sleep at night after you've finished your programs for the evening? The Blue Light emitted from the Screen has Affected your Melatonin Levels for the night. Maybe your Kids can't sleep after their share for the same reason? Maybe you were a bit distracted by what's on the Screen to tuck your younger Kids into bed at night - their little minds could be thinking "Why doesn't mummy (or daddy) stay with me? Why does she (or he) go so quickly?" And even your Teenage Kids could be thinking they're no competition to that mesmerizing TV of yours. That is, unless they're off in their own rooms with their own TVs and it's the other way round. You're wondering if that was such a good idea, buying that 2nd TV or everyone their TVs.

TVs can Change your Priorities; TVs can make you Lazy to get up and Attend to things or even Loved Ones; TVs can even blunt your Sensitivity to them; TV can Infiltrate your thinking habits, so you have little Interest or Motivation for anything else; TV can cause you to Compromise your Commitments or even your Morals; TV can talk you into buying things you really didn't Need and you're wondering why you bought them?

How To Clear Your Mind Of Negativity To Boost Immunity
Dr. Fun-gi Saves the World 2 Mins

"What gives TV all this Power anyway and why did we buy so many of them?"
What makes them so captivating that my Spouse or Kids can't shift their eyes away from the TV when I'm talking to them and it means a lot to me? Why are these TVs so alluring, enticing, demanding of my time and energy when I have other things to do? I have a House to Run, Work the Next Day? And more importantly, I let my Spouse or Family down - I broke a Promise again.

You may have noticed that a lot of Content on TV is getting quite Dominating and most Programs or Channels make for Poor Viewing - you're not impressed but you put up with it anyway.

(I'm putting myself in your place with Writer's Flow)

Can you relate to some of that? Or even all of that? Maybe you would be interested to know what I found out.


Brain Screen time
IdeaVideos 4.8 Mins

Recent Research Re TV And Tech

I've been doing more Research about TV and Tech recently. I felt very strongly somehow, that they are like a Drug, and found this to be True - I was spot on - and you know? Drugs are Addictive - you lose the taste or motivation for other things. Even relating Closely with your Loved Ones from day to day, evening to evening.

We miss out on the beauty of Quality Living and Real Relationships in our House when TV and Tech and Social Media Reign. Lets start Living Life and making our House a Home. You can start this gradually with some Simple Things in Life: develop a few new healthy habits like making a few Recipes; drying your Clothes in the Sunshine and Fresh Air; going for walks; sitting around a Meal Table instead of in front of a TV; commence a few Conversations together instead of going off into separate rooms whatever.

Do you know something? This type of lifestyle makes many people quite stressed, even though they may not be aware of it. This modern form of Stress makes people unwell - Hectic Lifestyles; Virtual Living; Sedentary Living; Lack of proper Communication in the Home. Come on Folk, lets take after Smart people who have other interests, and discover for ourselves some Old-Fashion Values. LIFE Be In It.

Mark these words: Too much TV and Tech can make your Marriage and/or Family Relationships impoverished. You cannot experience that Closeness and Fun Times Together we were Created for when much of your time is spent in front of that TV and/or you are addicted to Tech Devices and Social Media. It's clearly impossible. Sorry for your discomfort, I want to help you.

How TV Affects Kids

Screen Addiction in Children - What to do about it!
Mommy Answer Lady 8.54 Mins

Speaking about bad effects that Television can have on Children: Those effects include: Aggressive Behaviour, Mental Health Issues, and Environmental Issues. One of the main problems with TV is that Children tend to spend most of their Free Time watching it instead of going Outdoors and doing some physical activities.
This, for sure, has bad Health Effects on Kids. Research Studies show that kids who spent too much time watching TV are more likely to be Overweight.
Another problem that Research shows, is that Television is believed to "Slow" Childrens' Minds. It is also believed to Reduce the level of Imagination Children have!
Lastly, the most important point VIOLENCE. Television is approved to increase the level of Violence among Children which results in aggressive behaviour.
The sponsors of those channels play a big role in changing Children's views on Morality, Society, and Business. Parents should really control what their Children should or should NOT watch.
For example, the after-school and early-evening hours used to be a time for "what did you do today?" dialogue. But now, the "electronic box" does most of the talking.

Most importantly, the TV has replaced the Interactions between Parents and Children.

Also, TV exhibits a Low Tolerance for Learning. Preschoolers now prefer to see pictures of things when reading a story, etc. They want everything to be easy just like watching TV. (Ms.Haidar)

My Dad Decades Ago - A TV Sales And Serviceman

My Dad personally witnessed this in many customer's homes as a TV Sales and Serviceman many years ago. He said to me one day, that a lot of Families who
had close interactions together when he sold them the TVs were somewhat distant in the way they related to each-other some years later when they watched more programs etc. As a caring and observant person, he wished he hadn't sold the TVs to them - he felt kind of responsible for the changes in those Families, like "What have I promoted? What have I done!?" As if he was party to their poor decisions to watch programs excessively, which ruled out a lot of their Family Time relating and doing things together they had before TV came along. He was a brilliant Technician and never pushed a Sale - when people came to the Show Room where he had different TVs on Display, he would even show young couples a TV that had a better picture whatever, if he felt that a TV they were attracted to was too expensive for them. Yet as I said, some years later he felt he had done everyone a disservice. Most Sales People could not care a less these days hey? It's just your MONEY they want - the More the better - never mind how it affects you or your Family: Vision, Health, Family Life whatever, who cares!? But like I said, my Dad was a Caring Man.
I feel like I'm speaking for him sometimes because he's seen it all.

Besides, who wants to be told how to think, what to do, where to go
and when to buy - every night?

Some discerning Folks tell me they don't watch TV anymore or sparingly these days and they "prefer to do other things" they got tired of "being brainwashed" or "stereotyped" or consider it "a waste of money."

I value other people's input in what I am about to write sometimes, when shopping.

A family member and a few friends find a few good Lifestyle Programs, Occasional interesting Documentaries they like to watch in addition to Sports, they enjoy considerably.

I have the TV permanently switched off on my 30-40" Screen and a Collection of Quality Content DVDs. I built it up gradually over time. An 8 Sequel Old Fashioned Romance called Love Comes Softly by Janet Oke (author) and Michael Landon's son (producer) with a different interesting story of family members who grew up and married, each Sequel. Hidden Places (of the heart) another good Story. 10 Shirley Temple Movies from my Mum's Day. Nice interesting later Movies like The Secret Garden and Fly Away Home. Wonderful Scenery with Videography Succinct to Music by Readers Digest called Wildlife Symphony and Nature's Symphony (absolutely enthralling); Relaxing Documentaries I find interesting; other Videographys with Music Backgrounds including such things as Wildflowers; Hummingbirds; Monarch Butterflies; Polar Bears; Penguins; Coral Reefs etc and that's enough for me. I'm fascinated by them and never tire of them. I also have an International Recipes Series called Food Safari and a few Gardening DVDs. I don't have much time to spare to watch them often. My new Garden Beds etc keep me busy - enjoying them.

That's all we bother with and make other interests our Lifestyles. It's so much more Satisfying. It really is. As some people rightly say: TV is just one big Commercial Enterprise, out to take advantage of us every so many minutes.

But if you've found a few nice programs and you can't get out much, I wish you well.

This illustration Comes To Mind

A TV is kind of like a Gas Stove that comes with a Warning that reads: You can make very nice tasty meals with this device when handled with Care......

1) You can also really burn your hands if you don't. Except a TV doesn't come with a Warning that reads: This device will give you some good viewing if you choose each Program Wisely. If you don't, it is a breeding ground for Negative MindsetsConfused Emotions about relationships you find yourself in; it can Condition your Mind to all manner of Temptations; it can put your Pockets at Risk when you see lots of things, chemicals in your Body tell you "I must have that Now. And that and that" when you're not financially ready, so you put endless Items on Time Payment and your Budget gets tighter and tighter, causing Stress in your Marriage and Family when Prices Increase and you are not Ready for that. It doesn't make for a good Home Environment or Grocery Shopping experience when out with your Children does it? Kiddies Stress too!

2) Content on this device can Impair your Judgement with issues in life; also Compromise your Morals; question what Good Standards you have, as it's hidden messages say "Follow the Crowd, Follow the Crowd. Do what everyone else does. Are you behind the Times!?"

3) This device breaks up Marriages and Families by influencing Couples with all manner of Discontent, and sometimes Resentment, as they're hearing suggestive content with "Cheating on our spouse' AND "Lots of Arguments and Anger" maybe causing Couples to reflect on their own - really Unhealthy Content no-one wants Circulating in their Brain……surely? Not to mention all the Gossip in some of those Soapys that does not Inspire Good Habits. Soapys can also affect your mental health subconsciously by reinforcing negative and upsetting experiences you've had in life, instead of seeing them from a healthy perspective and Moving On.
Be careful.

4) As for the Violence, Vengeance and really Weird Content in so many of the Movies these days, seriously, who wants to watch that stuff? Yet some people do. That Hollywood Rubbish should be sent back to them - no hesitation! For out of that repeated Viewing, comes all Manner of Crime we read and hear about on the News (just like people watch in the Movies.)

5) Folks please do be Careful - Handle that TV with Care when Choosing Movies and Programs etc because what goes into our Brains - especially lots of it - Stays There and becomes Ingrained. No, those TVs don't come with these warnings, do they?

6) I believe what Research has Proven - people's minds are Being Conditioned towards Marriage and Family Breakups and Taking Lives etc. Yes it all comes from somewhere most times - TV Viewing we consent to watch. Aim for the Healthy Content. There's less of it, I know, but Surely the effort is worth it, to maintain Healthier and Happier Mindsets; a Good Marriage with better possibilities if you do need to improve things with your spouse.

7) In addition to everything else, do keep in mind that any more than a Small Moderate amount of TV Viewing on a regular basis actually Dulls Your Brain Processes, and makes some people quite Dumb. Doesn't sound nice does it?
Yet those are findings of Neuroscientists who Study the Brain and specialize in Brain Chemistry. They can't be wrong - Statistics don't Lie!

8) Also keep in mind that, the Constant Stimuli Coming At Youvia your Eyes to Your Brain non-stop puts your Body Chemistry in a constant State of Stress. Even though you can't always pick up on that doesn't make this any less True. TV itself virtually Hijacks your Brain for the duration of time you are watching it.
Believe it or Not.

9) A lot of TV Content they show over the Screen, can Desensitize Us to Anger and Aggression: someone's Upsets and Pain; Cheating on Spouses: Moral Ethics; Causing People Injury: Defaming People and Gossiping about Them; and Taking Someone's Life. A weapon in the Devil's hand, so to speak, we would do well not to underestimate it's destructive affects. It's also Sedating, I found out when I checked that out. I reckon Psychologists and Neuroscientists know what they are talking about - they are highly skilled in these things, to improve our Brain and Lifestyle and bring a measure of Protection to us. It amazes me sometimes that not everyone gets to hear about them or work them out. I suppose the TV News Media, would not want to broadcast them - they'd be out of work:)

10) Above all, remember the TV is not a Baby Sitter for when you are distracted and busy, It may teach your kids Bad Habits and Disrespect. It may also Scare the Living Daylights out of your kids if left unsupervised. And be aware, it can also drastically affect your Children's Short Vision if they are repeatedly allowed to sit close to the Screen at length, gazing at it and especially up to it. SpecSavers are a thriving business these days due to unwise Viewing Habits.

When you think about it, so much TV Content is being Reflected in the News
these days.
Like I said, it Comes from Somewhere - it Stays in their Brain!

Pediatrician Advice: Screen Time Effects On Children | PedsDocTalk TV

Someone Said:

"Most people won't tolerate Brainwashing or Dictatorship, yet they tolerate so much TV that does both!"


I think Hollywood has a LOT to Answer For - the amount of Suggestive and Criminal Content they have Sent Our Way. So does Our Government for allowing them here.

Not to mention the Absolute Garbage that Insults one's Intelligence.

There isn't much difference between Big Hates and Little Hates really - they're both Unhealthy. TV promotes both!
TV is the Hidden Source and Instigator of most Crimes. It's so Obvious - Can we not See this? Lets get Smart. And also tell our Members of Parliament it must Stop.

Choose your Programs Wisely. It may Save you things you regret and your thoughts will be a lot Healthier.

Young People can go astray by watching too many TV Programs. We are supposed to Protect them!

Wrong Choice of TV Programs can also cause you to Dwell on Upsetting Things instead of Happy and Healthy.

Thanks For Reading

There you are Folks, considering the above content in this Article:

Are TVs a Good Source of Family Entertainment or a Harmful Device?

It Can Be Either!

Seems we need good Sober Judgement and really have our Wits about us doesn't it?

Especially for Kids whose Brains are not Fully Developed till the Age of 25.

All this about TV! Anyone care for their Daily Dose of it? Not me!

I promised Dad in my thoughts today, I will let Everyone Know these things!

Free Press Here. You deserve to Know.

It's for each one to remember the Gas Stove illustration:
Are we going to use this device Wisely or to our Detriment?

Most TV Programs do not give us a Good Outlook on Life.

An Article in My Blog that gets a lot of Views is:

Long TV Use and Tech Screens, Lack Of Exercise And Sleep Affects On
Our Immune System
There are also a few Good Health Tips on this Page!


The above Content is various Info I have Researched at different times.
The Writing is Copyright to myself, care of Ours Australia © 2023

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