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Vital Info

Hi there Readers, I am starting this WebMenu on Ours Australia, for a good reason, because there is an absolute need for it. Some pages will cover things that our Government neglect or allow, that affect our Health or Wellbeing adversely. This should not be the case, so we need some people to speak up, and I am one of those. Is that OK with you? I know it is with many of you - I am here to defend you with things that Governments and Manufacturers etc "turn a deaf ear to" and you have a God-Given right to know.

I will say this:
Governments are supposed to be there to PROTECT US - we pay Taxes for these Services and such privileges (practiced in some Countries) are denied us. Personally, I find this to be Careless, Reprehensible, Ignorant and sometimes Deliberate for the sake of Revenue. We are living in a Good Country and that should not be so!

The first page is Personal Care Info, also covered in my Blog as
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