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Creation Poems

Nature’s Creator

The sun heralds the day

and sheds light on this earth

Each day is like a rebirth.

Those bright sun rays

shine over the hills

and on the glistening sea.

It shines on us when we are still

and through the leaves of the trees.

Janet Vargas ©


God in Creation

The Melodic Hills speak of His Praise

the birds are singing Salvation's Song

The Rivers so clear a Reflection of Him

The Skies His Glory Displayed.

The Trees are speaking of His Righteousness

His Beauty is shown in every Rose

The Skies revealing His Majesty

The warmth of the Sun His Compassion and Love.

The Rainbow His Grace on every Face

and His Joy, Pure Joy is Raining on me

They all testify of His Excellent Ways

they speak of Him every day.

Janet Vargas ©


Our Creator’s Special Touch

To smell a rose in sweet repose

And in it’s fragrance delight

To walk along those shorelines

And touch a gentle leaf.

The sweetness of a baby’s breath

And those bubbly feet.

Of luscious fruit to have a taste

And feel the nice fresh air.

To hug my comfy pillow

To have a nice sunny day.

Such blessings from a Wonderful Maker

Who made earth and sky.

Janet Vargas ©