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Friendship Poems

Friends Are Angels

Our friends are like angels

Who brighten our days

In all kinds of wonderful

Surprising ways.

Their thoughtfulness comes

As a gift from above

And we feel we're surrounded

By warm, caring love

Friends are like angels

Without any wings

Blessing our lives

With the most precious things.

by Anonymous

True Qualities in Friendship

You have a say and I have mine

we may not fully agree all the time

You don't have to meet my every need

that is a kindness, love indeed.

Your manner fosters special trust

not given to pride contempt or lust

That is a friendship that will work

where discontentment does not lurk.

© Janet Vargas

Healthy Friendships

People are not always at their best

but on these qualities our friendships should rest:

Forgiveness when one speaks a word out of line

but it should not be necessary all the time

Some interests to be shared and ventured

Pleasant times that we can treasure__

that does not have to be without measure

And occasional time for adventure.

© Janet Vargas

Great Friends

Great friends are such a treasure,

and are often far and few.

So when we count our blessings,

we count great friends, like you.

Loving families and true friends

have immeasurable worth.

And bring the most true happiness

that one can know on earth.

So we thank you for your friendship,

and we thank dear God above,

for giving us great friends like you,

to cherish, and to love.

© Ron Tranmer