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Two Footy Fans Show An Excellent Example Of Good Sportsmanship At A Finals Match – Read This!

A Young Boy And His Dad Witnessed Some Bad Sportsmanship After The Match And TV Interview From A Member Of The Team They Barrack For With Better Expectations When They Attended. Everyone Likes To Have A Good Experience Hey? This Incidence Caused A Considerable Upset To A Young Fan Who No Doubt Looks Up To His Team Of Choice And His Dad Shared The Same Sentiments. Very Concerned About The Inappropriate Conduct They Witnessed, He Approved Of His Son's Wishes To Congratulate The Member Of The Other Team Who Was Abused. A Family Member Of Mine Who Loves To Watch His Footy And Cricket Matches Brought The Following Article To My Attention For Personal Reading. It Is Such A Good Story, I Thought It's Worth Sharing On Ours Australia In The Interest Of Good Sportsmanship And Family Communications. Well Done! Read This.

Crying AFL Fan’s Beautiful Message To Tom Lynch After Finals Bullying

By Joey Riordan 7 NEWS

Joey is a sports nut who joins the 7NEWS online team to run the sport page. He continues a long association with the 7Sport brand having previously worked on the site as a producer with Yahoo7. The only thing Joey loves more than watching a great game is getting to write about it.

An incredible story of sportsmanship has emerged after the Richmond star Tom Lynch was filmed seemingly consoling a devastated Port fan on Friday night.

Young fan Archer Merritt has revealed to 7NEWS he was actually the one who sought out Lynch after the Tigers won through to the grand final with victory over Port Adelaide.

Watch the full story in the video HERE

Merritt told 7NEWS he was shocked at the “bullying” the Richmond key forward was enduring both during and after the match at Adelaide Oval.

After witnessing a Port fan throwing a drink on Lynch during his interview with Channel 7, young Archer knew he had to speak to the star to congratulate him on his finals victory.

“The Port Adelaide supporters were bullying him and making fun of him because he kicked a goal. We felt bad for him and we wanted to congratulate him,” Archer Merritt told 7NEWS.

Archer’s father Jason Merritt explained that he had discussed the treatment with his son, and made it absolutely clear that it wasn’t the right way to go about things when you lose.

Let's Follow Their Example | 7 News

“One of the Port supporters had thrown his drink all over Lynch,” Jason told 7NEWS.

“Archer was getting a bit worried. I took him up the back (of the stands) and said to him, ‘That’s not how you lose. That’s poor sportsmanship to carry on like that when your team’s lost’.

“Archie felt bad for that and understood that’s not how you lose a game of football, and that’s not how you treat footballers.

“So he asked if he could get down there and congratulate Tom Lynch on making the grand final.”

The beautiful backstory captured the hearts of footy fans around the country on Saturday evening, with hundreds of people commenting how much they adored both father and son for their strong values.

“Well done, amazing job as a dad!!!! You're son is an amazing young man. Many supporters of ALL teams could learn from this!” Julianne Higgins wrote on 7AFL Facebook.

“This young man has these values because of his Father. Credit to you both gentleman,” Ben Seinor wrote.

“This young man is an absolute credit to his family and his parents. Wish more parents were like this,” wrote Lissa Richard.

Janet's Comments:

I've just been informed that most of the Port Fans were BOOING very vocally every time this Footy Player kicked a Goal. That demonstrates poor Sportsmanship too. In fact, the one time I attended a Footy Match with cousins at the same age as this young boy, there was lots of booing going on - a really loud vocal clash between Fans from both Teams each side of me and throughout. To be honest, I couldn't wait to get out of there and decided - based on that experience - Sports wasn't for me. But I sometimes watch it with a family member because he's always happy for his team to win or a friend's team. His team especially of-course:) Four are represented overall. He has a saying "When the siren goes off, it is what it is" Hey Come On Aussies, lets show other countries OUR BEST EXAMPLE.

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