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Australia’s Leading Benefactors – A Very Compassionate Couple!

Andrew And Nicola Forrest, Well Known For Their Philanthropy Towards People In AUSTRALIA And Globally. They Are Co-Founders Of The Minderoo Foundation In Western Australia, Which Gives Huge Sums Of Money To Humanitarian Projects, Scientific Research And Environmental Conservation Projects For The Benefit of Mankind. As Billionaires With A Heart, They Keep Growing Wealth And Giving Most Of It Away, Unlike Most Billionaires Who Are Inseparably Attached To Their Fortunes, Hey?

For those who are not familiar with the word Philanthropy, it has to do with benevolence and giving freely, expecting nothing in return. It consists of privately (independent of governments) funding initiatives for the public good and focusing on the quality of life. Philathrophic is a person or organization seeking to promote the welfare of others. They are generous and benevolent.

From what I have been reading today, Andrew and Nicola are all of that. I'm praising God for my discoveries about them and wondering where I have been in recent years not to have heard about them before. Having spent much time in Independent Natural Health Research for many years and several Inspirational Websites in recent years is a sure distraction from a lot of things people who like to keep up with Current Affairs. Maybe like many of us, you have been busy and distracted with work and family, whatever. So I will place some excerpts of articles here I had the privilege of reading.

Andrew and Nicola Forrest
Generous Billionaires

Andrew Forrest Gives Away Large Part Of His Fortune In $400m Donation

The Guardian  - May 22nd 2017

Forrest and his wife Nicola are making one of the largest philanthropic donations in Australian history, to fund a variety of social and medical causes.

The mining magnate Andrew Forrest has unveiled one of Australia’s largest philanthropic donations to fund a variety of social and scientific causes.

Forrest and his wife Nicola confirmed they would give away $400m in a donation described by the Prime Minister on Monday morning as a “game-changer in the Australian philanthropic community”.

The prime minister said said the power of philanthropy to change lives was “perhaps greater than that of government, because it comes with the love of the philanthropist, a love of mankind”.

He continued to say the Greek for philanthropy was “An Act Of Love”.

“It is an act of generosity. Above all, it is an act of leadership that will inspire other Australians, now and in the years to come, to show their love by helping those who we can support and we can advance through that commitment of love for mankind.”

Forrest said on Monday morning he had been “very fortunate, with my wife, Nicola, to be able to accumulate [wealth] and then as soon as we can to commence giving it away”.

Minderoo Foundation Announces Landmark $100 Million Donation To Ocean Research


Minderoo Foundation, one of Australia’s largest philanthropic groups, today announced the launch of a $100 million Minderoo Ocean Research (MOR) initiative to help study and protect global marine life.

The landmark donation will be invested in new efforts to track global fishing patterns, fund research into ocean plastics pollution, and develop a world class research facility at Exmouth near Australia’s iconic Ningaloo Reef to study the migration of sea life through the Indian Ocean.

Minderoo plans to partner with a wide range of institutions to establish globally impactful interventions in the marine conservation space.

Speaking aboard the Pangaea Ocean Explorer, a state-of-the-art deep water marine research vessel purchased commercially by the Forrest family and to be loaned to marine conservation efforts, Minderoo Foundation’s chairman Andrew Forrest said Australia needed to do more to lead the world in ocean research as part of its responsibility in managing one of the world’s largest ocean regions.

“Minderoo is making this timely commitment to support Australia’s oceans at a moment when we are losing sight of our responsibilities to sustainably manage the vast seas under Australia’s control,” Mr Forrest said.

“We need to recognise from a recreational and business perspective, not just an environmental perspective, that looking after our oceans is a vital duty we owe to our children and grandchildren.

Andrew And Nicola Forrest Best Own Australian Donation Record With $655m Gift For Minderoo Foundation

By Jenne Brammer -The West Australian - 6 May 2019

Mining magnate Andrew Forrest has splurged $100 million dollars into marine research to help protect our shores.

Billionaires Andrew and Nicola Forrest have made another massive donation — this time with $655 million — to their Minderoo Foundation, bringing the couple’s total philanthropic efforts to $1.5 billion for various social and scientific causes.

The major donation, unveiled in Singapore this morning, makes it Australia’s single biggest philanthropic announcement — surpassing the Forrests’ own record single donation of $400 million in 2017.

The $655 million has been made in instalments over the past six months to address some of the world’s most urgent and complex challenges.

The Minderoo Foundation was established by the Forrests in 2001 based on the mandate of giving a hand up, rather than a hand out.

The additional funding will go towards new initiatives and to expand existing works of the foundation, including fighting cancer, maximising early childhood development, optimising ocean health, eliminating global human rights abuses and providing international advanced education scholarships.

In Australia, Minderoo’s funding is also dedicated to driving equality for vulnerable Australians through early childhood programs, and building strong communities through arts, culture and community programs.

“This region is our home and has given us so much,” Mr Forrest said.

“But as a region, we are faced with tremendous challenges. Our oceans are under threat from plastic pollution and overfishing, forced labour exists at a higher rate than anywhere else in the world, and cancer continues to be one of our biggest killers.

“I believe that through innovative research, authentic collaboration and significant pooled capital we can find solutions to these challenges.  Minderoo Foundation is having the hard conversations needed to drive new solutions, but we cannot do it alone.”

Mrs Forrest called on other high-net worth individuals to commit the leadership, enthusiasm and purpose that created their wealth to the causes they are passionate about.

DONATIONS TO MINDEROO FOUNDATION REACH $AU1.5 BILLIONThe Forrest family has ramped up its giving to Minderoo.

Minderoo Foundation - 6th MAY 2019

Australian philanthropists Andrew and Nicola Forrest have donated an additional $AU655 million to Minderoo Foundation, bringing their total donation to the Foundation’s global causes to $AU1.5 billion.

“The Asia Pacific region is home to more high-net-worth individuals than anywhere else in the world. I call on them to join us in committing the same leadership, enthusiasm and purpose that created their wealth, to the causes they are passionate about. It is time we came together humbly and courageously to build a culture of philanthropy in the Asia Pacific region and collaborate for change.”


In 2020 the Minderoo Foundation pledged $70,000M for Australia’s Bushfire Cause and also $160M for COVID 19 Response. They are known to keep their pledges!

Asia Philanthropy Circle Chief Executive Officer Laurence Lien said:

“I am very encouraged that we have Andrew and Nicola who are so committed to philanthropy.  The Forrests not only inspire with their generosity but serve as role models, in a region where there are few, with their strategic approach to achieve impact and desire to collaborate to multiply their efforts.”

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