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Grander Revitalising Board To Energise Water and Wine, Fruit and Veggies

I've had one of these for 10 - 12 years to restructure Water - making it soft and light and smooth, when placing a glass or jug or bottle of water on it for 30-40mins. A nifty little invention by a Joann Grander, a Naturalist in Hungary. Europeans have a real love and appreciation for Nature and Natural. Now there is a bigger board to place my Fruit and Veggies on for 30 mins before preparing meals.

It seems to have a Beneficial IONS affect on them that makes a difference to the taste of them and the quality of a glass or canter of wine placed on it (just like the water). I'm so delighted with the Revitalising Board, I'm about to have a Grander Home System laid on to the mains, so I can bath in this water, place some in the birdbath and water my plants with it - being a good accompaniment to organic fertilisers. I've just been sharing about these things with a friend who asked me "what I'm up to"........ she loved hearing all about it and it occurred to me, I really should let my Readers know also. This may not interest everyone but it will interest some.

Grander Revitalising Board - For Water And Wine -Fruit And Veggies

Now You can change your lifeless tap water into LIVE Structured Grander Revitalised Water

THE WAY NATURE INTENDED - More available Oxygen - Finer Water Providing Better Hydration

READ ON AND ENJOY to CREATE the BEST Water You can... 

  • This Grander board will open the molecular structure of your water so it can release trapped contamination and increase the available oxygen. 
  • The water taste will improve. 
  • The water texture will improve. 
  • The water quality will improve. 
  • You will be more hydrated drinking this structured water. 
  • This board will structure your water permanently.
  • This water improves good gut bacteria.
  • Structured Filtered Water is the best.
  • No batteries needed, No power required, runs on nature's natural energies.
  • Full money-back guarantee.
  • This is the Best product on this whole website. 


GRANDER® Revitalising Board is designed to revitalise and restructure the water and liquids you place upon it. On the outside a smooth wooden board with a protective coating, embedded inside is a spiral copper tube filled with “information water” upon which Grander Products are based.


The GRANDER® Revitalising Board is filled with the GRANDER® Information Water developed by Johann Grander, has a revitalising effect on all beverages. Suitable for foods and liquids up to 3 Litres, simply place your items on the GRANDER® Revitalising to ensure it is the best tasting it can be.

According to Professor Pollack at Washington University, restructuring water makes it less chaotic, aligning molecules and making oxygen more available. Thus the more available oxygen in water, the more aerobic bacteria, "typically good bacteria," which reduces pollution more effectively.

Water has valuable biological properties wherever it can be found in its original form and can follow its natural course.  Water is a bubbling source of vitality and vital force.  Yet it loses its energy and power when forced through tubes and pumped into pipes over long distances and treated with chemicals reduced the quality of water.  

The GRANDER® Water Revitalization returns it to its original structure - with all the various positive effects on humans and on all living things, fruit, vegetables and salads may stay fresh for a longer period of time.

Grander Tap Fitting For Naturally Revitalising Water

Grander Water Technology

  • adds to the pleasure of drinking through its subtle taste
  • is smooth and easy to drink
  • keeps for a long time
  • promotes a sense of well-being while bathing and showering
  • encourages the strong growth of plants and beautiful flowers
  • is preferred by many animals
  • gives food an exquisite, fresh taste
  • keeps food fresh longer
  • ensures the reduced use of detergents and cleaning agents
  • is revitalised when returned to nature


GRANDER® water revitalisation is a process of information transfer through frequency. Every GRANDER® water revitalisation device consists of chamber(s) filled with “information water”, which has a stable, high order molecular structure as seen in natural, living water. When tap, rain or bore water is placed onto the board, the positive characteristics of the “information water” are transferred to that water without coming into contact with the “information water”, restoring the molecular structure of the tap, rain or bore water to its most natural order. 

Grander Products work without electricity, without chemical additives and do not require any service or maintenance.


GRANDER® Products work with natural energy, without electricity or additives and are service-free as well as maintenance-free. Grander technology works with the structure of water at the molecular level to create live, structured, revitalised water.

Simply adding a Grander Board to your life will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Portable water treatment for on the go at the home, office or on holidays.
  • Revitalises & restructures water to be the best it can be in minutes
  • Assists with Hydration - your drinking water will taste better
  • Improves wine & other drinks
  • Improves taste and quality of food eg tender meat
  • Aids in providing stable environment for good bacteria to thrive for the best gut health
Grander Home System For Restructuring And Revitalising Water


Indefinitely if care instructions are followed.


  • Where possible use filtered water with the Grander Revitalising Board. 
  • Use glass or Stainless steel bottles for maximum effect.
  • Place a glass of water, a jug or bottle of liquid on the Grander Revitalising Board for the recommended time. The SMALL board treats up to 3 litres in 40 minutes.    
  • Place vegetables and meat on a plate on the Grander Revitalising Board for 30+ minutes before cooking
  • Place revitalised water in spray bottles and spray your body, especially your face, arms and legs after a shower.
  • Leave your bottles of water on the board for as long as possible to create the best water ever.


  • Portable - Ideal when travelling
  • Try revitalising fruit juice, milk, wine - you can even place a bowl of vegetables, fruit on the Grander Revitalising Board for improvement
  • Wash fruit and vegetables in Grander Revitalised Water before cooking and eating
  • Use Revitalised Water in your cooking, i.e., rice, soups etc. It gives food and dishes an unadulterated, full taste
  • Leave the Grander Revitalising Board in the product box and wrap it with plastic wrap or place in a plastic ziplock bag to protect it.
  • Always keep the Grander Revitalising Board dry and wipe any spilt liquid with a soft cloth if not in a protective cover.
  • To protect the board from outside elements. Wrap the board with cling wrap 3 times to seal the wood from any water that will drip off the water containers used on the board.

If Interested, You May Like To Visit The Grander Australia Website HERE

It is forty years now, since the founding of Grander Water Technology. And while many Australians are not aware that they have an outlet in this country, there are some like myself who know the name well and have heard numerous testimonies apart from their own. In fact, apart from their International acclaim, it is true that many people in some European countries won't book into a hotel if they don't have Grander laid on for their Spas, Pools and Showers - it makes such a difference.

"Just One Of Those Special Things I Let My Readers Discover. I Trust You Enjoyed."

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