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Wisdom And Strength

Words of Wisdom

One cannot live another’s life

Choose their interests or make their decisions

Carry their problems or determine their outcome.

Each person has the power of choice

Interests of theirs are different to ours.

Decisions? They know what’s right for them

We can pick them up and sometimes not

In this rest that God knows our future.

Remember these things sometimes with your children

They’re on loan to us and make their way

Provide for them a nice environment

And be the best friend you can.

Janet Vargas ©


Feelings And Faith

Feelings, they come and go

They’re so fickle you know?

You can’t put your trust in them

They’re sometimes your enemies

Sometimes your friend.

I would rather put my trust in Faith

From early to late.

Yes, from the break of dawn to the evening tide

I know that Jesus is ever by my side.

Faith directs me to His Word

The very best I ever heard.

Promises there beyond compare.

My trust is in Him, He makes me to win.

I praise Him for the Victory

And this I will See!

Janet Vargas ©