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Recommended Buys

Hi there, I'm thinking of recommending some of My Favorite Buys I have purchased and considering on Amazon Etc. When I looked into Amazon Affiliates, it was much too involved with my Website Commitments, however I would still like to recommend them to you.

So there are Products I really Like and Love PLUS some Really Good Items I've Found, and different ones I have discovered in my Natural Health Research that are Really Good to let you know about. They are not all from Amazon, some will be from Ebay and different Companies I have experience with.

As many of you notice, I do not Like, Favor or Endorse Pesky Google Ads on any of my Websites. I find Articles with Amazon Links on Websites I have Visited to be much more Discreet and Inviting. In fact, a lot of people love to read Blogs that have those Pages, however time does not afford for me to do that but I do like to be helpful.

There will be Personal Recommendations of Products I Enjoy using AND Professional Recommendations from research I've made as a Natural Health Researcher.

I will start a Webpage in this Webmenu and gradually add more Pages
as time permits.