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Nature Poems

Sun Blessed Morning

The sun does spill on every flower

the nectar and the dew

On this a blessed morning

created for me and you.

I’m resting here on my rocking chair

basking in the nice warm air

This is a morning of pure delight

I’m precious in His sight.

Janet Vargas ©


Sweet little Bird

In my garden, my nature garden

My companion waits for me

This little bird, this sweet little bird

He frolics in the air__

Then gently rests on me.

He plays in the birdbath

And flutters and splashes

Then suddenly dashes away__

‘Till the next day when he greets me again

Yes, truly this is my friend.

Janet Vargas ©


God’s Cute little Creatures

He made the butterflies and bees

They fly in the air and look so free

Willy-wags and sparrows and tropical fish

Little turtles that walk on a dish.

He even made the lady-birds

Those cute little bugs that look like birds.

When you see them in the garden

You feel so blessed and take a rest.

Janet Vargas ©