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When Leaves Go Yellow – Solutions

I found this really great Info Graph on Pinterest today, and traced it to a website with Natural Gardening Products and some excellent advice. It's really helpful for Gardeners, especially Beginner Gardeners. Their Link is on this page.

Don't know about you? I've had leaves go a bit yellow a few times an I knew it could be overwatering but another time a different plant was lacking water, so it couldn't be that. One time, a nurseryman told me one of my fruit trees was lacking in Nutrients, and it was true, I plain forgot to give my fruit trees a Fee for the Season an the tree in question was more susceptible than the rest, so I fed them immediately.

To be continued!


This Info Graph is by and comes from the following Website HERE
You can see a bigger Infograph by The Thrifty Couple on the Link provided.
I found Saferbrand Products HERE on Amazon Australia

Understandably, some of their product prices include expensive Postage from USA and some of them don't.