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Treasures In Contentment

"Let's live in Contentment - Happiness is more tangible that way,not so far from our grasp" (JV)  Would you care to join me?
Contentment is a good thing, it is not dependent on circumstances for our peace of mind. Can you see the beauty of that? Maybe you will after reading this post.

A family member said these words to me today:"I am going to enjoy what I have in life.....I am going to be content with the things that I have and not bother with the things I don't have. I will make the most of everything I have that is makes me contented and happy.If we want to be happy, we need to stop and think about what we have.Obviously, you have them because you liked them at some stage.I'm going to enjoy them now!"

I can give a hearty "YES" to that because her words (above) are SO TRUE! Happiness is not in endless possessions, the latest car and furniture or that something big you are waiting to happen - whatever that may be - Happiness is within your grasp once you see and find the Value of Contentment. It gives you a different mode of living that truly proves
to be beneficial.

Life does not consist of an abundance of possessions or what you wish for tomorrow! Knowing these two things takes frustrations out out of the happiness equasion. Happiness actually starts with a state of mind and feelings are interwind - it can be so close and we miss it, looking elsewhere. We get some notion "if I could do that......then I will be happy" AND if we get to do "that......" our happiness is "short-lived" because we look for something else OR we we want to be happy "all the time" and think there's something wrong if we're not BUT wat is happiness without some contrast?

That's another reason to favour Contentment, there's not so many "ups and downs". False expectations lead to upsets and disappointments. Do you think we may have had things the wrong way round? A better outlook comes first, not not the goodies - feelings are fickle, so try not to be led by them, hey?

We need to be happy with what we have to find Contentment. The two are interchangeable.Contentment is to be preferred to 'getting things' and is conducive to our health.This has been proven time and again.
When we are contented, we can experience happiness more often because wecan see the value in simple expectations. There are less set-backs and disappointments - that often accompany unrealistic expectations.

We live in a world with a continual barrage of TV Advertisements and programs that doesn't help matters. They're always telling us what and who we don't have (between the lines) reminding us what we should get, should have, should do etc Aren't you tired of it, hey? They're always programing our minds for discontent, fear, doubts, depression.

If we cut back the amount of viewing time and make our own entertainment, we would be much happier people. We need to ask ourselves what we would do at home if there wasn't much TV to view and do it.

TV (television) numbs our brain and often causes poverty in Family-Lifestyle. Let's develop other interests, hey?

Please everyone, find and experience the balance!

They interest me, please find some things that interest you, hey? You can do this, it will pay dividends to your health and quite possibly your family life as well.

When we live in Contentment, there are less disgruntlements with family and friends, less complaints at God and He can enable us to be more resilient if we trust Him. Jesus said:"I have not said that you would find peace in the world (it's system, it's stressful ways) but that you can find Peace in Me (a tangible peace in His presence, His person, His ways)"Yes, He is speaking of a Peace despite circumstances.

Faith can sometimes 'leap tall buildings' (figure of speech) Peace can give you sleep -you don't need sleeping tablets aye? Feelings are fickle, they seldom impart restfulness.We can be really upset by feelings, especially looking for happiness."Happiness is not from feelings - when we decide to be happy, it's no more concealing" (JV)We can take Contentment into each new day and we will find Happiness as a Bi-product.

Remembering my niece's words just now, Contentment with the Enjoyment factor,brings us peace of mind in daily life and tangible happiness, rather than continually reaching for things we don't have or are beyond our reach.
Not everything is right for us or suited for us that we aspire to or fret for sometimes - we need wisdom to know the difference - we can invite our Maker to help us make the right decisions in life too. That makes for a happier disposition.

It all hinges on CHOICE - Our Creator has given us the Power of Choice - on this Earth in which we live - it can work for us and also against us. Yes, we need to be truly wise. This can pay dividends and make for more Contentment and Happiness.

Wise Choices make for peace of mind. This way we can find more Enjoyment in life.

Possessions don't multiply but Moments Can!How many good moments do you want to experience this week?It works on the principle of building - it really does.Let's do it today.

There are three ways we can do this:
1.) We should think about all the good things we can - dismissing the not so good. 2.) We can think about one good thing we like or love and focus on that. 3.) We can try something different that is within our reach.

It's good to actually Do Something (physically) - this engages our thoughts in a good way - many of us think too much......that never brings us peace or happiness because for most of us, there tends to be disturbing content - a negative bios that pulls us down like gravity - we need to lessen such times and Enjoy more Good Moments.They don't have to be 'Exciting' just Good - keep building those.

You can do this, it is within your reach. I proved this myself during a really hard time in my life - I witnessed the difference between when I let myself think about what was happening at that time and when I let myself Enjoy something I liked that previously brought me pleasure.

The Power of Choice - Use it to your advantage!
Peace to all reading this - Have a Good Day or Evening.

"Most of us Forget to Celebrate the Little Things. Why don't we Celebrate Them in between (the big things) those Little Things that Make Up Life?" Sheree Hanrahan

Remember feelings are misleading, opt for Contentment and you will have more happy moments. Life is kinder this way.